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Mark Zuckerberg

The youngest billionaires on the Internet

They are young, they are millionaires and the thing that they all have in common is that they have amassed fortunes around new technologies and the Internet. Led by founder of Facebook, here are the billionaires under 40 years that have made their wealth in the network. Mark Zuckerberg Not […]

You have to be there
Business / Technology

How to use the Internet to promote your business

If you own a business and want to expand in your area, but you can’t afford to start a marketing campaign, you can take advantage of the many free or low-cost Internet tools. Almost everyone who owns a business is now online and can enjoy the convenience and ease in […]

Solar system

The fun side of the Internet

The internet world is not always about dangerous viruses and x rated images. Internet is actually like a huge library that can fit everything even in a small portable device that you carry in your pocket. Of course, not all websites contain useful information or actual facts. But many of […]

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