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With the explosive emergence of social networks today and the rapid expansion they are having (Facebook is prowling a whopping 700 million users and Twitter has reached 145 million users ), it is normal for companies to start being interested in participating in social networks. But as usual, many questions arise like “how do I start?”, “What do I need?” and “What strategy is best?”

The answers to these and other questions are not so simple and requires to have knowledge, time, patience and work, and above all perseverance and creativity. But let’s start knowing a little more of the social network’s importance and how a social media agency benefits your business.

Social media can help your business
Social media can help your business

First, you need to understand that social networks are so successful because they are based on one of the primary needs of human beings: communication. Indeed, social networking is the privilege with which people can communicate with others in different ways, at great distances and re-connect with people. Through social media we can know about what happens to our friends, acquaintances and family, maintain communication with people with whom we share interests. Furthermore, we can contact companies and find out about developments, new releases, ask questions about product campaigns, receive technical support, complain about a service and many other things.

The companies have not yet fully identified all the benefits of entering the social networks and those who have understood it have as a priority in their marketing activities. As mentioned, the benefits are many but we believe the next 6 are the most relevant ones.

Everyone uses social media and so should your business
Everyone uses social media and so should your business

1. Direct communication with customers

This is probably the most important factor  a company that wants to dabble in social media has to take into account. It is possible to hold a conversation on a daily basis with the people most important: your customers.

2. Customer Service

There is no better way to maintain a satisfied clientele than giving your customers the chance to be served and receive all the information and support about the products or services you offer.

3. Competition

It is a good way to know what your competition is doing, by reviewing its activities in social networks.

4. Loyalty

One of the characteristics of business involved in social networks is the gain of a loyal crowd. For example, on Facebook people are clicking the ” Like” button on pages or profiles as they are called, of those people or firms that seem to grab their attention with their products or service. It is like giving the company its “fans”.

5. Promotion of products

You can promote your products by uploading photos and videos. It is also useful to promote traffic to your website where you can specify the acquisition or procurement of products and services.

6. Market Research in real time

Like never before, you get to know many facts about your products or services and even get opinions on new projects or future releases, always in real time.

By +Nikos Kontorigas


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