Add Sprinkles on Top for that Added Service


Consumers nowadays want service that’s fast, good, cheap and unique. This is what Candace Nelson gave to consumers when he introduced the 24-hour Sprinkles cupcake ATM, which delivers personalized cupcakes in just a matter of seconds. This comes at a time when value has become pricier.

Here are some tips to help you add more value to your customers’ experiences:

Think of the people who are important to your customers, too.

A boutique for mothers can add candy jars or a play area inside their store so little children can have something to do while they wait for their moms find a dress for them. So the next time mommy’s going shopping for clothes, children will be more than happy to suggest the store. Because of the added value given by the shop, the moms who shop from them will be raving about how the company goes out of its way to get the kids entertained while they shop, something that would definitely give mothers an easier time.


Go beyond great service.

A good example of this would be a mid-priced hotel in Monaco that offers more than excellent service to business travelers. For instance, they offer leopard- or zebra-print bathrobes instead of the usual white. Guests can request a goldfish in their room, which will be taken care of by a housekeeping staff. Aside from that, the hotel gives to guests a flower, a foreign coin, lottery treat or other unexpected treats.


Let customers have the first dibs.

A cellar owner asked a well-known bourbon brewery to create signature liquor he will sell in his store. The brewery made five distinct flavors and sent them to the owner, to which he asked his loyal customers to taste each of the concoctions and list down their best choice. Now, how do you think customers will love the idea of ordering a drink their co-created? And how many of them will share it with their friends?

Adding a “cherry” on top of an already excellent service will not only satisfy customers and give them what they are looking for. This will also make them truly happy that they won’t hesitate to recommend you to people they know.


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