Solar system

The fun side of the Internet

The internet world is not always about dangerous viruses and x rated images. Internet is actually like a huge library that can fit everything even in a small portable device that you carry in your pocket. Of course, not all websites contain useful information or actual facts. But many of […]

Entertainment / Technology

Xbox One and Kinect will be sold separately

The greatest loves have a frustrating tendency to end badly and the stormy relationship between the Xbox One and Kinect seems no exception, since they won’t be sold together anymore. The announcement will surely cheer up thousands of consumers who did not want the extra cost of the peripheral, which […]

Sandwich me in
Business / Entertainment

Sandwich Me In | A green restaurant without trash

A sandwich restaurant in Chicago won the title of the most green restaurant in the world, since for the past two years it has almost zero waste! Sandwich me in opened its doors, aiming to recycle and compost trash so that it does not end up in the landfill. From […]

Champions League
Entertainment / Technology

Apps are a Great Champions League Bet

Over the course of this season’s Champions League campaign, we have placed bets in our hundreds of thousands. Anybody out there who bet big on an all-Madrid final will presumably be enjoying a luxurious 2014, whilst anyone who took a punt on Manchester United for outright winners will now feel […]

They way to the top, one step at a time

Six things intelligent people do

Intelligent people do not live their life randomly but, through their daily habits, have a different and more guided approach on it. From an early age, they set goals which they accomplish through the organization of their entire 24-hour options. Besides, it is no coincidence that two of the smartest […]

Swimming with the dolphins

Dolphins rescued swimmer from a white shark in New Zealand

Today’s news is coming from New Zealand. A long-dinstance swimmer was lucky enough to avoid being attacked by a white shark thanks to the lifesaving intervention of a group of dolphins! Adam Walker got vigorously into the icy water -in response to the Oceans Sevens challenge- when he realized that […]

Why didn't you call me 10 times last night?

Reasons why you should be single

Do you want a good reason for being single? Let’s say that there are plenty! Undoubtedly being solo has its drawbacks too, the greatest among them is the need to constantly fight loneliness. If you are in a relatioship and have seconds thoughts about it, this is the initiative you […]

System update for April Fools Day

The origins of April Fools Day!

April Fools Day, the best day to pull a prank on those you don’t like or even to the ones closest to you, just for the fun of it. In fact, it’s a day to pull pranks on everyone! Have you ever wondered though, how and when this controversial prank […]

How to personalise your wedding in 5 steps

How to personalise your wedding in 5 steps

Your wedding should be all about you and your loved one, which is why many couples are choosing to personalise their big day celebrations. You can really make your nuptials your own by putting your individual stamp on proceedings; here are five ways to personalise your big day. Choose a […]

Alcohol chart

Alcohol consumption around the world

People love to drink alcohol worldwide because it relaxes and you feel playful, always within reasonable limits. Others choose beer, some wine, some whiskey, vodka… The other top consumers of alcohol are in Moldova, and there everyone is drinking 18 liters each time. As you can see on the map, […]

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