5 Ways to Create a Modern Workplace


If you’ve ever worked in an office setting, you know that the environment can make or break your daily experience. Sitting in a dull, grey, poorly-lit room with limited access to other people can get pretty depressing after a while. Alternatively, a vibrant, modern workplace environment can help you feel energized and ready to take on the challenges of your job.

So, what is a modern workplace? In short, a modern workplace sheds the traditions of past workplaces in favor of methods and settings that are better adapted to our digital world. This means that the technology is up-to-date, the layout is conducive to productivity, and the ambiance helps keep spirits high.

So, what changes can you make to make your job positive, bright, and tech-friendly? Let’s find out with 5 ways to create a modern workplace!

Study Modern Workplace Trends

The modern office is a lot like fashion, movies, and music — it’s always changing! New studies come out periodically that show how certain designs have a positive impact on workflow and productivity. For example, the open office concept has dominated workplaces for nearly half a century, though employees continually cite open offices as a detriment to worker satisfaction and collaboration. Going forward, many employers will likely replace the open office with a design that separates the workplace into different “zones.”

Use Modern Communication Solutions

Nowadays, the majority of workplace communication and collaboration happens in the digital sphere. Rather than assembling for an hour-long meeting, managers and coordinators are communicating with entire departments via applications and unified call solutions. Not only can these solutions save time, but they allow employees to easily stay in touch with their coworkers on the go.

Make Smart Aesthetic Choices

The “look” of an office is just as important as the layout. Things like furniture, lighting, paint, and even the type of flooring can all make or break the visual appeal of a modern workplace. Soft lighting, inviting colors, and plush furniture will all help make your workplace friendly and comfortable. Many employers fear that too much comfort will take away from productivity, but numerous studies have proven this theory wrong.

Update Your Devices

Technology is one of the most important parts of a modern workplace. However, many employers balk at the costs of implementing modern workplace technology like top-of-the-line computers, tablets, mobile devices, and software. While it will require high costs on the front end (as well as regular investments in replacement equipment), the long-term benefits will make up for the initial investment.

Communicate With Your Workforce

Ultimately, the goal of modernizing your workplace should be improving worker satisfaction. Keeping your workers happy helps boost productivity, minimize turnover, and increase profits. So, why not involve your workforce in the conversation? While the tips above will all help you create a modern workplace, you should also consider the needs and opinions of the people who will actually occupy the space day in and day out. Before you make any changes, take a survey of your workers and find out what they would like to see in a modern workplace.