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Here’s How to Age without Making It Obvious


What’s the one thing that scares people about aging? For most people, it’s the physical changes that make getting old quite terrifying. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything about it and just concede to wrinkles, age spots and gray hair.

There are a few things you can do to making the aging process not too obvious. Here are some of them:

Enjoy water and some wine

Drink at least eight glasses of water every day. This is important as it helps regulate blood circulation and your vital organs functioning properly. Wine is also good for your health, especially your heart.


Keep yourself active

Engage in activities that let you burn calories, tone your muscles and strengthen your bones. You can join fitness classes, go swimming, run or cycle. Gardening can also be a good way to keep your body active. By doing so, you’ll keep yourself slim ad trim.

Watch what you eat

Food that bursts with nutrients is good for your body. Healthy foods don’t need to be bland; there are specialist restaurants that offer delicious but less-caloric meals on their menu. You can also prepare and cook your own food to save money. Just make sure to stay away from carbohydrates and fats.


Prioritize skin care

Take advantage of facial treatments that help get rid of wrinkles and age spots. Use natural beauty products that can stave off the signs of aging. Wearing sunscreen is also good for your skin because the sun can dry out your skin, making you look older than you really are. Make sure to moisturize before you sleep. Avoid smoking because it can cause your skin to age prematurely.

Lastly, always have a positive mindset.

Stress can make you look old. Plus, it can cause different kind of illnesses, which can diminish the quality of your life. So, keep a positive outlook to avoid stressing yourself out too much.

How Coconut Oil Helps to Make You More Beautiful


Coconut oil is not only used for cooking. In fact, several celebrities use it as an alternative medicine as it has numerous benefits. What not a lot of people know though is that it can also be used in one’s beauty regimen.

Here are some fantastic ways you can use coconut oil in your beauty routine.


As a moisturizer: Apply coconut oil as a natural moisturizer for your face and body. It helps replenishes your skin’s natural oils.

As a soothing balm: It help prevent irritations and outbreaks when applied topically or ingested in specific amounts.

As an anti-aging agent: Coconut oil is packed with antioxidants, which helps ward off free radicals that speed up the aging process. It can also keep your skin hydrated, making it soft, glowing and supple.

As a highlighter: It can help improve the skin’s natural pigment when you use it as a cheek highlighter.



As conditioner: Soak your hair in coconut oil for a few hours to deep condition it. Be sure to apply at room temperature or heat it up before applying. By using coconut oil, your hair will look and feel healthier as it is rich in vitamins E, K and iron.

As an anti-frizz potion: Tame frizz by gently combing your hair with your fingers dipped in coco oil. Just make sure you keep it away from your roots.

As a cleaning formula: Coconut oil has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties that help protect your scalp and hair from germs and bacteria that can cause problems.



As a whitening solution: Whiten teeth by using coconut oil for oil pulling, which is the process of swishing oil around your mouth for several minutes.

As a decay prevention: Get rid of plaque and prevent build-up that causes tooth decay by using coconut oil.

As a lip moisturizer: Prevent your lips from chapping by using this natural lip moisturizer. It helps nourish your lips and keeps it free from flakes and cracks.

So you see? There are many uses to coconut oil. So, start taking advantage of its benefits today!

How to Make Ordinary Food Look Fancy and Cool


Garnishing food and presenting it in the best possible way makes them more inviting and palatable most specifically to picky eaters like kids. Moms need to learn to decorate food to help kids eat healthy and eat more as some children have very poor appetite but only require some creativity to get them eating.


Make the plate as colorful as you can.

Just remember to put only edible stuff on the plate and avoid toppers that are never for eating, otherwise this only encourages the little ones to set aside food no matter how lovely they may look.

Use white or non-colorful utensils and serving dishes.

This brings out the colors of the food even more such that the food appears more interesting than they already are. Downplay on the utensils even spoon and fork to make the food more engaging.

Offer several options.

Create different blends of dips for biscuit or veggie sticks. Make different kinds of sandwiches with varying fillings or breads. Alter the menu as often as you can so that dinnertime is never a boring time. Make meals exciting for the kids, something they look forward to every time.


Engage the kids in preparing food.

Let them decorate their own cookies or assemble their own burgers. Often, they would love to eat what they personally made.

Carve out and garnish.

The standard breakfast can be extraordinary if you are just creative enough. Carve out a pit inside the ham and cook the egg inside. Slice up the ends of mini sausages to make them look like small octopus with a head and tentacles. Use plungers and cutters to crate varying shapes of sandwiches, cookies, fruits and other food items.

While you’re at it, organize a picnic somewhere cool like in the yard or at a nearby park or beach for some cool view. A nice ambiance and a pretty food array would surely boost your child’s appetite.

Summer’s Here With These Ice Cream Fondant Icing Cupcake Toppers


Sunny days that seem to stretch on forever (until they’re broken by a sudden downpour) and the tinkling tune of the ice cream van doing the rounds. Good old British summertime. But 99-toting vans seem to be a dying breed, so get a little Mr. Whippy in your baking with these simple cupcakes complete with fondant icing topper.

Ingredients For Your Cupcakes

We’ll use a simple vanilla cupcake recipe, for which you will need:

• 100g/4oz self-raising flour
• 100g/4oz caster sugar
• 100g/4oz butter
• 2 tsp vanilla extract
• 2 medium eggs

This should make about 10 cupcakes in total, ideal for sharing with friends and family. Because the recipe is so basic it’s easy to whip up quickly and simple to make a larger batch.

For decorating the cupcakes gather the following:

• White fondant icing
• Pink fondant icing
• Yellow fondant icing
• Brown fondant icing
• Apricot jam – boiled and strained to remove any fruit lumps
• Icing sugar
• Cooled boiled water
• A sharp knife


How To Make Your Cupcakes

Before making up your mix be sure to preheat your oven to 180oC/350oF and line a cupcake tray with enough paper cases.

1. Make sure your self-raising flour has no lumps by sieving it into your mixing bowl.
2. Add the caster sugar and butter.
3. Beat your eggs in a separate bowl then add to the rest of the ingredients.
4. Combine the ingredients with an electric mixer or by hand.
5. Whisk the mixture for a couple of minutes. It should have a smooth and creamy consistency.
6. Carefully spoon your cupcake mix into the cases. Fill each case about halfway as they will rise considerably during baking.
7. Pop the cupcakes into the oven and bake for about 10-15 minutes. When ready the cupcakes should be a golden brown colour and a skewer inserted into one should come out clean.
8. Leave the cakes to cool fully on a wire rack before decorating.

Cupcake Toppers
Cupcake Toppers

Making Your Fondant Icing Toppers

Once the cupcakes have fully cooled, you can begin adding the toppers. Give your work surface a liberal dusting of icing sugar to stop the fondant sticking. Then it’s time to make the plaque, which will be the base to set your fondant ice creams on.

1. Knead and work your white fondant icing until it is pliable.
2. Roll it out to a depth of about 5mm.
3. Using a circle cutter that is the same diameter as your cupcake press out the appropriate number of circles.
4. Brush some of your boiled apricot jam across the top of each cupcake and then place the fondant circles on top.

Ice cream cupcakes
Ice cream cupcakes

The ice creams are simple to make. First tackle the cones.

1. Knead and roll out a small amount of brown fondant icing.
2. Using a sharp knife score the surface with a crosshatching pattern to give the icing a waffle cone look.
3. Cut out small triangles of brown fondant then stick onto the cupcake using some cooled boiled water

Now for the ice cream swirl. We’ll use yellow fondant icing for this one, so just repeat the same process for each colour of icing.

1. Pinch of a small piece of yellow fondant icing and knead it in your hands until it’s soft.
2. Roll the icing out into a thin sausage shape, trying to keep it as even as possible.
3. Cut the fondant into sections about 2 inches long each.
4. Gently bend the icing into the stacked shape of a soft serve ice cream swirl.
5. Pinch the top to give it a pointed peak.
6. Fix the fondant icing into place using cooled boiled water.

Fondant icing cupcake toppers like these are simple ways to liven up your next baking project. Cake decorating doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective, so this summer add a little extra sweetness to your cupcakes with these ice cream cup cake toppers.

Add Sprinkles on Top for that Added Service


Consumers nowadays want service that’s fast, good, cheap and unique. This is what Candace Nelson gave to consumers when he introduced the 24-hour Sprinkles cupcake ATM, which delivers personalized cupcakes in just a matter of seconds. This comes at a time when value has become pricier.

Here are some tips to help you add more value to your customers’ experiences:

Think of the people who are important to your customers, too.

A boutique for mothers can add candy jars or a play area inside their store so little children can have something to do while they wait for their moms find a dress for them. So the next time mommy’s going shopping for clothes, children will be more than happy to suggest the store. Because of the added value given by the shop, the moms who shop from them will be raving about how the company goes out of its way to get the kids entertained while they shop, something that would definitely give mothers an easier time.


Go beyond great service.

A good example of this would be a mid-priced hotel in Monaco that offers more than excellent service to business travelers. For instance, they offer leopard- or zebra-print bathrobes instead of the usual white. Guests can request a goldfish in their room, which will be taken care of by a housekeeping staff. Aside from that, the hotel gives to guests a flower, a foreign coin, lottery treat or other unexpected treats.


Let customers have the first dibs.

A cellar owner asked a well-known bourbon brewery to create signature liquor he will sell in his store. The brewery made five distinct flavors and sent them to the owner, to which he asked his loyal customers to taste each of the concoctions and list down their best choice. Now, how do you think customers will love the idea of ordering a drink their co-created? And how many of them will share it with their friends?

Adding a “cherry” on top of an already excellent service will not only satisfy customers and give them what they are looking for. This will also make them truly happy that they won’t hesitate to recommend you to people they know.

Ideas for Making Your New Year’s Eve Party a Blast


Christmas may be over but the partying isn’t. There’s still that New Year’s Eve bash you should be planning for. You might be running out of ideas, so here are some suggestions on how to make your New Year’s Eve party a blast.

Two women toast as fireworks explode dur

Make Use of Candles

Scented candles, sculpted candles, votive candles, and whatever candles you can light up for the party venue are sure to create a unique atmosphere for your guests. Plus, there’s the dimmed lights that make fireworks display viewing even more pleasant.

Go for Colored Lights

Want some colored lighting but can’t afford a disco light? No problem. You can always replace your regular bulbs with colored bulbs to transform your venue into a disco house-like interior. Or you can cover your lights with sheer colored cloths to make them illuminate a different hue. It’s inexpensive and it’s easy to do.

Glitter and Gold Everywhere

Celebration with champagne and fireworks

Have glitters and gold dusts everywhere. Make confetti in gold colored foil. Wrap wineglasses with gold ribbons, and cover champagne bottles with gold dusts. Inform your guests to come in their most sparkly and glittery outfits. Serve gold trimmed dining utensils paired with golden props like party hats and trumpets. Let the night sparkle away as you count down the time to 2015.

Serve Colorful Cookies

Remember that cookie recipe you made for Christmas, which everyone loved? You can make that again, and this time, make it more apt for the New Year. Cut those cookies into rounds and decorate them as clocks with varying shades of frostings. You can pipe in the year 2015 on the cookies, or you can cut out the cookies in the numbers 2015.

Reverse Meal Service


The party isn’t going to end until after midnight and even until morning of January first. It’s best to keep everyone’s energy high to make them last throughout the night. Serve desserts first to sweeten things up, and then followed by finger-food and light snacks to keep everyone going without being too stuffed. Near midnight, put out some hearty breakfast meals, which are sure to fill your guests’ stomachs until the wee hours of the morning.

Need a Productivity Boost? 3 Tech Tools You Need in Your Life


There are days when you work like a fired up robot; then, there are times when you just want to sit and do nothing all day. For some people, the latter happens more often. So if you’re someone who needs a boost in your productive juices, here are five of the most useful tech tools you need your life right now:

For your physical fitness…


Fitness bands, watches and clip-ons are a brilliant tool to motivate you to stay in shape, physically and mentally. Fitness gizmos from brands like Basic Carbon, Fitbit, Garmin and Nike are some of the most reviewed and trusted. Some of them are compatible with most operating systems like Windows and Mac, Android and iOS. Some can track heart rates, sleep, calorie intake, weight and more. In other words, you day-to-day activities will be tracked helping to motivate you do more for your physical wellness.

For office productivity…

Although laptops are still the go-to gadgets when it comes to office work, there are now high-end devices that help make you corporate life easier. Take for example the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4. LTE. It’s an ideal tool for a business environment because it’s light, convenient and has the ability to simultaneously run multiple screens and apps, making it perfect for video conferencing and taking notes. The ODIN, a portable smart projector that’s so small it can fit right in your trousers’ pocket and runs on battery, is a fantastic gadget to pair with your smartphone.

For keeping things in check while on the go…


If you’re someone who needs to monitor your investments, keep a tight schedule, check emails, track sales and the like, you need to stay online all the time. And since you can’t bring a router with you when you’re outside the office or your house, you need a pocket Wi-Fi or mobile hotspot that you can take wherever you go. With this nifty device, you won’t miss any Skype calls from clients, miss a very important appointment, neglect your emails or lag behind whatever you need to do online. In addition to the tech tools mentioned above, there are several apps developed to help people be more productive. These include Toggl, Priority Matrix and White Noise, among many others. If you need more tips to keep you motivated, check back on our blog.

Top recipes for using superfoods when juicing


Superfoods are a great addition to any diet and all of them have their own special properties that benefit certain parts of the body. To give ourselves the best possible chance of ensuring we’re healthy from head to toe, it can be tempting to cram our meals full of these foods. However, it can all feel a bit overwhelming and time consuming. Surely there has to be an easier way of getting all of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients we need?

Juicing is becoming an increasingly popular way to consume superfoods. It’s a quick and easy way to up our intake of fruit and vegetables and it is often more flavorful for those of you whose pallets don’t enjoy certain superfoods. However, for juicing to be a sustainable option you need to find a few recipes that works for you. Here are a few great options to make juicing superfoods an enjoyable experience.

Superfood Juicing
Superfood Juicing
  1. Green superfood juice

Green juicing is often the trickiest to master as many people are put off by the thought of drinking vegetables. However, this recipe is tasty and easy to do.

What you need

Two celery sticks

Three to five pieces of dino kate

Half a cucumber

One handful of parsley

Fennel bulb or stalk

Handful of spinach leaves

Note: This serves one so you’ll need to double up if you’re making it for another person as well.

How do you juice them?

Simply pop all of the vegetables into the juicer and blend. You can even add water if you want to loosen the consistency.

  1. Antioxidant smoothie

When people talk about their favourite superfoods two of the top performers are often coconut oil and berries, so it makes sense to create a smoothie that contains both.

This is a recipe if you want to ensure you’re full of antioxidants and its refreshing flavour makes it great for the summer.

What you need

Two table spoons of raw virgin coconut oil

Two cups of berries (choose your favourites)

Two cups of unsweetened almond milk, vanilla flavored

10 ice cubes

How do you juice them?

Start by putting in your ice cubes and then add your berries, coconut oil and milk.

Note: This serves two, simply half for a single portion.

  1. Best of both worlds juice

Fruit and vegetables work well together – just look at the results when you put apples or strawberries in salad – so don’t be afraid to combine them when juicing.

There are plenty of combinations out there but you need to be careful that the flavours complement each other.

What do I need?

Half a lemon

One Golden Delicious Apple

Two kale leaves

Two stalks of celery

One handful of Italian parsley

One cup of spinach

A small bunch of dandelion greens

How do you juice them?

Because we’re dealing with different food types juicing is a bit more complicated for this drink.

Start by juicing your greens. You might want to do this twice to create a more pleasing consistency.

Once you’ve done this put it aside and juice the celery, apple and lemon. Combine two mixtures and stir. Pour this over ice and you have a great juice that is packed full with superfood goodness.

7 Top Tips When Working With Fondant Icing


If you’re new to the world of sugarcraft, getting to grips with fondant icing for the first time can be a bit tricky. It’s all too easy to jump right in and end up with icing stuck all over the place, crinkly and bubbly finishes, and tears and cracks all over the place.

Sugar Craft
Sugar Craft

But don’t give up! These 7 tips will help you master the art of fondant icing decorating in no time.

  1. Keep It Under Wraps. Fondant icing can dry out very quickly. Any icing that you’re not working with should be wrapped in cling film to make sure it doesn’t dry out until you need it. Once it dries you’ll never be able to get the smooth finish you need, and the icing will crack and break easily.
  2. Dust Your Surface And Tools. As you work with fondant icing it begins to become pliable but also very sticky. This means it can stick to your work surface, your rolling pin, your hands and anything else and soon become torn and damaged. To avoid this give your worktop and any tools a sprinkling of icing sugar.

    Fondant Icing
    Fondant Icing
  3. Don’t Refrigerate It. Once you’ve decorated your cake with fondant icing, don’t put the cake in the fridge. In a cold environment the icing will sweat and the sugar in it will begin to melt slightly, ruining the appearance of your cake. Instead cover your cake or place it in a sealable cake tin and leave it in a dark cupboard.
  4. Always Knead It. You can’t just roll out fondant icing straight from the pack if you want the best results. Take your icing in hand and knead it on the work surface, roll it between your hands and generally give it a good going over. You can the icing to become pliable and easy to work with, but if you over knead it you can dry it out and cracks can appear. It’s a delicate balance but one you’ll quickly understand.
  5. Don’t Use Too Much. When it comes to fondant icing, don’t go overboard. An incredibly thick layer of fondant icing can be overpowering so try to keep it about 3mm thick if possible. Also, working with large lumps of fondant can be difficult for novices so at first work with smaller amounts so your hands and wrists get used to kneading it.

    Icing Art
    Icing Art
  6. Don’t Use On A Refrigerated Cake. If you’ve had your base cake in the fridge overnight, or for any amount of time, allow it to return to room temperature before applying fondant icing. The coolness will affect the consistency and make a good finish difficult to achieve.
  7. Don’t Use Dry Icing. If your icing has dried out or you’ve over-kneaded it you will find that cracks and splits begin to occur in it as you work with it. Excess icing should be wrapped in cling film and stored in an airtight container between baking sessions.

Fondant icing is an incredible medium for all aspects of cake decoration, from simple coverings to detailed models, and it works equally well on huge wedding cakes down to a batch of cupcakes. Keep theses 7 tips in mind when you’re using it and your cakes will look simply stunning.

If you want fondant icing in a huge range of colours visit Renshaw Baking today.