Small is Cool: 10 Reasons to Downsize Your Home


Large bedroom, sweeping living room, and spacious kitchen – it feels good to live in a big house. Bigger is better after all. If you are looking to live simply and practically , however, small is definitely beautiful.

Here are 10 good reasons why you should consider micro living and down size your home.

  1. Budget friendly. Small houses use few lights and, not to mention, are cheaper to heat and cool. A small wood burner can warm an entire floor in winter. A single air conditioning unit can sufficiently keep the blistering heat outside in summer. With a small home, you can basically cut down your electricity bills.
  1. Affordable. Smaller house means affordable purchase price, allowing you to pay off the mortgage faster.

tiny house design

  1. Easy to decorate. When it comes to turning small house into a comfortable, livable space, you can go all out with the décor. You can be artsy, or you can be classy. Go show your personality!
  1. Easy to clean and keep. You can get everything neat and tidy in less than an hour.
  1. Optimized used of space. No more dusty, unused bedrooms turned into a storage area or guest bedroom that needs to be cleaned regularly. All available spaces are used and optimized.
  1. Less waste. Less space means less waste and less hoarding of things you don’t need.
  1. Increased family interaction. There’s nowhere else to hide aside from bedroom. Everyone get to hang out in the living room during the evening.
  1. Cozy. Small spaces have that rather cozy atmosphere. Imagine yourself tucked in the living room sofa beside the wood stove.

tiny house exterior

  1. Security. You know every nook and cranny of the house. Monsters have nothing to hide.
  1. More time outdoors. Living in small house encourages outdoor activity, allowing you and your family to enjoy fresh air and fun outdoor games.