8 Cool Career Options for College Students


So you’re a college graduate! That’s not entirely a good thing unless you can land a promising job or start a potentially profitable business. If you’re wondering where your destiny might lead you, here are some cool careers that maybe seal the deal for you.

  1. Hotel Management

With the spur of tourism here and there, there’s always a rising need for hospitality businesses, and with it comes the need for hotel managers. Earn somewhere between $42,000 and $73,000 in exchange for keeping everything running smoothly for guests.

Hotel Management

  1. Accountant

If having money is what you want, then counting money could be what you need. Being an accountant of course is more than just counting money. But for your effort of balancing things up to the last cent, you get somewhere between $46,000 and $76,000.

  1. Linguist

So you like to talk, and talk foreign at that. Take advantage of your multi-language skills and become a linguist. People hate being misunderstood, for your help in spreading understanding you get $42,000 to $79,000 in salary.

  1. Chemist

Work for a pharmaceuticals or cosmetics company, or start your own chemical business (even making soaps and perfumes). As a person, you’re constantly exposed to various chemicals all your life, as a chemist, you make money out of that exposure and earn between $44,000 and $82,000.

  1. Information Security Expert

Is hacking and not getting hacked your passion? Many businesses and governments are looking for your skills. Secure their networks and systems and you become a top earner among your peers. Preempt and prevent cyber crimes and earn $53,000 to $86,000 on average.

IT expert

  1. Engineering Technician

Be an engineering technician, depends on which branch of engineering you are most passionate about – mechanical, electrical, communications, chemical, etc. As a technician, you get at least $55,000 and at most $90,000.

  1. Mathematician

If you like numbers, and not just money, you can be a highly paid mathematician. Develop formulas, solve mathematical problems or teach at a college. Earn between $50,000 and $93,000 by doing math, teaching math or living math.

  1. Engineer

Being an engineers in software, mechanical, materials science, electrical, aerospace, computer science, electronics and communications, chemical, nuclear and petroleum is the surefire way to earn six digit salary. It can be challenging and at times risky, but the price is always right.


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