Uncool Things People Do with Their Phones


What’s cool or uncool depends to you. But you’ll definitely agree that these stuff people do with their phones are just not cool.

Making calls on speakerphone in public

 We’re not entirely sure when it became acceptable to use speakerphone in public, but holding conversation through the speaker the entire time without caring who was listening is plainly rude and discourteous. And no, we’re not the only one complaining. A recent survey conducted by online travel site Expedia showed that of the 9,000 adults in 25 countries who were asked to name the most annoying mobile habits they encountered, 53% identified calling on speakerphone as the most annoying.

Playing music, games or videos without headphones


Need we say more? You have an awesome playlist, your game has cool sound effect, and oh, that looks like a new music video! But please, put those headsets on.  Forty seven percent (47%) of the Expedia respondents actually thinks that the habit is annoying.

Taking photos or videos of strangers

We’re in a time and age where anything and everything can be manipulated (even pictures and videos) and can be used for illegal purposes. Which is why it shouldn’t come as a surprise when many people don’t like strangers taking photos or videos of them.

Loud mobile device alerts.

If you’re expecting a call or message, and you want to make sure you receive it, then shift to vibrate mode and put your mobile phone in your pocket where you can easily sense the vibration. As much as possible, avoid full notification alert. It catches a lot of attention, not to mention, it is startling and distracting.

Photographing food during meal


Many restaurants have actually started banning diners from snapping pictures of their food. And they have plenty of good reasons to do so.

It is distracting you and your company from enjoying the food. It is distracting other diners too. Not to mention, it chills the food. The chef just painstakingly prepared delicious hot meal for you and it needs to be eaten now. Not later. Not after the photo shoot.

New Android Keyboard Lets You Type with One Hand on Large Phones


The problem with small phones is that typing can be a pain, especially if you have large fingers and touch gestures result in you tapping other letters. But with larger phones, you won’t be able to do the one thing you can do with smaller phones – type with one hand. Or so you think.

Google has recently launched a keyboard that will allow you to type with one hand on larger phones. Android users definitely have a reason to celebrate, especially with its well-though out features.

For one, it lets you pick between left or right-hand use, depending on what you’re most comfortable with. It can be tailored to your needs with just the tap of a button.

For another…


  • You can choose among 5 keyboard height settings, from short to tall.
  • Emoji and number pad button is located right next to the space bar for easy access.
  • A long press is all that is needed for hinted symbols.
  • It is smart enough to not only autocorrect mistakes, but also learn from them.
  • Let you toggle between one-hand to full-sized version quickly and easily.

More importantly, there is an opt-in and a sharing setting where you can send snippets to Google to help improve keyboard for all users. So, if there’s anything you don’t like or wish to improve with the new Android keyboard, you can share snippets about it to Google.

While it is great and all that Google has thought about making it convenient to type with one hand on larger phones, there are possible downsides.


What are the odds that you would want to type non-stop with the new keyboard, chatting all day or updating your status? And soon enough, there would be studies about the effects of prolonged typing with one hand.

Until that happens, enjoy the new Android keyboard for one-hand typing.


Interesting Infographic On The History Of Wearables


Sometime in the last few years, wearable technology went from a novelty that was only used by a handful to tech enthusiasts to mainstream fashion statement. How exactly did that happen?

Despite what it might look like, it didn’t happen overnight. It actually took decades. It all started in the ‘70s, when the very first digital watch was released. Since then, companies have tried to create devices that people can use (and wear) every day. Most were flops. But as technology improved and companies got a better idea of what people wanted in wearables, startups and giant companies started producing hits like the FitBit and the Apple Watch.

For more history, check out this infographic from Wearable Zone. It tells the story of how wearables went from cool gadgets purchased by early adopters to devices that almost everyone uses.

The History Of Wearables
The History Of Wearables

Best Sedans to Have This 2016 When It Comes to Safety


Automobile makers continue to make safety a top priority when manufacturing all their makes and models. Here are the sedans in 2016 that have the best safety ratings according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS):

Toyota Camry

This perennial bestseller and the car that many Americans have been loving to drive got high safety ratings for the 2016 gasoline and hybrid model category. It scored top ratings in side crash tests and in rollover and frontal crash tests. Its passenger-side protection is highly commended, as well as its driver’s side. This sedan is highly recommended forward collision and lane departure warnings, which are already enabled on the previous model, Camry Hybrid, delivering a complete package for safety.


Chrysler 200

Though this car was not able to match the sales of the Camry, it does have the same ratings on crash tests. It garnered the perfect ratings in both frontal and side crash tests, with the only demerit coming in the rollover test, where it landed just one point compared to the Camry.

Mazda 6

For whatever reason, this car, which is universally loved, has never beaten the two cars mentioned above, with not so favorable reviews all over the internet. However, car safety authorities had trouble finding any with its safety specs, where it nailed down perfect scores in the frontal and side crash tests, and just shorted a point in the rollover test. Moreover, this car received the Top Safety Pick+ designation for this year.


Hyundai Sonata

It has been difficult for testers to ignore how far this model has come in terms of curb appeal, but this midsize entry from Hyundai has had a 5-star safety rating for many years running. The same ratings it received for the 2016 model in the front and side crash tests, while scoring a point short in the rollover test. Like the Mazda 6, this car was also named a Top Safety Pick+ for 2016.

Cool Christmas Presents for Your Man


It’s gift-giving time once again, and honestly, it’s really challenging to find something most suitable to the man or men in your life (including father, son, guy friend, etc. other than your male partner). So here’s our quick guide to gift buying this Christmas season – presents for him.

The Gamer

Men are grown up boys. If your man likes Star Wars or Batman, why don’t you give him a BB8 droid, a Batman multi tool, or a zombie slayer blast kit? You can find toys for the big boys in most gaming boutiques or film merchandise shops.


The Nerdy Man

If your guy friend or boyfriend is a highly intellectual being, or a frustrated scientist, think about wrapping him up an Amazon fire stick TV, a power pen or a 2 in 1 globe and constellation centerpiece. Yes, you don’t have to give him keys to a highly modern laboratory or bring him to an archeological site. The simple, nerdy stuff like these will do.

The Physical Guy

Some guys like to be on the move, always active, always sporty, always physical. And they end up so beat. What they need are handy relaxing gadgets and tools such as a vibrating neck massager, a smart coffee maker, or a shiatsu seat massage. These guys sure like pampering, too.


The Pilot-Wannabe

Most guys, they say they don’t like to be left hanging. But in truth, they like or fantasize being suspended in the air – perhaps driving their dream chopper or fighter plane. For your pilot-wannabe, give him a tiny quadcopter black, an indestructible helicopter, or a tech-infused paper plane. Although he can’t fly, at least one of his toys can.

The Cartoon Fan

Cartoons are not necessarily for kids only. They are for big boys, too. So if your man can still live without these animated creatures, maybe it doesn’t hurt if you surprise them a little bit with mugs, figurines or stuffed toys of their favorite cartoon heroes. Just don’t go for the collectibles if you’re on a tight budget – because, yes, they can really be very expensive. So there you have it – cool Christmas gift ideas for your man. Go ahead, surprise him!

3 Coolest Backpacks for Travelers


One of the hassles of traveling is choosing the perfect bag to bring. Luggage bags and backpacks vary in make and sizes. Finding the right items to bring makes a big difference at the airport check-in and travel experience as a whole. Let’s start with the 3 coolest backpacks for travelers.

Urban 15.6” Hybrid Briefcase

This briefcase that can also be a backpack is the perfect product to organize your gadgets and keep your laptop protected. It has front-zippered pockets and a zip-down organizer section in front to easily get and keep your planner and whatever it is you need without having to remove everything else. Sells below $50, this backpack briefcase has padded straps that make it easier to carry.



Traveling with numerous gadgets? This backpack allows you to charge at least three devices and can also be attached to your luggage if you do not want to carry this on your back. It also has a special strap to keep your wires free from tangles and a pocket at the back for your head phone. As for airport security inspection, it is designed with a zipper that can be opened all the way down for easy view of your laptop and faster security check. Priced at $169.99, purchasing this backpack is a good investment for travelers.


Cobra Squeeze Laptop Backpack

With comfort and style in mind, designers of this bag made sure the traveler can pack as much stuff as needed while keeping these things protected. This backpack has soft material in the inside and a water repellant material on the exterior that makes it an all-weather backpack. Moreover, it has a pocket specifically for your smartphone to ensure you can access it any time without misplacing it. The bag has an open mesh at the back to let air pass through even if carry this on your back. This sells at $195.

3 of the Coolest Car Gadgets of Today


With more and more vehicles with built-in navigation and Bluetooth capabilities rolling out of factories these days, you might think that the market for in-car gadgets is drying up. However, there are still a plethora of interesting technological add-ons for your car. The following are just 3 of the coolest gadgets that you can have for your car:

The Alcosense Digital Breathalyser Lite

Never mind thinking about whether or not it is wise to get behind the wheel after drinking more than a pint of beer or glass of wine, but this gadget will let you know where you are standing with regards to the long arm of the law. Including its low price, there are three great perks of having the Alcosense Lite that makes it an attractive proposition, and the other two are accuracy and re-usability. This gadget uses disposable blow tubes, which give you a controlled way to get your breath samples to its sensor, and has a self-cleaning function.


The EE Buzzard in-car 4G Hotspot

The bright yellow drink-can sized packaging of this car-optimised 4G Wi-Fi hotspot from EE actually makes the entire device looking more interesting than it is. Inside, it sports a regular 4G USB dongle that is made by Huawei and a 12v car charger, which you can connect to the former and into your car’s lighter adapter to generate a Wi-Fi network that can support up to 10 ten devices simultaneously.

The Garmin Dash Cam 20


If you drive for a living or want to record your road trips for a later playback and smiles, then this dash camera from Garmin is worth every penny of its cost. With it, you can catch the odd falling star as it cuts through the sky or other fascinating things that can occur around while you are driving.

With these cool gadgets, you will feel like you are bringing your car to the future!

How Your Startup Can Make the Most of Facebook


Startup businesses need all the exposure they can get in order to grow. Fortunately, we now live in a much connected world where people update multiple social media profiles on a daily basis. Facebook in particular has become an excellent tool for individuals separated by distance to still keep in touch with each other. Now, if you own or manage a startup business, your company can also take advantage of the benefits Facebook provides.

Create a Page for Your Customers


The beauty of using Facebook for your business is that you can create a page where your existing and potential target customers can get updates about your products and services. If they liked or commented on your posts, the updates can be delivered right to their accounts via Notifications. More important, their circle of friends will see what they’ve liked or commented on, which gives your business more exposure.

Boost Post to Advertise

If you think that your business’ FB page isn’t getting enough attention, you can always craft a good post and boost it. For a minimal daily charge, you can reach hundreds or even thousands of people online. For a more effective advertising, be sure to do a targeted boost. You can choose the gender, age range and location of the people you want to see your advertisement. You can even do a targeted boost using people’s interests. This makes for a more on-point marketing that will give you quicker results.

Communicate Better with Customers


Customers can leave feedback, comments or private messages about your products and services through your Facebook business page. You can then see what they like or dislike and even figure out their unfulfilled wants and needs. You can leverage all these information to improve your offers and grow your startup.

As you can see, Facebook offers a lot of benefits to businesses, especially to startups. So take advantage of its features now and take your marketing efforts to the next level.

Trading apps mean we are all bookmakers now


Once upon a time the key technologies used in sports betting were a newspaper and a short pen. Why the pen had to be so short is one of life’s enduring mysteries, but things have moved on massively since the old days.

Where regular sports betting was once the province of only a tiny proportion of the population – usually male, working class and urban – thanks to the universal connectivity that the internet allows it has shifted over the past decade to a far broader constituency. Online betting is now a mainstream activity enjoyed by ever growing numbers of women as well as men.

And just as the numbers of players has grown, so has the sophistication of the software that allows them to play. For example, it is now possible to use a single provider – such as the British-based Betfair organization – to find a specialised betting app for just about anything you can think of.

Trading Apps
Trading Apps

As the betting market has exploded, gamblers’ requirements have also grown ever more complex. Contemporary punters now operate at a level of detail that would have shamed many a professional only a few short years ago. Specialised bots now produce the sort of real-time market data and automated trading tools that were once the province only of the bookmakers’ backroom staff.

As a consequence, what has happened is a professionalization of the betting industry. Punters are increasingly referred to as traders, and the simple matter of sports betting has given rise to a massively intricate series of financial betting opportunities. You can bet on the movement of stocks, shares and currencies. The days of backing a horse because the name appealed are a thing of the past, regardless of what the stats say

We are all bookmakers now. In fact, betting has become professionalised to the point where simply enjoying a ‘run for your money’ is about as outdated as those stubby little pens that high street bookmakers used to supply.