Travelling safe this winter


With just over a week until Christmas day, we should be coming towards the end of our shopping and looking forward to spending time with family and friends. Not to mention a glass of our favourite tipple and a mince pie or two. For the majority of us, Christmas is about spending time with family and friends and it’s great if we can jump in a taxi or even make the journey on foot to spend time with them. Not everyone has this bonus though and making the long car journeys to visit loved ones can be rather stressful, especially over the festive period.

With millions of people travelling all over the country to spend the holiday season with family and friends, it can only mean busy roads and potentially bad driving conditions.

It’s essential that for any of us travelling over the Christmas period, we stay as safe as possible on the roads. Winter weather conditions and an increase of travelling vehicles means we need to be extra cautious. To help you travel safe this winter, we’ve created a quick post about some of the checks you should carry out on your vehicle.

Check your tyres

With an increased risk of rain, ice and snow the quality of your vehicle’s tyres is paramount. Whether it be a long or short journey, you should regularly check the appearance and pressure of your tyres. Driving with damaged or bald tyres is illegal and not only do you run this risk of being stopped by the police; you’re also at a higher risk of losing control of the vehicle.

Driving with damaged tyres just isn’t worth the risk, so if you feel like you tyres are starting to look a bit worn, it’s best to have them replaced. Tyres range in price and can be found online from websites such as but it’s worth having a shop around.

Top up on screen wash

Checking the amount of screen wash in your vehicle seems obvious but it’s something many of us forget about. Bad weather conditions can sometimes lead to harsher visibility on the roads, so keeping your windscreen clear at all times is really important. Not having the correct amount of screen wash in your vehicle means that the only way you’ll be able to see out of your windscreen, is if it’s raining. No rain means reduced visibility as the journey goes on which could potentially lead to a collision.

Be prepared

Although the risk of breaking down is very slim, it’s best to be prepared just in case. The last thing you want is to be stuck on the hard shoulder of a motorway in cold weather conditions, wearing only a few layers. To be on the safe side it’s a good idea to keep a few blankets and coats in the boot of your car just in case you do find yourself waiting for help to arrive.

If you’re travelling with children then it may also be a good idea to pack a bag of snacks and things to do. Doing this will keep them occupied on the journey and you’re even prepared in the event of a break down.

It’s important to carry out the relevant checks on your vehicle before setting off on your journey. Christmas is nearly upon us so make the most of it and most importantly, stay safe!


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