Beat the slump: 3 fitness tips to jumpstart your workouts


The workout slump is one of the worst situations a gym addict can find themselves in. After months of non-stop training, your fitness levels are finally soaring and washboard abs are slowly surfacing, when all of a sudden progress grinds to a painful and inexplicable halt.

You push up a level on the treadmill, increase your weights and cut out all carbs, but nothing.


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Now, no matter what your inner negative Nancy is whispering, your fitness journey definitely hasn’t peaked yet. You’ve simply hit a temporary roadblock, and it’s one you can definitely overcome.

After all, the slump is an unwelcome situation that even professional athletes occasionally find themselves in. Only their grueling training schedules rescue them from suffering its ill effects.

And therein lies the secret to recovering from the dreaded slump – get up and keep moving. Eventually, you’ll reach the other side, and discover a whole new level of willpower you never knew you had.

Luckily, there are lots of handy apps and websites dedicated to helping you through. We’ve picked our top three – take a look.

#1: Commit to an online course

A lack of knowledge will quickly hold your workouts back, but understanding where you’re going wrong can be a tough call to make. A course in training or nutrition will quickly highlight the changes you need to make.

There are plenty of fitness courses online that’ll show you the error of your ways. The commitment of signing up to one, and the deadlines involved in completing it, will be the perfect motivation to get your energy going again.

#2: Accept a fitness challenge

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you can’t have missed the rise of fitness challenges taking over social media. From squats to push-ups, people the world over are live-tweeting every drop of sweat and blocking up newsfeeds with their daily progress reports – and you should be joining in.

With the pressure of publicly acknowledging your challenge, you’ll be forced into sticking to your goal. You’ll also have the added support of knowing hundreds of other people are going through the same painful process as you.

#3: Track your diet progress

It’s easy to fall into a nasty habit of being too hard on yourself when your workouts seem to take a nosedive. Sometimes it’s nice to be given a few reminders of how far you’ve come and the level you can reach once you get back on track.

A calorie-tracking app like MyFitnessPal allows you to map weight and calorie intake – including macros and micros, a bonus for all the nutrition buffs out there – and displays it in a simple graph. At the tap of a button, you can actually chart your progress.

Ultimately, beating the slump comes down to attitude. Accept that it’s not going your way at the moment, but it’s critical to refuse to be beaten by a temporary nosedive in your fitness reg


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