5 Management Tips for Ambitious Introverts


Moving up the corporate ladder can sometimes feel like an impossible task. What’s more, introverts may find it particularly difficult to advance in their professional life –– especially if they struggle voicing their opinion or speaking in front of a group.

Nevertheless, reserved professionals often make excellent leaders, and you can achieve great success in a managerial position no matter your personality or passion. With that in mind, here are five management tips for introverts looking to make the most of a big career opportunity:

Don’t Change

The first –– and perhaps most important –– thing to remember for introverts in management is to resist the urge to completely change your personality. It’s better to be genuine and honest than to attempt to create a persona that isn’t authentic. While there are steps you can take to communicate more effectively, there’s no reason to start giving rousing speeches if you have no inclination to do so. Remember, you don’t have to be dynamic public speaker to inspire your staff.

Listen & React

Introverts are great listeners, which is just one reason why they’re adept at handling leadership responsibilities. Listening to employee concerns is one quick way to earn trust and develop relationships. However, you also have to be willing to act accordingly as well, otherwise you could risk alienating important team members.

Keep Things Brief

Business meetings can be a major pain point for employees and managers alike. In fact, long, ineffective meetings can sap energy morale and lower energy levels faster than just about anything else. As such, introverts in leadership roles should strive to curtail staff get-togethers and only focus the truly vital issues.

Communicate How You Feel Comfortable

Gone are the days when bosses stalked around the office searching for people slacking off or goldbricking. Still, managers need to be able to touch base with their team members –– if for no other reason than to offer support. If you’re not comfortable starting conversations or “making the rounds” as it were, consider checking in with your staff via email, text message, or chat app. It’s already common for individuals to interact over a digital platform, and few employees will balk at this practice.

Look the Part

The truth is, few people feel prepared to take a leadership role when they get a promotion. Insecurity is normal for new managers, but it’s crucial to overcome your nerves all the same. Fortunately, “faking it until you make it” really does work. How you look and how you perceive yourself will likely influence the way others think about you too. Therefore, updating your wardrobe and implementing some CEO office design elements in your personal workspace are great, yet simple ways to give yourself a confidence boost. Plus, your staff will be sure to notice the changes as well!


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