Stories of Incredible Survival during the Recent Nepal Earthquake


Two waves of fatal earthquakes less than a month apart have hit Nepal just recently, causing widespread and massive destruction of properties and lives. On 25 April 2015, a 7.8 magnitude quake hit Gorkha District of Nepal, killing some 8,000 people. Since then, a series of aftershocks continue to rock the already devastated country. Worse, on 12 May 2015, another strong earthquake with a 7.3 magnitude hit the borders of Dolakha and Sindhupalchowk, killing a hundred more.

Still, no matter how grave the situation can be, heroes rise to the challenge and stories of amazing survival bring hope to what seems like a hopeless circumstance.

Infant Boy Survived the Wreckage


The rescue of a four-month old baby boy, Sonit Awal, was a great miracle. He had been under the ruble for 22 hours after the first quake hit. Amazingly, the baby was reunited with his older sister, mother and father in healthy and stable condition. The soldiers who rescued the baby were moved by a soft cry below the wreckage. Sonit was covered in dust when he was discovered, but did not suffer any internal injuries.

Pregnant Woman Rescued in Five Days

Six months pregnant, Rita Maya Shrestra, was at her home when the great quake struck. Her home, the district of Sindhupalchok, is one of the mostly badly hit by the quake, and it took about five days for Rita to finally get medical help. She suffered broken hips and legs, but was otherwise okay and so was her baby.

Teenager Pulled Out from Rubble


Pema Lama, 15, was pulled out from the rubble at Kathmandu after he was sandwiched between two floors of a guesthouse building during the 7.8-magnitude quake in Nepal. He was all dazed and dusty, and had some injuries. His rescue came after a few hours after baby boy Sonit’s rescue.

The two major quakes that rattled Nepal recently flattened villages, and claimed hundreds to thousands of lives. Nevertheless, survival stories bring many to their knees in awe, a reminder that there is hope and life does move on.

10 Things Not To Miss When Visiting Croatia


For many people who are planning their holidays, Croatia is one country that is often ignored. A lot may not have been said about this destination, but it is a treasure waiting to be uncovered, a diamond in the rough. Keep on reading and we’ll tell you more about the different things that will make a Croatian holiday a part of your bucket list.

Spend a Day at the Beach


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Croatia is never complete without mentioning its world-class beaches, including Dalmatia and Makarska Riviera. Hidden coves and pristine waters are just some of the surprises waiting to be uncovered. Many of these beaches are unspoilt and free from a dense crowd.

Walk along the Walls of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik, a walled city, is one of the most stunning attractions in Croatia. It is lined with marble streets and baroque buildings. Having a stroll around town is like having a walk back in time. Do it early in the morning or late in the afternoon as these are the times wherein it is less crowded.

Try Sailing

Looking for something that is adventure-filled? Go sailing while you are in Croatia. There are several sailing routes that are available depending on what you prefer. The best thing is that many of the sailing tours can be enjoyed without having to spend a fortune.

Tour Wineries

If you love wine, you will have another good reason to fall in love with Croatia. Since the time the country has been occupied by Greek colonists, until the present, wine is a big part of their culture. Make sure to visit luxurious cellars and exquisite tasting rooms during your trip.

Go Island Hopping

If staying in one beach is not enough for you, it would also be good to hop from one island to another. Gifted with more than 1,000 islands, the options will surely be endless. Some of the places that should not be missed include Hvar, Korcula, and Krk.

Go on a Food Trip

Food will surely be a big part of your Croatian holiday. Some of the traditional dishes you should sample include chard, black squid risotto, homemade pasta, spicy pork sausages, spicy stew made with river fish, and smoked ham.

Be Active

For those who enjoy physical activities, there is a lot to love about Croatia. There are spectacular coastal hiking destinations, such as Lopud Island. You can also try kayaking, kite surfing, diving and white water rafting.

Uncover History

Vacationing in Croatia can also be informative. There are six UNESCO World Heritage Sites that will surely be worth seeing. There are also tons of museums that you can explore, as well as historic towns and fortresses.


See the Plitvice Lakes


Taking a boat tour of the Plitvice Lakes is another activity that will definitely be worth your time. Visit the sixteen electric blue lakes, which are interconnected with waterfalls. This is sure to be a relaxing activity and will be the perfect opportunity to commune with nature.


Have a One-of-a-Kind Cinematic Experience in Pula


The amphitheatre of Pula is one of the most beautiful in the country, making it a popular tourist attraction. It is not enough that you see it. The best way to experience it is to watch a concert or cinema screening, among other events.

10 Cool Things to Do in Sydney


Sydney is not the capital of Australia, but one of its most important cities. If you are organizing a trip to Australia you can not miss this post where we recommend the best places to visit in Sydney and what to do in the city. These are our recommendations, based on our experience living in Sydney. Not all the places we mention are touristic places, but they are for us the best places to see in Sydney.

Opera House

It is the symbol of Sydney, the most emblematic place in the city, so take the opportunity to photograph it from all angles. Book an entrance to go to the opera or visit the interior of the auditorium. Go to the Opera Bar for a beer, the views are spectacular, especially at night.

Royal Botanic Garden

Take a walk through the gardens and enjoy the views of the bridge and the opera. If you have time, we also recommend that you have a picnic, it is a very good plan.

Bondi – Coogee Coastal Walk

If you visit Sydney you are bound to visit its most famous beach, Bondi Beach. We also recommend you to go from Bondi to Coogee Beach and enjoy the spectacular coastal views. Finish in Coogee and go up to the Coogee Pavilion bar terrace to have a drink after the walk.


Take a Ferry from Circular Quay to Manly to see the famous Sydney Bay. Once in Manly, walk along the boardwalk to Shelly Beach.


Stroll through the streets of the most alternative and livelier neighborhood in the city and go for a beer at any of its typical pubs or hidden rooftops. It’s also nice to know that some of the best criminal lawyers in Parramatta are also some of the best in the world.

Panoramic view in O Bar and Dining

It is a revolving restaurant that is located in the center of the city (CBD), opens at 5 pm and offers spectacular views to watch the sunset.

Northern Beaches

You can not leave Sydney without going up to the Palm Beach lighthouse and enjoying the views of Sydney’s most stylish beach.

The Rocks

It is worth getting closer on Saturday morning to see the market and walk through its streets, it is one of the oldest areas of the city. It also has many bars and restaurants for dinner.

Harbor Bridge / Luna Park

Walk across the bridge to enjoy the views and visit the famous and old Luna Park amusement park.


Go to Maroubra, Bondi or Manly, rent a surfboard and try to surf at least one hour. You can not leave Australia without saying that you have climbed a surfing board.

A small town inside a baseball court


The story starts with an impressive baseball stadium in the center of Osaka in Japan to become the headquarters of the famous Japanese baseball team Nankai Hawks. The capacity of the land reached the 31.380 people and created based on all the new technologies and included the most modern construction. The fans, in fact, thrilled with the impressive result of step, but their joy did not last long.

baseball court town
baseball court town
baseball court town
baseball court town

In 1998 the company who build and operated the stadium decided to sell the site to a Japanese group of companies and transferred to the city Fukuoka, which built the new baseball stadium. To result was that stage to fall into disuse and be left unused for a long time. By the time it was decided to construct houses in the interior, while parks and green flower beds filled soon the scene.

baseball court town
baseball court town
baseball court town
baseball court town

This created a strange little town on the court, in the center of Osaka, where residents had the privilege to say, and not without a reason, that baseball is deeply in their heart!

By Nicole P.

Tips on getting the perfect tan during your beach holidays


It’s summer time! Everyone is already on holidays or planning their next excursion on the beach. What’s more attractive than a great tan during the summer? Read on for some great tips on how to achieve the perfect tan and protect yourself during your beach holidays!

It's time to get tanned!
It’s time to get tanned!

Save yourself from sunburn

Stay away from the sun by prefering the shade of an umbrella between 12 and 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Your aim to get tanned has to with the quality so you don’t want to spend way too much time under the burning sun. It is good to dedicate about an hour a day to sunbathing, spending 15 minutes on each side of your body and taking breaks for diving.

Eat foods that help you get tanned

The foods with vitamin A and carotene help in the fast production of melanin and are considered your allies on tanning. According to a study by the University of Nottingham in England, students were asked to consume fruits rich in beta-carotene for several months and acquired increased pigmentation of the skin. This substance recreates the inner glow of sun-kissed skin. Therefore, buy sweet potatoes, apricots, mangoes, carrots, peaches, cantaloupe, spinach and tomatoes. Apart from the tanning part, they contain antioxidants that are able to protect your skin from premature aging.

Carrots are great for you in more than one ways
Carrots are great for you in more than one ways

Drink plenty of water during the sun

Always have a bottle of cold water with you on the beach, to keep yourself hydrated and your skin fresh. Water extends the life of the cells of the body, giving you the opportunity for an even tan, while keeping your skin soft. Moreover, under the hot sun, your body needs plenty of water to restore its temperature and renew the levels of fluids.

Water will keep you hydrated and your skin soft during your tanning time
Water will keep you hydrated and your skin soft during your tanning time

Exfoliate to get rid of dead skin cells

Scrub with a homemade sugar peeling two times a week, before you get to the beach, so get rid of the dead skin cells, This process will make your skin glow and will also give it the opportunity to develop new healthy cells and absord the tanning better. Women who exfoliate regularly acquire healthy skin, free of blemishes, which retains moisture and remains elastic and tanned. However, keep in mind that you should rub the sponge gently to avoid creating skin irritations.

Use a sunscreen with a high SPF rate and tanning oil

Under the dangerous rays of the sun, a sunscreen with a high protection rate will save you from burns and will offer you a gradual tan. Furthermore, if you use oil for tanning , make sure you buy one with moisturizing ingredients and a SPF rate of 8 or 10. Spread it evenly throughout the body, to avoid the possibility of uneven tanning. Consider your skin type and do not forget to put a generous amount on your back, elbows and knees.

Block the sun!
Block the sun!

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By +Nikos Kontorigas

5 Hidden Treasures of New York


New York is undoubtedly one of the world’s most significant tourist destinations, and much like any hotspot, it has countless “must see” attractions that everyone knows. However, although these landmarks deserve all of the attention that they get, sometimes it feels better to discover something a little out of the ordinary.

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New York, being the expansive metropolis that it is, still has a plethora of unique and interesting spots that are yet to be discovered by the rest of the world. For every towering skyscraper, there’s a quirky museum or a hidden bar just waiting to be found. Therefore, we’ve put together a list of our top 5 hidden treasures in New York, so that you too can enjoy some of the city’s most charming secrets.

1 – Mmuseumm

Mmuseumm is the well hidden modern history museum created by entrepreneur Alex Kalman. Located in a converted freight elevator down an alley in Chinatown, the eclectic selection of exhibits that occupy MMuseumm’s walls make it one of the most uniquely intriguing places to visit in the city, as well as a polar opposite to the more traditional museums that call New York their home. Planning ahead is advised as it’s only open Thursday through Sunday, but if you can get there, it’s definitely worth a visit.

2 – Fragment of the Berlin Wall

Although not many are aware of this, there is in fact 5 panels of the iconic Berlin Wall situated inside the lobby of 520 Madison avenue, just a short walk from the Museum of Modern Art. Segments of the legendary wall can be found in various locations all over the world, but this particular slab is one of largest sections that has been kept intact, thus making it particularly significant.

3 – City Hall Station

Originally opened as part of the cities inaugural subway line in 1904, the City Hall station is now inoperative, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t witness its spellbinding beauty. Closing in 1945, the stations distinctive architecture and design is an absolute treat that can only truly be appreciated in the flesh, however, doing so can be difficult. There are guided tours provided by the New York Transit Museum, but these are infrequent, so if you want to make this visit a part of your trip then it would be advisable to book in advance.

4 – Staten Island Boat Graveyard

If you’re willing to go a bit further afield, then Staten Island’s Boat Graveyard is one of the most undeniably interesting places in all of New York. This Salvage Yard is home to a mass of decommissioned ships, many of which hold significant historical importance. Whether you’re a ship enthusiast or you’re just looking for a truly unique experience, the Boat Graveyard is undoubtedly one of the eeriest yet most powerful sights that the city has to offer.

5 – PDT (Please Don’t Tell)

PDT is one of many hidden speakeasies that can be found around New York City. Now infamous for it’s attempts to stay hidden, the bar is located behind a vintage telephone booth in Crif Dogs, a hot dog restaurant in the East Village. The atmosphere in PDT really makes it feel like you’re part of an exclusive group, predominantly thanks to its smaller size, ‘hidden’ entrance, and traditional 1920’s style.

If this has got you planning your next trip to New York, then you’ll want to check out the competition by  tombola bingo, to be in with a chance of winning a trip to Big Apple. You’ll be able to put visit our very own hidden treasures yourself!

Why Taking a Portable Generator on Your Road Trip is the Best Decision You’ll Ever Make


Making the decision to head out on a road trip, whether it’s for one week, one month or one year, is a hugely exciting experience no matter how young or old you are, as is the idea of exploring unknown places, whether that’s at home or abroad. From deciding what clothes to pack, how much food you’ll need to take and whether you’re covered by your current motor insurance abroad, there are a huge amount of considerations and preparations you simply must think about.

No matter if you’re a weathered adventurer or you’re setting off on your very first road trip, there are always items you’re going to forget, but one thing you simply must not overlook is a portable generator. A portable generator is just that – portable – and takes up very little room when travelling around. As well as this, they have a whole host of practical uses – here are just a few:


Whether you’re sleeping in a tent or you’re in something a little more luxurious, like a campervan, there are certain things that will make a road trip just that little bit easier. From hair dryers to portable freezers, a portable generator will allow you to power all of those essentials you simply cannot go without. Being able to generate power for a portable freezer or fridge will mean that you can travel around more freely and eradicate the worry of having to plan your days around finding food and drink.

Portable Generator
Portable Generator


A portable generator, like the ones sold by SGS Engineering, are a necessity if you want to use any sort of electrical items whilst you’re away. If you are road tripping for longer than a week or two and especially if you’re camping or spending the night in the middle of nowhere, then you’ll no doubt go a little mad if you’re left with no entertainment. A portable generator can power a television set and a radio, allowing you to catch up on your favourite shows or news whilst you’re away.

Keep in Contact

Modern technology is everywhere these days, and whilst you may want to appear the reckless, un-contactable type, especially if you’re travelling alone, at some point you’re going to want to let someone know you’re okay. As well as this, it’s important for emergency purposes too. A portable generator gives you the opportunity to charge your phone, but it’s entirely up to you whether you switch it on.

Before you hit the road, ensure you spend time researching which generator will suit the jobs you want it to do, as well as emitting little or no noise when you’re using it.

5 Ways to Enjoy a UK Break


When planning a UK break, you will be overwhelmed with the endless lists of activities that you can do. Whether you are on a budget or you do not mind splurging, if you are with your family or with your friends, there are many ways to enjoy a quick break, including through the activities that will be briefly discussed below.

Boating in Suffolk

Boating in Suffolk
Boating in Suffolk

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This is one idea that may not have crossed the mind of many people, but can indeed be one of the best ways to have a quick break in the UK. At Southwold Beach Pier, there are many boats that can be rented to take you around. The best thing is that it is not just all about boating. It has lots of options for places to have a gourmet feast. Some of the foods that you should sample include smoked fish. Their cheeses and honeys are also worth trying. Of course, sip some local ales as well.

Take a Canal Boat Trip

Southern England Boat Holidays
Southern England Boat Holidays

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The waterways of UK can be best explored through a canal boat trip. This is the perfect idea for people who would like to take things slow. From London to Bath, Oxford to Chester, there are many routes that are available. Many of these canal boats are equipped with top-notch facilities that are sure to provide you with a luxurious experience. Regardless of how much time you have, there is a huge selection of routes.

Beach Break in Cornwall

Beach Break in Cornwall
Beach Break in Cornwall

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To enjoy the sun, sea, and sand, Cornwall is one of the best destinations in the UK. Whether you would just like to go sunbathing or swimming, there are many places to choose from. You will also have an abundance of choices when it comes to water sports to try. Some of the best beaches that you can check out include Daymer Bay, Watergate Bay, Gwithian Towans, Porthminster Beach, Porthcurno, Gwenver Beach, and Porthluney Cove.

Relax in the Cotswolds

Relax in the Cotswolds
Relax in the Cotswolds

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Looking for a relaxing holiday in the UK? The Cotswolds should definitely be on the top of your list whether it’s a romantic break or a trip with the family. It is filled with charming villages that will surely be a visual treat. There are also lots of good restaurants around the area, as well as a variety of green and open spaces. The best way to enjoy the Cotswolds is to walk around the towns and enjoy its cobbled streets. To make your vacation even more memorable, book a traditional self-catering cottage. Some of the places that should not be missed include Chipping Campden, Hidcote Manor, Broadway, Snowshill Manor, Bourton-on-the-Water, and Stow-on-the-Wold.


Food Trip in Yorkshire

Food Trip in Yorkshire
Food Trip in Yorkshire

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When you speak of destinations in UK that are perfect for food-lovers, there is perhaps nothing that is as popular as Yorkshire. Outside of London, it has the highest concentration of Michelin-star restaurants in the country. Leeds Kirkgate Market and Hackfall Woods are some places that you should visit. Even if you are on a budget, there are many foodie destinations that will surely provide your stomach with a filling treat.

Contactless Credit Cards Are Reshaping the Way People Board Trains


London has finally licensed a contactless payment system that allows people to board trains or buses with the use of a debit or credit card. This new technology will also be coming to other major cities around the world.

Universal Transport System

The license allows people to use this technology that can be utilized elsewhere. The money earned with this type of technology will be kept for a fare freeze for commuters in the city. This new tech enables the use of contactless debit or credit cards by swiping on readers in public terminals.

Ticketless Commuting

As a result, commuters will be able to travel without using any ticket. At each day’s end, the transport system will calculate the distance being travelled and will deduct the right amount. A daily or weekly cap will be applied on your spending if you travel enough. Mobile devices that support contactless technology can now be used as well to jump on a train or bus or even on the London Underground.


History of Contactless Tech

In 2003, this concept was started by introducing the Oyster swipe card developed by Cubic, which allows commuters to keep season tickets or pay-as-you-go credit in just one card. This same card reading system has added contactless payment system since 2012. The company will take this contactless tech to other countries as well.

Procedure for Contactless Payments

Personal identification numbers or signatures are not necessary when you use contactless. You simply need to touch your card on the card reader that should render contactless. Other contactless payment methods are also accepted when making transactions elsewhere.


You only need to have a credit or debit card issued in the UK on MasterCard, American Express, Visa or Maestro that displays the contactless payment symbol. Thus, you can use it when you decide to travel on various transports around the UK and soon around the world.