Driverless Car Safety

How will driverless cars affect the current car insurance industry?

In recent days almost all car brands are working on producing driverless cars and a few of them have already secured some advanced safety solutions. These include automatically keeping a safe distance from other cars or bikes but the technology to work the driver’s hand need to be on the […]

Elio’s Three-Wheeler – Is It Cool or Not Cool?

Elio’s Three-Wheeler – Is It Cool or Not Cool?

Just when people think Elio Motor’s three-wheeler has gone for good, the company’s founder and CEO, Paul Elio, unveils a specially designed engine for the peculiar car. Early this month, Elio announced the production of a prototype engine, a 0.9-liter three-cylinder machine to power up its three-wheel car. The announcement […]

How to Make Your RV the Coolest Thing on the Road
Automotive / Decor / Travel

How to Make Your RV the Coolest Thing on the Road

It’s really cool to go camping with an RV fitted with miniature versions of your home spaces. But there are ways to make your camper the coolest thing yet. Here are exciting ideas on accessorizing and modifying your recreational vehicle. Entertainment Entertainment devices such as flat screen TV, DVD player […]

What Dream Cars Are Made Of
Automotive / Technology

What Dream Cars Are Made Of

What’s your idea of a dream car? With all the sci-fi films, TV shows and animations we watch, there’s little doubt that the vehicle you’d create, given the chance, would be out of this world yet practical. It should fly, right? Or maybe a vehicle that transforms into a jet […]

Offroad family
Automotive / Travel

Amazing Off-Road Weekends Just Minutes from Seattle

The Pacific Northwest is an outdoor-lover’s paradise. With myriad wilderness opportunities ranging from hiking to kayaking and more, Seattle is undoubtedly the hub of this natural wonderland. With distinct seasons, relatively mild temperatures, and a landscape that never ceases to inspire, the Seattle area draws millions of people who want […]

Picking your new car

How to Pick Your Next Set of Wheels

Hunting for a new car can be either a tiresome chore, or a whole lot of fun, depending on how much you enjoy driving. Whichever opinion you hold, it’s never easy making a decision, with so very many things to think about. This handy Exchange and Mart guide goes into […]

Carbon Frames

Take your Cycling Performance up a Gear: Carbon Frames

Welcome to the next generation of cycling: carbon fibre frames that are lighter, stronger and more aerodynamic then it’s aluminium and titanium predecessors. Carbon fibre has grown in popularity as a material for bikes in recent years and offers an alternative to heavier metallic frames that have been used in […]

Portable Generator
Automotive / Technology / Travel

Why Taking a Portable Generator on Your Road Trip is the Best Decision You’ll Ever Make

Making the decision to head out on a road trip, whether it’s for one week, one month or one year, is a hugely exciting experience no matter how young or old you are, as is the idea of exploring unknown places, whether that’s at home or abroad. From deciding what […]

Cars of the Future

How tomorrow’s cars will revolutionise motoring recently put together an infographic on the five stupidest cars of all time. It’s amazing that the past 100 years of motoring has produced so many great ideas, yet also so many terrible ones – look at the 1899 Horsey Horseless, for example, which stuck a wooden horse’s head […]

You are way too distracted when taking a selfie

Taking selfies when driving | Not safe

Once the largest source of driver distraction was the radio, with the driver often having to find the right CD to play or pick his favourite station. Then came the mobile phone, with its calls and text messages, but now is the turn of selfies, or the self-portraits to be […]

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