The Best Bikes You Can Have This 2015


There are about hundreds of motorcycle models in dealerships right now that come in a variety of styles and levels of excellence, making it pretty easy for you to own a new bike if you can afford it. 2015 has been seeing the continued market split between high-end machines that astonish people with dazzling performance and those that come at lower costs and are easy to use. Here are the best bikes you can have this 2015 regardless of price and capacity:

  • Yamaha FZ-09 (Best Standard Bike)

This model excels in a broad category that covers sit-up motorcycles that usually have a tubular handlebar, which is meant to serve many purposes.

  • Kawasaki Ninja H2R (Best Superbike)

This is labeled as the ultimate and uncompromised racing-inspired performance motorcycle for the street.


  • KTM 390 Duke (Best Lightweight Streetbike)

This is a motorcycle in the increasingly popular sub-500cc segment, which is often considered as a great place for starters. It can be a sports bike, a standard, a naked or any type.

  • Ducati Scrambler (Best Middleweight Streetbike)

An expanding and exciting category, “middleweight” means more than ever, which is why the displacement here is being limited to 899cc to keep up with the times in this sporty class.

  • Yamaha YZF-R1M (Best Open-Class Streetbike)

Whatever your purpose is, this machine is a candidate in this segment, as long as the engine is bigger than 1,000cc.

  • Ducati Multistrada 1200S (Best Touring Bike)

Built for speed and comfort, touring bikes need to have standard saddlebags and a swift soul. This segment is where technology meets a lot of riding aspects, including performance, safety, luggage space and many others. Are you thinking of a thousand miles in a day? It should be no problem with this bike.


  • KTM 1290 Super Adventure (Best Adventure Bike)

This is an earth-conquering and long-distance traveler that is capable on pavement, gravel, dirt and mud and is great for everyday use as well.

  • Indian Chief Classic (Best Cruiser)

Though this is not always American, it is certainly inspired by the US, where the “long and low”, “laid back” and “bottom-end torque” were pioneered.

  • Yamaha YZ250F (Best Motocrosser)

Regardless of displacement, this is considered the absolute best knobby-shredding motorbike in the world.

  • Husqvarna FE 501 S (Best Dual-Sport/Enduro)

This can be a “street legal” or a “pure off-road-only” bike. However, it draws more smiles from you when you ride it to overcome harder terrains.


Is your car in good shape?


Motorists are fully aware of the need to keep their vehicles in good working order all year round and car maintenance is something that should be carried out on a regular basis.

car in good shape

But, for some, this can be a chore and something they fall behind on, particularly when the weather is foul and you don’t feel like getting battered by gale force winds and torrential rain.

A great place to start is your car’s tyres. Check your tyres to make sure they have adequate tread to be roadworthy. If they don’t, it may be time to purchase some new ones form ATS Euromaster and have them fitted by a trained professional.

When it comes to new tyres, it is important to purchase the best patterns for your vehicle, which provide high levels of traction and safe driving conditions. But, with so many tyres on the market, which ones should you choose?

Michelin tyres

The Michelin Energy Saver is a fuel-efficient passenger car tyre that has been developed with drivers of hybrid and fuel-efficient vehicles in mind. It offers the best grip in its class on both dry and wet roads thanks to its asymmetric tread pattern and textured spines.

Continental tyres

Continental’s ContiEcoContact3 offers top performance, safety, handling and economy, making it a top choice for drivers of all types of vehicle. The tyre shortens braking distances in wet and dry conditions and offers very good handling, particularly when cornering on damp roads.

Other options

Spending money on a set of new tyres can be a significant expense at a time when finances are tight. So, in the month immediately after the festive period, it may be sensible to wait to buy new tyres and instead spend time on cost-effective ways of getting the best out of a vehicle.

Checking the oil is one way of improving the performance of a vehicle. Making sure it is topped up to the recommended level is vital and you may even be able to invest in higher-end products to improve the performance of a car’s engine.

Monitoring the car battery is another cheap way of keeping your car in tip-top condition. Over time, batteries can lose charge and efficiency, particularly if you undertake a number of short journeys.

Carrying out basic maintenance on the battery, such as cleaning the connections, will ensure it continues to work at its optimum level. It is possible to remove the build-up, but if it has become too serious, it may be worth consulting a professional or even thinking about a new battery.

Some cars have enough room under the bonnet for an insulation cover for the battery, which is a cost-effective way of generating a little extra life from your battery.

Elio’s Three-Wheeler – Is It Cool or Not Cool?


Just when people think Elio Motor’s three-wheeler has gone for good, the company’s founder and CEO, Paul Elio, unveils a specially designed engine for the peculiar car. Early this month, Elio announced the production of a prototype engine, a 0.9-liter three-cylinder machine to power up its three-wheel car. The announcement came after the prototype underwent a series of testing using the dynamometer.

What’s Cool about the Elio Three-Wheeler?


The new engine is said to be the first in-house and American-made in a generation. It delivers a whooping 100 mph speed at the very least and tops 84 mpg fuel efficiency rating. If the numbers are true to all units, then speed enthusiasts have a lot to look forward to from Elio.

Also, Paul Elio declared the three-wheeler is going to bear a remarkably affordable price tag of $6,800 complete with fresh engine, unusual shell and all other safety accessories. Just how cool is that? If not for anything else, Elio’s three-wheel car is going to be a hit among new car owners, and would definitely be a sought-after graduation gift parents give to their teens.

Given the engine speed and fuel efficiency, not to mention the acquisition cost, car owners are going to be really excited about this one. With successful production and promotion, three-wheelers will dominate the highways for sure.

What’s Un-cool about the Elio Three-Wheeler?


Yet, all these cool things about the three-wheeler are overshadowed by the company’s financial challenges. For one, the release of the prototype engine has already been behind schedule. And the company’s current target for its market launch in 2016 is a year late.

Hopeful owners of the three-wheeler might need to wait a few years more if the company, together with its manufacturing partner Comau, cannot find funds for production. The company needs $230 million to begin production, and is in talks with lenders over a $185 million loan. Elio risks losing lease of its Shreveport production facility if it cannot obtain funds by 2016.


Elio’s three-wheel car may be too-good-to-be-true, a wishful thinking after all. That is, if the company cannot pool enough funds to start production and if it cannot push through with its planned market launch in 2016. Anyway, cheers to Paul Elio and comrades for trying.

How will driverless cars affect the current car insurance industry?


In recent days almost all car brands are working on producing driverless cars and a few of them have already secured some advanced safety solutions. These include automatically keeping a safe distance from other cars or bikes but the technology to work the driver’s hand need to be on the wheel. Many detectors are involved and the role of one of them is to check if the driver is holding the steering wheel. Car makers are not the only ones expanding in this field. Tech enterprises also find this a golden opportunity. Why? Because of the options it offers. Google is currently ahead but rumour has it that Apple is also intent on entering the fray. Driverless cars could greatly benefit from advance apps and safety programs.

Google Self driving car
Google Self driving car

To this day, there has been no announcement of a date or official unveiling but we can tell from the news that keep surfacing that it could be soon or as many as 10 years in the future. The first projects will by default include steering wheels giving them double functionality and the possibly to still drive yourself if you feel like it and the conditions allow. It is without a doubt going to be the biggest change in the car industry history.

Autonomous car makers promise that they will also offer more security on the streets and more safety, reducing the number of car accidents to something close to zero. This all depends on how good the technology can do. This however, raises an important question. Multiple industries will have to revise their plans for the future because of this and will have to think of ways to innovate in order to not go out of business. The first that comes to mind is that of car insurance.

If the day comes that car accidents cease, is it possible that car insurance might become absurd or unnecessary? How will the arrival of driverless cars affect such a market? The answer is no. We know for fact that electronic devices malfunction all the time. It is very likely that just like the old cars, sometimes the driverless cars will also break. The technology is simply not there yet and even if the chances are marginally small, there will still be accidents.

Driverless Car Safety
Driverless Car Safety

However, technology already exists which enhances driver assistance even today and it’s increasing the safety of driving. This means that car insurance companies should already start working on renovating their business models as the market is evolving rapidly. This may also affect prices but the key is to focus on the factor that insurance will always be necessary, as there is always error, either in the human factor or the technological factor. It is only in theory that the human factor makes more mistakes.

For instance, with the appearance of autonomous cars, individual no claims bonus could seize to exist as it may become irrelevant with the passing of time. The business of insurance companies should already start preparing for the impact of this great change.

How to Make Your RV the Coolest Thing on the Road


It’s really cool to go camping with an RV fitted with miniature versions of your home spaces. But there are ways to make your camper the coolest thing yet. Here are exciting ideas on accessorizing and modifying your recreational vehicle.



Entertainment devices such as flat screen TV, DVD player and speakers are standard RV fittings these days. However, the way you mount them such that they don’t take so much space makes your RV looking more spacious and cooler. Go for wall or ceiling mounts. Also, use door pockets or caddies to store remote controls.

Cooking Station

Most of your food is going to come from your mini kitchen. You might want to invest in a reliable yet space-saving stove or oven, and combine it with a slide out cabinet system, hanging dish racks, fold out rack, wall-mounted peg board, or over-the-sink rack to organize cooking utensils and food supplies.

Awning & Shades

Most RVs are equipped with solar panels to power up their gadgets and electronics. This means that the vehicle is supposed to be parked under the heat of the sun and not under the shade. To make your RV more comfortable and cooler inside, invest in tarps and drapes for an awning. Also, design a customized plywood or fiberglass roof over your RV to for a much cooler environment. The plywood or fiberglass roof secures the drapes on the sides in place.


Heating & Cooling

Vents and fans make your RV a better place to live in while your camping. Install vents on the roof and inside the RV to promote air circulation. A portable heater is likewise valuable during winter camping. Paint the roof of your RV in white to reflect heat. Place screens on doors and windows, so that you can open them for air and prevent insects coming in.


There are plenty of storage options to make your RV much comfortable and spacious. Hideaway hooks, Velcro, pocket organizers, ceiling storage, suction cups with hooks, dangling jars, hanging basket, hanging shelf, pegboard, veggie hammock, nesting bowls, magnet strips, fold out rack, bedside caddy, hanging pantry, and magazine holders are just some of the possible choices. The more organized your RV is, the more cooler and spacious it becomes, making it easier to move around and locate the things you need.

How to avoid a parking fine with the best excuse


If you drive then you have more than likely received a parking fine at least once in your life. The infographic below lets us take a look into what excuses people have used to try get out of their fine. Some of them are really close to reality while others are quite comical. Have you used one of these, or do you have an excuse that you didn’t find in this infographic? Make sure to share it!

How To Protect Your Car From Stormy Conditions


Southern California is a classic car owner’s paradise.  There are some neighborhoods where almost every driveway has cars covered with premium car covers.  Of course, there are millions of classic car owners around the world who do not live in such ideal weather conditions.

What is the best car cover material to protect your car from rain and snow?  Besides car covers, what else can you do to protect classic cars from inclement weather?

Keep Classic Cars Indoors During Stormy Weather

The best car cover of all is a roof and four walls.  Some classic car owners keep their cars in a garage all year round, but this is an expensive option.  Even if you cannot afford to garage your car all year, consider taking it to a garage during the worst weather.  The ideal place for it is a climate-controlled garage.  Keeping your car parked on frozen ground, even if it is paved, can cause wear and tear.  Besides, when your car is indoors, high winds cannot bother it.

Choose a Stormweave Car Cover

If you keep your classic car parked outdoors on your driveway, the right car cover makes a big difference in protecting the car’s exterior.  Stormweave is one of the most durable materials for a classic car.  Its four layers give the car plenty of protection against rain and moderate winds.  Despite its name, Stormweave is also intended to protect the car from the sun.  Long-term exposure to UV rays can damage a car’s paint job.  Having a sufficiently thick, light-colored car cover can help protect your car from the sun’s rays and heat.

A car cover is very good at protecting your car from everyday sun and rain.  In really severe storms, though, you should store the car indoors.

Car symbols that can confuse drivers


Each driver has to confront at some point in his life, a strange symbol or a button in his car, for which the only thing he could think will be, what the heck is this now? Depending on the situation, the next step is usually searching for the book with the instructions, buried somewhere in the glove compartment. See below some signals or components that easily confuse drivers.

Button PTY-CAT in Subaru

These initials mean program type and category. This button is used to search the playlist by program type or by category.

Button PTY-CAT in Subaru
Button PTY-CAT in Subaru

Tire pressure symbol

Many drivers do not know that when this symbol lights up, it is time to check the pressure of their tires.

Tire pressure symbol
Tire pressure symbol

Party Mode button in TOYOTA

For those who like to party, Toyota made ​​sure that the fun won’t stop, not even in the car! The 4Runner had a button that turned up the bass of audio and transformed the interior of the car into a disco.

Party Mode button
Party Mode button

Rear fog lights button

This signal seems strange, but it is one of the buttons you need to know where they are and what they are used for, especially if you live in an area where fog grips.

Rear fog lights button
Rear fog lights button

The symbol that shows that something is wrong with the engine

This is the indication that every driver does not want to see. The car warns you that something is wrong with the engine. Perhaps it is time to make a visit to your workshop.

Engine symbol
Engine symbol

By Nicole P.