5 Reasons Why WordPress Is a Great Blogging Platform


No matter if you are doing it as a professional or just for fun, blogging is a great way to get people interested in what you say and who you are. It lets you share your unique perspective on things, promote a brand, product or issue, and is a great way to connect with people. There are many different blogging sites available for you to choose from, and it seems like the possibilities are endless, but there is one site that stands out above the rest and that is WordPress, and here are 5 reasons why it is a great blogging platform for both amateurs and professional bloggers:

No hidden costs

One of the big things that often puts people off blogging platforms are the hidden costs. Often a blog site says it is free, but then you find out it is only for a limited time or you have to pay to post, but this is not the case with WordPress. With this site you can join for free, create your own personal blog name and page, and post as many blogs as you like without paying anything. There are also a lot of extra plugins and features that are available for free or as limited offers. You only need to be concerned about paying if you want to upgrade to a premium package or move to a self-hosted WordPress site (you pay only for the domain name and for the hosting itself), which offer a lot of customization features ion comparison with the free version.

A great looking blog

The many attractive looks available is one of the main reasons why this is such a great blogging platform. There is an excellent variety of over a hundred blog templates to choose from, allowing you to fully control the way you present yourself. With different images, colour schemes and styles, you are able to create a look that mirrors your blog and your personal taste. You also do not need to know anything about coding or website design to do it, as the easy-to-follow setup wizard lets you create a great looking blog in minutes, and the site’s built-in help will guide you through anything that you might have trouble with.

© istock.com, Rawpixel
© istock.com, Rawpixel

A secure and safe platform

Having a safe and secure blog platform is very important, especially in the modern age of malware and the many other malicious viruses that are floating around the web, just waiting to infect a vulnerable computer. This great blogging platform is completely safe, as well as secure. It protects you as a blogger from spam messages and those dreadful pop-up advertisements that are present on a lot of other free blogging sites. Being a safe platform also means that it attracts readers, and as a blogger you also have the option to hide, block and report commenters to give you even more peace-of-mind.

The ability to connect with commenters

The best blogs become popular not just because they post interesting and informative content, but also because they form a connection with their readers. This is done through the readers leaving comments on your blog posts, and you having the ability to give feedback and respond to their comments. With WordPress, you can fully interact and connect with your readers, as it allows you to easily respond to their comments and also follow their link back to their personal blog if they have one, allowing you to easily strengthen the connection you have with them.

Favourable search engine ranking

Having a great search engine ranking is the most vital way of getting more traffic to your blog. Using great keywords and writing smart SEO content will help, but starting a blog on WordPress is a great way to get noticed. This blogging platform has a good reputation and gets a lot of traffic, and because of this, search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and others, seek out the site to find search results. This means that by using this great blogging platform, it is more likely that you will be noticed and that your blog will end up getting a higher search engine result ranking than if you used a different blogging platform.