How to Make Your RV the Coolest Thing on the Road


It’s really cool to go camping with an RV fitted with miniature versions of your home spaces. But there are ways to make your camper the coolest thing yet. Here are exciting ideas on accessorizing and modifying your recreational vehicle.



Entertainment devices such as flat screen TV, DVD player and speakers are standard RV fittings these days. However, the way you mount them such that they don’t take so much space makes your RV looking more spacious and cooler. Go for wall or ceiling mounts. Also, use door pockets or caddies to store remote controls.

Cooking Station

Most of your food is going to come from your mini kitchen. You might want to invest in a reliable yet space-saving stove or oven, and combine it with a slide out cabinet system, hanging dish racks, fold out rack, wall-mounted peg board, or over-the-sink rack to organize cooking utensils and food supplies.

Awning & Shades

Most RVs are equipped with solar panels to power up their gadgets and electronics. This means that the vehicle is supposed to be parked under the heat of the sun and not under the shade. To make your RV more comfortable and cooler inside, invest in tarps and drapes for an awning. Also, design a customized plywood or fiberglass roof over your RV to for a much cooler environment. The plywood or fiberglass roof secures the drapes on the sides in place.


Heating & Cooling

Vents and fans make your RV a better place to live in while your camping. Install vents on the roof and inside the RV to promote air circulation. A portable heater is likewise valuable during winter camping. Paint the roof of your RV in white to reflect heat. Place screens on doors and windows, so that you can open them for air and prevent insects coming in.


There are plenty of storage options to make your RV much comfortable and spacious. Hideaway hooks, Velcro, pocket organizers, ceiling storage, suction cups with hooks, dangling jars, hanging basket, hanging shelf, pegboard, veggie hammock, nesting bowls, magnet strips, fold out rack, bedside caddy, hanging pantry, and magazine holders are just some of the possible choices. The more organized your RV is, the more cooler and spacious it becomes, making it easier to move around and locate the things you need.


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