Google and Saatchi Art teamed up to create a new award


Google+ users may have noticed that the social media network has recently released an all new tool for use on their site. The tool is being termed Motion, which has already drawn in attention from many people out there. It will effectively allow people to put together a string of moving images, which promises to add a lot to the animated GIFs proliferated on the internet. But it may also prove to be a popular creative outlet for many people out there, who could be interested in how they can customize the images that they tend to post. There is even an all new community of users emerging who will be supporting the utility of this tool going forward.

Saatchi Gallery
Saatchi Gallery

This kind of motion photography is increasingly becoming recognized within the art community. This is part of the reason why Google and Saatchi Gallery have teamed up to create an all new award for these kinds of projects. They have unveiled the new Motion Photography Prize, which will be used to draw in recognition for this kind of work. This will help generate interest among many creative people, who might actually have their own unique take on how to produce this kind of work. This will also go a long way towards helping people learn more information about the basics behind this kind of service.

The award will actually be broken down in to six different types of categories, which will no doubt interest many people. This will help make sure that the motion photography prize appeals to a broad audience. A finalist will be selected for each of the six categories, providing people with the support that they need to take on different types of projects. The finalists will be selected by a panel of judges, who themselves will have an extensive amount of experience within the art community. Many will be watching to see what kind of work gets generated during this process, since this is a major move for these organizations.

Finalists in these categories will be given the prize and will also receive other kinds of recognitions as a part of this process. This will be an invaluable asset that everyone will want to consider going forward, since they can secure support for a few different types of projects. The work generated by each winner will be hosted through the website maintained by the gallery. This will help provide publicity for new artists looking to secure support for different types of projects. They can even find out more information about how they can work with Saatchi to sell different types of work.

Ultimately, many will be watching to learn more information about how they can work with the Motion program to generate truly creative work. This will prove to be a valuable asset for many within and without the art community. People everywhere will want to check out how they can gain recognition to complete a few different types of projects using this new social networking tool. It could prove to be an indispensable asset for anyone looking to draw in support for their own unique skill set.


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