5 industries that have moved online in the last decade


In the last decade there have been more developments in technology than there have been for the whole previous century. The internet has opened so many opportunities for people and it’s evolving constantly. Thanks to this rapid improvement many businesses and industries that were once strictly physical, are now moving their business online. Here are 5 of them that moved online in that last decade.


People used to go to travel agency offices to talk with agents and plan their trip. This rarely happens anymore as all travel agencies and trip planning has moved online. Now all people need to do is visit sites like Expedia and Airbnb and they can arrange everything from there. They can even talk with agents through the internet and social media, making planning trips easier than ever.


When it comes to entertainment the first things that come to mind are games, movies and partying. The internet has truly changed these things. Online games are now what everyone plays. Nowadays people also prefer to watch Netflix from home rather than go to a cinema. Even high stakes games such as Roulette or Slots which were once only available in physical casinos have now moved online to real money casino sites like Casino.com, giving birth to some of the most entertaining ways to play from home.


People used to buy CDs and then share them with their friends and listen to them on their CD players. Nowadays all of that has moved online with the rise of services such as iTunes, Spotify and many others, making music not only easily available, but also in great variety and at very reasonable prices. The conveniences they offer have made many forget of the days when the industry depended on physical sales.


This is probably one of the industries that is hardest to believe it was ever any different. Online shopping has become such a basic but important part of our lives that it´s hard to imagine a time when people would only get their clothes, gifts and even food by visiting the physical store. Of course it still happens but everyday more and more people are shopping online because it´s so much more convenient. With item deliveries and shipping also improving, this industry is at an all-time high.


Remember the time people used to phone each other and the time that having a home phone landline was crucial? Feels like forever ago but now people depend mostly on the internet for communications. That’s why services such as Skype has become so popular. VOIP technology has changed how we think of telecommunications and this has made the industry move towards a strictly online model.

The 5 industries mentioned above are just few of the many that are slowly but surely moving towards the online space.


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