Top recipes for using superfoods when juicing


Superfoods are a great addition to any diet and all of them have their own special properties that benefit certain parts of the body. To give ourselves the best possible chance of ensuring we’re healthy from head to toe, it can be tempting to cram our meals full of these foods. However, it can all feel a bit overwhelming and time consuming. Surely there has to be an easier way of getting all of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients we need?

Juicing is becoming an increasingly popular way to consume superfoods. It’s a quick and easy way to up our intake of fruit and vegetables and it is often more flavorful for those of you whose pallets don’t enjoy certain superfoods. However, for juicing to be a sustainable option you need to find a few recipes that works for you. Here are a few great options to make juicing superfoods an enjoyable experience.

Superfood Juicing
Superfood Juicing
  1. Green superfood juice

Green juicing is often the trickiest to master as many people are put off by the thought of drinking vegetables. However, this recipe is tasty and easy to do.

What you need

Two celery sticks

Three to five pieces of dino kate

Half a cucumber

One handful of parsley

Fennel bulb or stalk

Handful of spinach leaves

Note: This serves one so you’ll need to double up if you’re making it for another person as well.

How do you juice them?

Simply pop all of the vegetables into the juicer and blend. You can even add water if you want to loosen the consistency.

  1. Antioxidant smoothie

When people talk about their favourite superfoods two of the top performers are often coconut oil and berries, so it makes sense to create a smoothie that contains both.

This is a recipe if you want to ensure you’re full of antioxidants and its refreshing flavour makes it great for the summer.

What you need

Two table spoons of raw virgin coconut oil

Two cups of berries (choose your favourites)

Two cups of unsweetened almond milk, vanilla flavored

10 ice cubes

How do you juice them?

Start by putting in your ice cubes and then add your berries, coconut oil and milk.

Note: This serves two, simply half for a single portion.

  1. Best of both worlds juice

Fruit and vegetables work well together – just look at the results when you put apples or strawberries in salad – so don’t be afraid to combine them when juicing.

There are plenty of combinations out there but you need to be careful that the flavours complement each other.

What do I need?

Half a lemon

One Golden Delicious Apple

Two kale leaves

Two stalks of celery

One handful of Italian parsley

One cup of spinach

A small bunch of dandelion greens

How do you juice them?

Because we’re dealing with different food types juicing is a bit more complicated for this drink.

Start by juicing your greens. You might want to do this twice to create a more pleasing consistency.

Once you’ve done this put it aside and juice the celery, apple and lemon. Combine two mixtures and stir. Pour this over ice and you have a great juice that is packed full with superfood goodness.


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