Bizarre Phobias: What are you afraid of?


We’re all afraid of something.

While some people’s fears seem ridiculous, others are quite bizarre. What’s even crazier is that they’re not simply afraid of something, but are extremely scared about it that their lives are never the same again.

So what are these bizarre phobias that some people develop?

Fear of Cooking

Mageirocophobia, as it’s scientifically known, might be something lazy people would employ just to avoid the chore, but it’s no joke to the person afflicted with it. Imagine what can happen if a patient lives alone. This can lead to unhealthy eating or skipping meals entirely. Sufferers are believed to be intimidated by people whose culinary skills are nothing short of amazing. The feeling of inadequacy and inferiority they develop is debilitating.


Fear of Crossing the Street

Yes, you’re life is at risk every time you cross the street, especially a busy one. But you’ll survive as long as you follow the road rules. Unfortunately for those with agyrophobia, crossing the streets and other thoroughfares, feels like death. The whirl of traffic would cause their anxiety to rise through the roof, making it hard to live in the city. But because agyrophobia covers several categories, including single lane streets, moving to the suburbs is no cure either.


Fear of Dinner Conversation

Having dinner with a fiancé’s family for the first time can be awkward or filled with awkward moments. The same is true when going out on a blind date. But people with deipnophobia, however, take this fear to a whole new level. They are so terrified to be in this kind of situation that they opt out of any and all dinner invitations. Imagine the kind of life sufferers live if they also have a fear of cooking.

If you’re only afraid of cockroaches or worms, consider yourself lucky. You’re still normal as long as you don’t live under a rock just to steer clear from such creatures. Oh wait…you can find them under a rock, but you get the point, right? Between you and someone who’s terrified of crossing the street, you’re pretty normal.


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