Cool Decorating Ideas for an Equally Cool Home


Your house can be anything you want it to be. But if you want to make it cool and awesome, there are some decorating ideas that you should explore. One that is extraordinary yet practical.

Create a cool bed

When it is scorching hot outside, you would want to escape to somewhere cool and cozy. Well, your bedroom could be the perfect place with the right decorating ideas. No need to take a beeline towards the bathroom to cool off under the shower every time, however. What you can do is create an aquarium bed, one that makes you feel you are underwater, surrounded by cool waters and fascinating marine life. Make sure to create an environment that mimics the real thing. You can have an aquarium for a headboard, complete with a school of fish and appropriate lighting.


Let the water in

This has nothing to do with flooding, so you can breathe easy. By this, it means creating a pool that stretches from the outdoor in. It doesn’t have to be huge, but half of the swimming pool should be indoors while the other half is outdoors. What is great about an indoor-outdoor pool is that you can take a dip even when the sun is really high or when the weather is cold. You can virtually enjoy your pool the whole-year round.

Go for cool decorating ideas

Don’t want dining to be a less boring affair? You should opt for less traditional furniture pieces like swing chairs paired with the dinner table. Talk about really enjoying your meals, right? Just remember not to play with your food or swing yourself too much so you can keep your food in.

Another fantastic idea is to build a slide as an alternative to the stairs. If you want to go down quicker, you can just slide down. A fireman’s pole would also be a fun option.



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