How to Make Ordinary Food Look Fancy and Cool


Garnishing food and presenting it in the best possible way makes them more inviting and palatable most specifically to picky eaters like kids. Moms need to learn to decorate food to help kids eat healthy and eat more as some children have very poor appetite but only require some creativity to get them eating.


Make the plate as colorful as you can.

Just remember to put only edible stuff on the plate and avoid toppers that are never for eating, otherwise this only encourages the little ones to set aside food no matter how lovely they may look.

Use white or non-colorful utensils and serving dishes.

This brings out the colors of the food even more such that the food appears more interesting than they already are. Downplay on the utensils even spoon and fork to make the food more engaging.

Offer several options.

Create different blends of dips for biscuit or veggie sticks. Make different kinds of sandwiches with varying fillings or breads. Alter the menu as often as you can so that dinnertime is never a boring time. Make meals exciting for the kids, something they look forward to every time.


Engage the kids in preparing food.

Let them decorate their own cookies or assemble their own burgers. Often, they would love to eat what they personally made.

Carve out and garnish.

The standard breakfast can be extraordinary if you are just creative enough. Carve out a pit inside the ham and cook the egg inside. Slice up the ends of mini sausages to make them look like small octopus with a head and tentacles. Use plungers and cutters to crate varying shapes of sandwiches, cookies, fruits and other food items.

While you’re at it, organize a picnic somewhere cool like in the yard or at a nearby park or beach for some cool view. A nice ambiance and a pretty food array would surely boost your child’s appetite.