SEO: why your business needs it. 


A tool that can be overlooked in business due to its over-technicality, SEO is one of the most misunderstood terms in the marketing industry. Put simply, SEO is the name given to the activity to increase the visibility of a site in search engines.

Businesses of all sizes should optimise their website to ensure it ranks highly in search engines as failure to do so could see your business fall behind your competitors. If you want to improve your SEO but don’t know where to start, talk to the experts at Click Consult.

There are many reasons why an SEO strategy should be included in every business digital marketing strategy, these include:

To build a brands trust and authority

Ranking highly on search engines will position your brand as experts in your field, this will ensure that your brand’s trust and authority will increase as your customers will naturally gravitate towards a brand that is on the first page of search engines.

Gives a greater insight into your customers

Tools such as Google Analytics provide invaluable data on your customers searching habits, you can find out how your customers search, where they search, and the language they use, to name just a few. This data can help shape the format and content of your website to ensure the customers’ journey will suit their needs effectively.

Drives valuable traffic

Ultimately the main aim of digital marketing is to drive traffic to your website to generate sales and revenue. An effective SEO strategy can increase website traffic, but not only will your brand be seen by a wider audience, with the use of keywords your brand will be visible to your correct target marketing enhancing not only traffic but ultimately sales.

4 Smart Ways for Business Owners to Spend Capital


Expenses are a reality in business that entrepreneurs can either fear and fret over, or embrace and use to their advantage. Indeed, no company can experience sustained growth or improvement without significant financial support.

So while it’s understandable why business owners may be hesitant at first to splash the cash for their new company, it’s vital that they get over this reticence quickly. Otherwise, their business will likely miss out on some big opportunities. To that end, today we’ll identify four smart uses of business capital –– and explain how you can use spending power to your advantage:

Physical Accommodations

There’s a difference between a one-time expense and an investment. Savvy entrepreneurs make investments because everything they do is forward-thinking. And the layout and furnishings within your office aren’t things to be taken for granted. Don’t try and get by utilizing a less-than-stellar space. If you do, you’ll struggle to impress clients, motivate employees, and attract top talent to your operation. Remember: your workspace should personify all of the positive ideals your company espouses. If it currently doesn’t, consider revamping your location.

Tech Upgrades

Hand-in-hand with updating the furniture, layout, and design elements of your office, ambitious business owners also need to address the tech their employees use every day. Not providing your team with the proper tools won’t just frustrate them –– it’ll negatively affect your bottom line as well! So stay abreast of the latest advancements in burgeoning technology like call analytics software and cloud communications. One wise tech update could offer your business an incredible chance to grow.

Employee Retention

Of course every business should look to recruit dynamic, highly motivated workers to their company. Still, it’s just as vital –– if not more so –– to hang onto the talented individuals you already have on the payroll. Rewarding and promoting your best and brightest from within is one of the fastest ways to establish a positive culture at your company. Plus, the lower your employee turnover rates are, the more consistent your business’s performance will likely be.

Invest in the Community

The best establishments are the ones that are ingrained within their community. But no company ever became a fixture in a community without giving back to it. Find causes and charities that you can contribute your time and resources to, and be generous with your actions. Not only is it the right thing to do, but showing compassion to the people closest to you (geographically) reflects positively on your business in a number of ways and successful entrepreneurs recognize that. No matter how big or small your profit margins are, always set some funds aside for a good cause.

Comprehensive Guide to Writing an Essay in Business Studies


Many of us know that communication is one of the most valuable tools when creating a business. And if you expect to write a successful business studies essay, then you should consider your essay as a business.

Everything starts by telling the world that you have a Business, creating a brand to be Recognized through Quality Services and using advertising that is attractive to new (and existing) readers.

A good business essay should provide information about products and services related to your niche and information to educate clients about the use of the product. Above all, establish yourself as a referrer.

An excellent business essay should inspire confidence in your brand to your customers and this will increase your sales.

Therefore, now, I’m going to guide you through 7 solid tips so you can take your essay to the next level, through your writing:

Make it relevant

Your essay is not your personal diary or your personal social media page. It is not a compilation of things that you have seen on the Internet and you thought they were interesting. This is your essay where you expect to position yourself as one of the best. Make sure that the topics of your essay have a solid connection with your niche, in this case, business studies. The more understandable and useful your essays are, the better they will be for your readers.

Do it in time

No one will be impressed by an essay that’s late. If you are really committed to your essay, you will need to be up to date and ready to deliver on time.

Do it regularly

You do not have to publish essays daily. If you do it is fine. The key is to publish in a programmed manner, so your readers will know when you will publish. A pattern will also keep you engaged and you’ll improve faster.

Make it attractive

When an essay has good information, it is a good read. But when an essay has descriptive images and flashy headlines it’s a delight. The design will make all the difference between the time the readers will spend on your essay.

Tips for writing pleasant business essays:

  • Take your time to create an interesting and descriptive title
  • Use Subtopics to separate the essay into coherent sections
  •  Use different sources for your subthemes
  •  Give flavor to your essay with related icons and images

Make it Interesting

You can find each statistics of your exciting essay, but nobody will be interested in your business studies as much as you are. Make sure your essays are informative and useful for your readers. Do not make them about meaningless facts that nobody cares about. Post about things that impact your field (business studies), a new revolutionary product that affects it and more.

Also the tone of your essay is important, therefore you must be yourself. No reader will like to read essays that sound more like a manual. Give your essay a little Personality, and your readers will not want to stop reading them.

Do it professionally

Your essays are your voice. Make them sound professional and your readers will believe that they really are. Bad grammar, poorly structured sentences and misspelled words can cause serious harm the way your readers perceive you. Therefore, before publishing an essay, read it at least 2 times and correct all the errors you find. Then when you think it’s perfect, publish it.

Hope these tips were useful for your next custom essay on business studies assigned in college or university!


4 reasons Yorkshire’s one of Britain’s coolest places to do business


Commercial enterprises on the lookout for ideal locations often miss the perfect spot by focusing on prime locations in cities like London, Birmingham or Edinburgh.

But apart from astronomical rents and the prohibitive cost of purchasing a property, the competition from rivals is fierce.

However, regional economies with a history of unique industry and innovation are receiving significant government support to regain their former economic glories — and several punch well above their weight.

With its diverse business mix, Yorkshire might be the pick of the northern powerhouse — here are four reasons it’s one of Britain’s coolest places to do business.

  1. Leeds

In mid-2017, a report from the Centre for Economics and Business Research reported that economic growth in Leeds in the preceding three years outpaced that of London — standing at eight per cent compared to just under seven.

And its job creation rate of nine and a half per cent outstripped that of both London and Manchester.

Apart from its famous football club, Leeds is home to trendy firms like craft beer emporium Little Leeds Beerhouse where you can browse a huge selection of bespoke brews from around the world and attend regular lively tasting events.

  1. Sheffield

Sheffield has been a hotbed of musical talent for many years — bands like Moloko, Pulp and The Arctic Monkeys all hail from the South Yorkshire city.

And it’s also home to cult clubs and music venues like Niche, Hope Works and Yellow Arch Studios.

But one of the coolest places to visit is pub, club and hotel combo The Harley — owned by Tramlines music festival guru Dave Healey, it features an in-house burger bar and hosts club nights like Banana Hill and Rite Trax, where you’ll experience everything from spoken word to DJs and live music.

  1. Huddersfield

A lively market town in West Yorkshire, Huddersfield has put itself back on the map in the past few years thanks to its football club’s promotion to The Premier League in 2017 and subsequent survival for a second season.

But it’s also home to the popular Huddersfield Food and Drink Festival, alcohol alchemists Magic Rock Brewing and specialist digital agency Attercopia.

And the town’s Saturday market is one of the North’s largest — with over 100 stalls selling everything from farm-fresh produce to international street food.

  1. Thirsk

Thirsk is a picturesque town in the Hambleton district of North Yorkshire which was the home of vet James Herriot, whose books inspired the TV hit All Creatures Great and Small.

But farming and veterinary services aren’t the town’s only income streams — Thirsk Racecourse attracts thousands of visitors each meeting, offers excellent corporate hospitality packages and regularly hosts weddings and conferences.

And one of the most fascinating places to visit is Thirsk Birds of Prey Centre, where you can witness the awesome power of falcons, hawks, eagles, owls and vultures at close hand.

So there are four reasons Yorkshire’s one of Britain’s coolest places to do business — but visit yourself and you’ll find many more.

Have you invested in Yorkshire? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

How to save money on business’s energy bills


If you run a business then saving energy is not only vital for your bottom line, but also important for the environment and helping reduce the cost of climate change.

It can also be very financially beneficial to go green with government legislation rewarding lower emissions. Here are some tips on how to cut your businesses’ energy costs.

Turn Off Lights

Sounds obvious, but not as obvious as it might seem. According to new research as many as 9/10 people have admitted to leaving lights on at work once they have left the room.

To remind your staff and co-workers to turn the lights off once they have left the room, think about installing signs next to light switches in conference rooms to turn out lights.

You should also consider motion-activated lights in little-used hallways or common areas that will turn off after a period of time and turn on only when someone enters the space.

Switch Suppliers

Switching electricity suppliers is an opportunity for your business to reduce costs by choosing a better contract.

Utilitywise are impartial, independent and transparent consultant for your commercial electricity, gas and water needs.

They can help you to get you the most suitable and best business electricity prices in the UK, from most of commercial electricity suppliers from the UK energy market.

Utilitywise compare different tariffs from different suppliers, so there’s no need for you to spend time calling each supplier one by one.

They’ll help you find the right business electricity contract for your business, which could make a big difference to your bottom line.

Move IT to the Cloud

Consider getting rid of your computer servers, and instead going with cloud-based systems. Cut out running multiple servers and having to cool hot data centres and just move most of your workload to a cloud system.

According to one survey in 2010, a small business with 100 users could cut its carbon footprint and energy costs by 90% by moving to the cloud. On top of that, more employees could telecommute.

There may be multiple reasons to move or not move to the cloud. But when evaluating that move, be sure to consider the energy impact as one factor.

So, by following these simple tips you can save your business up to thousands of pounds a year and also do your bit in the fight against climate change.

Can You Still Obtain an EIN Number Without an SSN?


If you are a business who meets any of the following conditions below, then you will need to apply and obtain an EIN number. An EIN (employer identification number) is a nine-digit number used by the IRS (internal revenue system) to identify entities for tax purposes.

image source: here

If you or your business meets any of the criteria below you will need an EIN number:

  • Has employees
  • Operates as a partnership or firm
  • Files excise, alcohol, tobacco, employment, or firearms tax returns
  • Withhold taxes on revenue, besides pay, paid to a foreign alien
  • Have a Keogh plan
  • Are involved with a trust, IRA, estate, non-profit, real estate mortgage investment conduit, farmers’ cooperative, or plan administrator program

To obtain an EIN number you will need a valid tax ID which is one of the following: a social security number (SSN), an individual taxpayer identification numbers (ITIN), or another EIN belonging to an existing legal entity (which you cannot have unless you have an SSN or an ITIN). You will need one of these to apply for an EIN number. You may apply for your ein online through with our easy and convenient application available 24 hours a day.

If you do not have a social security number, you will need to first see if you are eligible to obtain one. Once you do so you will need to get one before you can apply for an EIN number. Please note that only noncitizens who have permission to work in the United States from the Department of Homeland Security may obtain a social security number. If you are an immigrant, you are able to apply for an SSN at the same time you apply for your immigrant visa with DHS.

If you discover that you are not eligible there is another option; you may see if you are eligible to complete the ITIN application.

Once you have the proper requirements met, you may apply online at any time!

How Answering Services Work


Thousands of businesses of all sizes use a telephone answering service, but do you really know how these services work? Let’s take a look at why so many business owners choose to use them and how they work to not only save you time, but also a lot of money.

Many single sole traders, small businesses and partnerships make good use of telephone answering services because it saves them having to stop whatever they are doing to answer their incoming phone calls. This is especially frustrating for a single sole trader who has to handle everything in relation to their business. Whether they design and build products to sell, or need to focus their attention on important figures and calculations where they cannot afford to break their concentration or make a mistake, such as a freelance accountant or bookkeeper, an incoming phone call can be a big disruption for them. However, ignoring the phone to get your work done can be a big mistake because you will be losing a lot of potential new business by doing so.

While you are busy in a meeting with a client or trying to broker a deal, having a telephone answering service is a perfect solution for catching every incoming business call while you are unavailable.

But it’s not just sole traders or small businesses that can benefit from these services – a lot of larger businesses that would need a very large telephone support infrastructure can also benefit from using an outsourced service. Not only would they be saving money by not needing to hire a large number of staff to answer their calls, but they wouldn’t need to buy or rent the office space to house them – or pay out for the necessary telecommunications equipment and infrastructure needed to accommodate the volume of calls they receive. This is why many larger businesses use professional call centres to handle this side of things for them.

How can a telephone answering service help you?

Your call answering service will be able to take your incoming calls and handle them as you instruct us to. Your service can take callers wanting to make appointments with you, and also be able to handle calls coming in after your regular business hours or during lunch breaks where you will not be available. Should you be off sick for a day or even taking a well-earned break away on holiday, your calls will still be securely and professionally answered a dealt with in your absence, so you don’t need to worry while you are away.

Never miss a call again by hiring a professional telephone answering service.



4 Awesome Ways to Make Businesses Better for People With Disabilities


Do you think you, and all of your colleagues, are comfortable in your workplace? Everyone’s working environment should act as a space where they feel ready and willing to bring their best performance, whatever their job is. It is your and your place of work’s duty to make sure everyone is happy, wherever you work. Here are some tips to make your place of work better for people with disabilities.

1. Open Plan Layouts

According to a report published on Equal Human Rights the internal layout of a work space can have a huge impact for people with disabilities. This is due to a number of factors. From wheelchair users who struggle with moving heavy doors, to the visually impaired who rely on a regular, open layout. Even simple changes like clear pathways or lighter doors could potentially make your colleague’s working day so much easier.

2. Wheelchair Accessible Minibus

For people with physical impairments public transport is not an option to get themselves to work. Or another issue could be the number of disabled carpark spaces is limited. A solution for both of these problems is a wheelchair accessible minibus, such as those provided by Allied Fleet. This means people who need it have a simpler way of getting to and from work, not to mention the environmental benefits of such a programme. Have you considered looking into getting this for your place of work?

3. Get the Right Equipment

This one covers an array of needs, all of which depend on the physical impairments of the people in your workplace. This varies from ramps, permanent or ones that could be stored away and used when necessary. It could be you need to have more lifts installed, or those lifts need brail buttons. Or maybe there needs to be more easily accessible plug sockets. You need to address the needs of the people you work with and do your best to adapt the environment accordingly.

4. Build Awareness

It is not just the physical elements of a workplace which can make life easier for people with disabilities. The attitudes of you and your colleagues can have a lasting impact. Your place of work can offer training and classes to offer insight into what members of the workforce go through. You could also create a support group, so people with disabilities know there is a place they can go to talk through their issues.  This can create understanding and create a much better team morale.

5 Best Benefits of Adopting Flexible Packaging In Your Business


When you are in the business of selling a product, packaging plays a big role. This is why flexible packaging is a popular choice for packaging material among manufacturers and retailers for a wide variety of products.

In fact, digital flexible packaging printing has revolutionized the whole packaging industry. Here are 5 top benefits companies can have adopting flexible packaging:

  1. Provides Huge Cost Advantage

One major consideration for manufacturers is the cost of their product’s packaging. Companies would not want the packaging of their products to exceed 20 percent of the price of the actual item. It does not make sense financially and it may mean that the company has to increase the retail price.

This is why flexible packaging is the perfect material. They are a lot cheaper compared to other packaging options like plastic bottles and cartons. This can give you a distinct competitive advantage over other products and brands.

The use of flexible packaging also means that the products are lighter. This results in lesser storage space and expenses. Plus, there will be reduced transportation costs due to the fact that there will be more packages in a distribution batch.

Lastly, the fact that flexible packaging is made from light materials means that less power and resources are used in making them. it is definitely ideal for manufacturers that are cutting back on costs.

  1. Better Product Safety and Longevity

Flexible packaging has become the go-to packaging choice for food manufacturers and makers. This packaging material meets high standards in food packaging internationally so you better trust flexible packaging for your food product.

Not only does it alter the taste of the food product, it also extends the safety and freshness of it. It will be duly protected from substances and moisture that could spoil them.

  1. Wonderful Branding And Marketing Opportunity

Due to the customizable nature of digital printed stand up pouches, it offers a lot of space for innovative designing. With the design, you can truly put the branding of your products front and center. If branded correctly, you will not have any trouble selling the product as the consumers gravitate towards well-designed packaging. A good product with great packaging will stand out on the store shelves.

The company, however, should remember that amazing graphics alone will not do it. You must also include relevant information that will be helpful to buyers.

  1. Easy Customization

You want the product that your company is selling to have a distinct look on the shelves of groceries and supermarkets. Companies can practically do anything they want with how the packaging will look like. If you have a triangle product, you can get a customized triangle packaging without so much trouble!

  1. It Can Be Recycled And Reused

One of the best benefits of flexible packaging is the fact that it is recyclable and reusable. With more people becoming more conscious about how they are polluting the environment, having a recyclable and reusable packaging would definitely bring a major advantage to your brand.

In fact, this is one of the reasons why more companies are getting into the flexible packaging train. Flexible packaging is recyclable in the sense that the company can use the packaging again later on by putting instructions on the label on how to do the recycling. It may not seem likely but people will actually follow those instructions.

Flexible packaging’s reusability also helps in minimizing the waste produced by the company. Customers and clients will be willing to keep the packaging. They can use it for different purposes like utilizing them as containers for food leftovers.