Looking for Cool Last-Minute Christmas Decorations?


Christmas tree, check. Mistletoes, check. Bells, check. Wreaths, check. Garlands, check. Do you need more décor for your Christmas party? If so, here are 10 cool last minute decorations you can do yourself, which is great if you’re looking to stretch your holiday budget for as long as possible.

1. Glass filled ornaments

– you can buy cheap glass Christmas balls from craft stores. Then, fill them with colored items like pebbles, sand, beads and the like. You can layer different colors to create an interesting ornament.

2. Fabric scrap pompoms

– you can cut out scrap fabric from old clothes you don’t wear anymore with pinking shears. You can also use scrap ribbons or twines. To make a pompom, create a doughnut shape on a cardboard. Then, wrap the fabric around the doughnuts and snip through the two discs.

3. Wreath made of buttons

– you can trace doughnut patterns out of a cardboard. Then, glue buttons of all sizes and shapes on it.

4. Embroidery hoop

– place a fabric between an embroidery hoop and then decorate it with felt cut outs of a Christmas tree or poinsettia.

5. Beaded ornament hangers

– they make for pretty décor items when you do them yourself or prettify them. A few beads strung to your ornaments make them sturdier and longer lasting.

6. Scrabble ornaments

– create decorations that can be hung on doors and walls by wrapping burlap around a cardboard and gluing them together. Then, create meaningful words using scrabble tiles and glue them on the burlap and cardboard. Hang it by gluing a rope you cut out to it.

With DIY decorations for Christmas, your home or office can look more personal as you have taken the time to decorate it. Aside from that, you’ll take pride knowing that you’ve put a personal touch into your décor.



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