The Coolest Flowers in the World


Flowers are one of the most natural and common beauties of the earth. They are also one of the favorite gifts for loved ones. Flowers for everyone have been a part of all kinds of occasions, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, decorations during a wedding, or the hobby for gardening.

Flowers fill our lives in the most impressive ways. Even if most flowers are very affordable, some people will go to extremes to get the rarest and most beautiful flowers on the planet. If you are wondering what they are, here is a list of the most expensive and coolest flowers in the world:

Saffron Crocus (1,200 – 1,500 euros for 450 grams)

The flower of saffron is better known as a spice but is still commonly sold as a flower. The saffron is purple, but its rich yellow stamen is what makes it so unique. The price reflects its development cost, since around 80,000 flowers are needed to get a few 500 grams of yellow stamen spices, all of which are picked by hand and dried. There is a huge demand for saffron, but it takes a lot of time and skill to grow.

Orchid Gold of Kinabalu (5,000 euros per piece)

The Orchid Gold of Kinabalu is sold at a very high price due to its rarity and beauty. With its beautiful, long, green petals with red spots, this gem is found only in the Kinabalu National Park in Malaysia. Apart from the fact that it is found only in one place, growing one is extremely difficult and takes a long process. This flower will only grow between the months of April and May and flowering may take years before it finally appears. Being rare and therefore expensive, it won the title “Kinabalu Gold”.

Shenzhen Nongke Orchid (1.68 million yuan or approximately 200,000 dollars)


The orchid Shenzhen Nongke is a flower that was made entirely by the hands of man and got its name in honor of the group that carried out the experiment. The researchers took eight years to create and observe the flower. It is sold at a high price not only for its rarity and cultivation but also for its appearance. It takes four to five years for the orchid to bloom and, apart from its beauty, it is also said to have a delicate flavor. Its price is not entirely safe but rumors say it is around $ 200,000.

Rosa Juliet (15.8 million dollars per stem, approximately)

Making its debut in 2006 at the Chelsea Flower Show, Rosa Juliet conquered the world for its stunning elegance and beauty. David Austin took 15 long years to create this beautiful flower, one of the reasons for its high value, in addition to the 6 million dollars it cost. Today, a small bouquet of these beautiful flowers can cost, how very cheap 150 dollars. Roses are a good fit and one of the most appreciated and purchased flowers around the world.

Flower of Kadupul (Priceless)

The reason why the Kadupul flower does not have a price is not only because it is rare, but because it is a flower that can not be collected without causing damage. In addition, it dies before dawn. The flower really belongs to the cactus family. It only blooms at night and exudes a soothing and lovely fragrance. It will only last hours after being picked up and has never reached a store, not even online. It is the flower that can not be bought and that gives it a priceless value.