4 Things to Consider Before Buying Your Teen A Car


Children grow up quickly and before you know it, their wants switch from toy cars to real cars. As a parent, it is your duty to provide your child with whatever they wish for. However, it should always be kept in mind that there are limits to what a child can or cannot get. The last thing you want is to spoil your child and make them dependent on you for everything. Even if you buy them a car they should know that if they get a ticket they have to pay it themselves or find traffic ticket fixers Los Angeles to get out of a sticky situation.

Therefore, for all concerned parents of teenagers, here is a small list of things you should really consider before buying a vehicle for your teen:

Is Your Teen Responsible?

Driving is a huge responsibility. While driving the car, not only will your child be at risk but they could put others at risk as a result of reckless driving. It’s your job as a parent to judge your child by everyday actions. Is your teen doing all the chores they are assigned to do? Are they slacking, procrastinating or being too lazy? If the answer to most of these questions is yes, you have got yourself a problem. An irresponsible teen will not understand the importance of being safe while driving, which is a sufficient reason not to buy a car for your teen. You don’t want them to become a racecar driver.

What Did Your Parents Do?

We are part of a generation whose fathers and grandfathers have driven a car. This is something your teen shall notice. Kids are clever and they can go to any length just to prove their point, especially teenagers. If your parents bought you your first car, then it only sounds fair that you buy one for your teen. Otherwise, you become the bad guy and your relation starts to strain. If your parents trusted you enough to drive a car safely, you should too.

Your Budget

Budget is perhaps the most important thing to consider before making the tough decision of buying a car for your teen. If you are not affluent, you would want to buy a cheap car. On the other hand, if you have two cars, you can give the old one to your teen. They could practice, learn and get skilled before moving onto a more expensive car. Most of you might be able to buy a luxury car for your child but is that really the best decision? You would want your teen to learn how to earn their own money and save, so they could buy a car on their own.

Do They Really Need A Separate Car?

Since your teen already has a license, they could drive the family car. You need to ascertain if they really have the need of their own car. Perhaps, they have a long commute and buses are not on time, or you are busy to drop them off. Whatever is the reason, you should not provide them a car without need. Otherwise, they will not learn the concept of rewarding a necessity. When they do something good, reward them, and for something bad, punish them.

Most people are not able to afford such a luxury but you should try to create a balance. Buying a car for your teen is a huge step, so you should tackle it wisely.