Tips to beat your fear of flying


What’s your favorite means of transport for your holidays? The answers vary, and among them, you will definitely come across someone who says that he’s afraid of flying with an aeroplane for many reasons. Traveling around the world is one the best experiences you can live and, to reach some places, you will have to fly there. Here are some tips to help you overcome your fear of flying:

1. Read air accident statistics

Some experts say that people who are afraid to fly would have to analyze aviation accident statistics to ensure that flying is the safest form of transport. This will help them control the anxiety, insecurity and fear that stems from misinformation.

Relax, it is as safe as it gets
Relax, it is as safe as it gets

2. Picture the flight in your head a few days before the flight

A few days before embarking on your trip, you should imagine that you leave your house to the airport. Imagine the situation until the plane takes off. Moreover, start packing in advance so that you will get in the mood of traveling.

Think of the positive aspects of traveling above the clouds
Think of the positive aspects of traveling above the clouds

3. Be at the airport in time

You have to avoid creating more stress, therefore, arrive at the airport in advance and discard that fear of losing the plane.

4. Search for different distractions

Music, according to some experts, the best distraction because it generates positive emotions and skips the negative ones. You should go for something relaxing, mainly for takeoff and landing. Other forms of distraction are striking up a conversation with the neighboring seat, sleeping, reading a good book or watching a movie or an episode of your favorite series.

Watching a movie is a great option
Watching a movie is a great option

5.  Discard all your negative thoughts

You must think only of the positive aspects of air travel, such as its speed. It is clear that air accidents occur but with the thousands of flights that take place daily, are very few- next to none- problems. Whenever you have negative thoughts, focus on these data.

6. Avoid choosing a seat

You should avoid to take a window seat, because people who are afraid of flying normally tend to look out the window to make sure that the aircraft engine or the wings are in good working condition. This, according to psychologists, increases your anxiety because it is something you can’t control.

It's better to find out about your seat when you get your tickets
It’s better to find out about your seat when you get your tickets

7. Breathe deeply during any turbulences

If the plane shakes at some points, you must remain calm as the pilots and the air hostesses are trained to deal all kinds of emergencies. In any case, you can sit between the wings of the plane as it is the most stable place of the plane, and buckle up for the entire flight.

8. Wear comfortable clothes during the flight

When preparing the suitcase, leave some comfortable clothes for the day of the flight and purchase a comfortable flight-pillow so you can keep your body relaxed during the trip.

9. Accept the problem

Don’t be embarrassed to consider the option of asking for help from a professional.

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By +Nikos Kontorigas


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