5 Ways to brighten up your home this winter


Christmas is over – the decorations are down, the tree’s back in the loft and the tinsel’s in the bin.

This might mean that your home is looking a little bit bare and bland at the moment. And with those winter nights getting longer, it’s probably looking a bit gloomy too.

So here are five fantastic ways to brighten up your home this winter.

  1. Bright colours

When you’re looking to lighten up your home a little, repainting with bright colours is the place to start.

You can go all out by painting every wall, or for something more subtle, choose just one wall to brighten up and create a fabulous feature wall.

Alternatively, neutral colours such as white and cream grey are just as effective in making a room look bright, sharp and beautiful.

  1. Mirrors

Mirrors are effective in home design for a number of reasons. Firstly, they create the illusion of depth and can make a room appear larger.

Then, there’s their light reflecting properties – they quite literally bounce light around a space and make it more inviting. And they’re generally just great decorative pieces, especially for bare walls.

If you think your home could benefit from a stylish new mirror, browse a homeware store such as Made or Wayfair and find the perfect product.

  1. Plants

Plants freshen up a space and quite literally breathe new life into your home by absorbing pollutants such as carbon dioxide and releasing fresh oxygen into a room.

When it comes to house plants, you can’t go wrong with succulents. With their fleshy leaves, thick stems and enlarged roots, these plants are adapted to survive the dry conditions inside your home. Their strong and distinct leaf shapes also make them striking decorative pieces for any room within the home.

  1. Glazed doors

Doors rarely get a mention when it comes to home design, however, replacing your interior doors can completely transform your home.

So if your doors could benefit from an upgrade, we recommend glazed doors – you’ll find these at online door stores such as Oakwood Doors. They’re more visually appealing than full wood doors and the gorgeous glass panels let loads of light into a room.

You don’t necessarily need to replace all of your doors either, changing just one, such as the kitchen or hallway door is a great way to make a bold statement.

  1. Rearrange your furniture

Rearranging your furniture is a sure-fire way to revitalise your home interior and enhance its appeal.

Focus your furniture rearrangement around your windows, as these are the best source of natural light in your home. So avoid blocking window spaces with bulky items, in favour of keeping them open and airy.

Whilst you’re rejigging things, it’s also worth doing a bit of de-cluttering and throwing away some of those older bits of furniture that are dragging down your home aesthetic.

Follow these five fab tips and your house will be looking vibrant, fresh and fabulous this winter!

That’s our list! Share your thoughts in the comments section.


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