Two types of gears


Two types of gears

Things to Look Up When Buying a Motorbike on a Budget


Once the idea of buying a motorbike comes to your mind, it is pretty hard to get rid of. However, many individuals find it hard to come by a couple thousand dollars of income to purchase a brand new ride. For this reason, nothing beats getting creative, researching, and figuring out what to do to get more value for money. When deciding to buy affordable motorbikes, here are a few things to consider.

It Should Not Be Older Than Ten Years

Half a century old motorcycles can look awesome for collection purposes, but they are no longer dependable in terms of safety and mileage.


Unpopular or Very Popular

Try to consider the extremes, where you can buy one that is very unpopular that nobody has ever heard of yet or one that is so popular. Chances are when unpopular motorcycles come into the market, they only cost around a thousand or less. Popular bikes can also be offered cheap given they are pre-owned.

Purchase Used Motorbike

Thousands of used motorbikes can be found over the Web. However, you must shop around first to gain a better deal. The power of negotiation comes into play with this option, but just be sure you have the money to close the deal. Just don’t settle right away, as you have nothing to lose. Once a dealer comes up with a sound deal, don’t let it slip away.

Mileage Under 40K

Cars having 50,000 of mileage are still considered brand new. In contrast, motorcycles are different in this category. It is like comparing human years to that of a dog’s. Moreover, many pre-owned motorcycles are already hard-ridden or totaled by the owners before reaching that mark.


Don’t forget to save up before buying your first motorbike. It is also important to buy some motorcycle gear to keep yourself protected at all times. Helmet, elbow and knee pads are just a few of the necessary equipment before hitting the road.

What makes motorcycle culture so special?


Let’s face it, there’s something alluring about owning a motorcycle and the coolest thing about it is that people who don’t have a bike themselves just don’t get it. It’s like an in-joke that only you and a few others know about.


Motorcycle culture has often been a source of much inspiration for fashion, film, literature and music ever since bikes and their riders were first seen on the streets.

A biker rides his motorcycle in the same way that a knight used to ride his horse. Originally such an animal used to be a mode of transport, but then it became a status symbol. Gradually people were known by the horses they rode, just as motorcycles are today.

People come from miles away to ride alongside friends and club members and to feel a part of a team, but what helps to make it so special?

The history of motorcycle clubs

To get to the bottom of that, we must first look at the history of bikers. Motorcycles ceased to become a mere tool to get from A to B following the war as men in the US hankered for the comradeship seen in the forces. This development is where biker clubs originated.

It wasn’t long before rivalries began to develop between different biker gangs and they would hold rival views and sometimes even become territorial, especially the younger riders that weren’t involved in the military previously.

Hollywood’s role

Once trouble was brewing, it didn’t take long for Hollywood to latch on to the stories that were appearing in the press with more and more frequency. Before long, the roar of a motorcycle was synonymous with speed, drink and trouble.

This then spread to the UK and that caused friction among motorcycle enthusiasts over here.

What it means now

Thankfully, that sort of thing is no longer a problem in the UK or the US. While there are still Hell’s Angels and Outlaws that are fiercely loyal to their groups, they go about this in a peaceful way.

The British Biker Association was then established to bring enthusiasts of all ages together, regardless of what creed or society they were from.

Age holds no barrier to biking, nor does it recognise social classes, which is what helps to forge such a special bond between fellow bikers.

The wave (and other forms of etiquette that make the activity so unique)

One of the most common forms of manners or etiquette is the iconic wave between bikers. Much like with lorry or bus drivers, when you are riding along and come across other bikers, it is customary give them a wave or at least nod in their direction.

The wave shouldn’t be reserved for riders who are riding your brand of bike – it should be directed to any motorbike or scooter as a form of respect.

This might sound a bit silly, but when you see a parked motorcycle – even if the owner is right there – never sit on the bike. If you want to, then ask the permission of the rider and then you may sit on the bike if they will allow you to.

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2 Things to Consider in Becoming a Motorcycle Rider


Riding a motorcycle can be one of the most exhilarating experiences one can have. Learning to ride one, however, is not really as easy as riding a bicycle. There are aspects of riding a motorcycle that need important consideration. If you are interested to buy a motorcycle, here are few tips to take note of:

Taking driving and basic safety classes.


Although turning the ignition on and perhaps riding on a straight road without other vehicles are easy, it can be different when you are with other drivers on the road. It is best to sign up for a motorcycle driving class so you will know the basics as well as familiarize yourself with your ride. Basic safety courses are also important because you will be taught about how to maneuver on the road at different situations, learn about proper turning especially on curves and other basic skills you need to know to be safe on the road.

Wearing proper gear.

Accidents do happen whether you are driving a car or riding a motorcycle. It is crucial to be able to protect yourself from getting fatally injured if these things happen. By investing in a helmet and protective gear like knee pads, motorcycle jacket and gloves, you can be safer on the road.


Remember, you are more exposed to danger on a motorcycle unlike on a car where you can wear a seatbelt and have a door and car body to somehow serve as a barrier. Wearing safety gear is something you can get used to and is important especially if you get into a road mishap. Also, do not skimp on your helmet and safety gear because these can save you from injuries and even death.

There are other things to consider if you are planning to invest in a bike but these two should be on the top of your list.

Motorbikes in Movies


Motorbikes in Movies

Coolest Accessories for Your Motorcycle Trips


Going on a motorcycle trip can be a unique experience and it is more comfortable and safe if you use a series of accessories suitable for it.

With the arrival of good weather, a motorcycle trip is a unique experience for sightseeing, hiking and enjoying the road at the same time. To make motorcycle trips easier and more comfortable, it is advisable to have all kinds of accessories that facilitate travel and optimize space. With this, we refer to optional accessories that improve the quality of life of the trip, and not essential gear. If you’re in need to base equipment then you should definitely check motorcycle helmets for sale which will can even be life-saving. If you are thinking about making your first route or need to expand or change any of them here we recommend 7 accessories that will surely solve a multitude of problems when departing.

Magnetic bag GIVI EA106B

This backpack can be attached magnetically or with a series of tapes. Those people who want to go out with the bike and transport any type of equipment on top, can do so with a magnetic bag like the Givi EA106B. This adheres to the motorcycle tank and allows it a capacity of 6 liters to carry everything that is necessary. It also has a transparent top pocket to carry a mobile or tablet. The bag has removable magnets and straps to adhere to both metallic and non-metallic tanks. It also incorporates a waterproof case to protect it on rainy days.

Saddlebag GIVI EA100B

For long trips where you want to bring clothes, goods or transport any merchandise, the Givi EA100B travel bags are the equivalent of hand luggage. They allow carrying 5 kg per bag with 28-35 liters capacity. In total, 10 kg to carry everything you need to. They can be attached to the bike easily and safely. They also have a waterproof case so that the weather is not a problem. Who needs a suitcase?

Waterproof support for your phone

When going on a trip, using the smartphone as a GPS may be necessary to find the route to follow. In these cases, using a bracket to hold the phone is the appropriate option. Wrcibo’s support is waterproof, compatible with devices up to 6.2 inches in size and allows the touch screen to be used through the transparent layer. Thus, you can easily consult the path that must be carried out without risk of being lost. In addition, it has a small pocket where you can store other tools such as keys, cards or money.

Bluebeach Mask

This cloth mask is designed to protect the neck and face of the wind while riding a motorcycle either during a trip or driving on the track. Its ventilation system allows breathing to be easy and comfortable while keeping the face, nose, ears and neck of the wind, water or sun warm. It can be stretched to fit any person and you just have to place it under the helmet to feel comfortable on the road. If you’re looking for further protection from the cold or just style, these motorcycle jackets for women should also prove invaluable.

Protector of shoe

When driving the motorcycle using a shoe that you do not want to ruin you can use an anti-abrasion protector. This TopMoom model is an example of this. It protects the contact between the footwear and the pedal, preventing the wear of the upper area of ​​shoes, slippers or boots. It is very practical and comfortable to use and will ensure that wherever you go the shoes are in good condition even after intensive use. It is also compatible with different shoe sizes to suit any person.

Cofit waterproof and dust proof protective cover

Rain and dust are two of the elements that can dirt a motorcycle and cause its appearance to deteriorate. The solution to these cases is to use a protective cover that covers the entire motorcycle when you are not driving. This model of COFIT is designed for motorcycles of all sizes, especially the largest ones. It is a waterproof polyester sleeve that guarantees protection against water, sun, dust and rust, ensuring the motobike is always in good condition. It also has a safety ring to prevent it from being stolen. You just have to fold it and take it on the motorcycle to cover it.

All in all, these accessories will make your trips so much easier, but above all you should make sure to keep up with your motorcycles maintenance. This includes both internal and external condition. Discount motorcycle tires could be exactly what you were looking for before setting out on a journey.

Joe Rocket Apparel Buying Guide                                                                                                    


For the seasoned rider who knows that casual motorcycle jackets are an essential presence in their closet, Joe Rocket is the brand of choice. Joe Rocket specializes in casual motorcycle clothing and jackets for wearers who value fashion as much as they do function.

The brand prides itself on superior quality and durability, and their range of apparel embodies both. If you’re in the market for motorcycle parts online, you need the style to match, and Joe Rocket is a great place to start.

Ride in Style With Joe Rocket Jackets

Joe Rocket is primarily known for making motorcycle jackets, but they have a range of other motorcycle accessories and apparel items that are just as notable as their jackets. Some of the most popular Joe Rocket clothes, and their benefits, include the following:

  • Jackets: The aforementioned Joe Rocket jackets are iconic for a few reasons. Made of materials such as mesh, leather, and specialized textiles, they are equipped for performance.
  • Gloves: Protecting your hands is imperative when you ride, and Joe Rocket gloves are a great solution. Styles are available in a range of colors and materials.
  • Boots: It’s important to keep your feet and shins protected when you’re riding, too. Joe Rocket’s line of motorcycle boots makes this easy. Choose from casual styles with a matte finish, such as the Big Bang 2.0, or opt for heavy duty protection like the Ballistic Touring Boots.

Rock Joe Rocket Style

Joe Rocket makes style essentials accessible for bikers who want functional protective wear. Whether you’re shopping for a jacket, boots, or an entire riding outfit, the brand has the selection you need to fill your closet with the right pieces. You need to get your Joe Rocket apparel and all of your other motorcycle gear from a trusted source.

Find all of the Joe Rocket sizes and styles you need from an online retailer that specializes in biker wear and supplies. Enjoy great selection and unbeatable prices when you shop.