Uncool Things People Do with Their Phones


What’s cool or uncool depends to you. But you’ll definitely agree that these stuff people do with their phones are just not cool.

Making calls on speakerphone in public

 We’re not entirely sure when it became acceptable to use speakerphone in public, but holding conversation through the speaker the entire time without caring who was listening is plainly rude and discourteous. And no, we’re not the only one complaining. A recent survey conducted by online travel site Expedia showed that of the 9,000 adults in 25 countries who were asked to name the most annoying mobile habits they encountered, 53% identified calling on speakerphone as the most annoying.

Playing music, games or videos without headphones


Need we say more? You have an awesome playlist, your game has cool sound effect, and oh, that looks like a new music video! But please, put those headsets on.  Forty seven percent (47%) of the Expedia respondents actually thinks that the habit is annoying.

Taking photos or videos of strangers

We’re in a time and age where anything and everything can be manipulated (even pictures and videos) and can be used for illegal purposes. Which is why it shouldn’t come as a surprise when many people don’t like strangers taking photos or videos of them.

Loud mobile device alerts.

If you’re expecting a call or message, and you want to make sure you receive it, then shift to vibrate mode and put your mobile phone in your pocket where you can easily sense the vibration. As much as possible, avoid full notification alert. It catches a lot of attention, not to mention, it is startling and distracting.

Photographing food during meal


Many restaurants have actually started banning diners from snapping pictures of their food. And they have plenty of good reasons to do so.

It is distracting you and your company from enjoying the food. It is distracting other diners too. Not to mention, it chills the food. The chef just painstakingly prepared delicious hot meal for you and it needs to be eaten now. Not later. Not after the photo shoot.