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The internet world is not always about dangerous viruses and x rated images. Internet is actually like a huge library that can fit everything even in a small portable device that you carry in your pocket. Of course, not all websites contain useful information or actual facts. But many of them are highly entertaining. See below some fun and exciting information that you can find while surfing on the internet.

How much does it cost to build a house with Rubik cubes

To build a one storey house of 230 square meters you would need 514,731 Rubik cubes, or 27,735 bricks from a three dimensional printer with a total value of 332.820 dollars. If, indeed, you would like to pick up your house with balloons in the air, as in the animated Pixar movie «Up», it would take 64,705,000 balloons. While if you want to know what are the chances of an asteroid colliding with a house on earth these are 1 in 2,196,269,636,024 every year.

Rubik's cube
Rubik cube

How many alien civilizations exist

The BBC Future has designed an interactive graphic that allows you to change the variables of the equation Drake, a theoretical estimate of how many other detectable civilizations may exist in our galaxy, writes Mark Strauss. Even minor changes in the variables, can make the results change dramatically. It’s an interesting reminder of how many variables are unknown to us and how many factors were necessary to allow the emergence and survival of homo sapiens.

Alien civilizations
Alien civilizations

Where is light and where darkness on Earth

In the website of the US Naval Observatory one can find a picture of the Earth, showing where there is light and where darkness in the entire the planet. You can select any year you want, month, day, hour and minute from 1700 to 2030.


Crashes in the solar system

The computer created by the astronomy department of the University of Maryland allows you to wreak havoc throughout our solar system, sending an asteroid or comet falling to the planet of your choice. Finally, it tells you how large is the crater you created and what amounts of energy was released during the collision.

Solar system
Solar system

By Nicole P.


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