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Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The top five smartphones for 2014

With news of the iPhone 6 continuing to cause mass hysteria across the world, people are spoilt for choice when it comes to smartphone offerings today. As the term smartphone becomes more synonymous with gaming and social media use than it does communication, many people find themselves at a loss when it […]

Cristiano Ronaldo

Top 5 of the highest paid athletes for 2014

According to some people, there is nothing better than doing the job you love and getting paid for it. That is exactly the case for professional athletes, who have tried hard and turned their hobbies and interests into their full-time job. What’s more is the fact that in some cases, […]

120 Sports

Top 5 new apps | 2014

Every month thousands of new applications are being released and of course it is difficult to follow everything and know what’s new in the App Store and Google Play Store. See below a list of the five best apps that stood out in the last month. From science fiction adventures […]

Cate Blanchett

Red carpet celebrity style | 2014

Currently Hollywood is on fire. It is the time when some labors bear fruit, while others are left with hope and only this. It’s that time of the Annual Critics Choice Awards, there in Los Angeles. The stylists run like crazy because they have to dress up so many people […]

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