4 Priceless Ways to Find Happiness at Work


Whether you are an office employee or a freelance worker at home, there will be times when days will be downright boring. Knowing how to keep yourself happy at work can lessen stress and make you get back to your old productive self.

Here are 4 simple ways to find happiness at work without spending:


  1. Organize your desk.


A cluttered workspace can be distracting. What you need is to organize your desk and remove unnecessary items like stack of papers and that empty coffee cup. Instead, put a plant or a picture frame of your family or pet to remind you of things that make you happy.

  1. Take 15-minute breaks.

If you work at home, it is important to take short breaks once a task is done. This will give your body and mind some rest. And if you are at the office, take advantage of your coffee breaks to take a walk instead of just waiting for it to be over or continuing your paperwork.

  1. Entertain yourself. Read a funny story on the internet.


Are you in front of the computer most of the time? If your work requires research and you feel you are about to explode with information overload, visit a funny website to tap your happy hormones. A few laughs can make a big difference.

  1. Learn to reward yourself.


If you are working from home, you have the flexibility to work on your schedule so long as you meet your deadlines. This gives you time to ride your bike or motorcycle even for a few minutes to get some air. At the office, you might to take a walk or grab something to eat across the street. It’s important to reward yourself with little things that make you happy.

There are numerous things you can do to enjoy your job, you just have to know what they are. More importantly, they need not be expensive.

4 cool careers you can study for online


If you’ve spent a couple of years in the career wilderness after graduating from school or college, you might be considering changing jobs.

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Sometimes your first choice of career just wasn’t as fulfilling as you imagined.

And other times, family commitments mean you might have to cut your studies short to focus on bringing home the bacon.

But if you don’t have the funds to return to full-time studies but still want to change careers, you can earn while you learn with an online qualification.

So here are four cool careers you can study for online.

Digital marketing

If you’ve got the creative knack for knowing what’s necessary to go viral on social media, a career in digital marketing could be right up your street.

There are many online degrees in the UK, US and Ireland that allow distance learning students to focus on skills like content development, SEO and analytics.

Once you’re qualified you might find yourself working in a fast paced agency doing diverse work for a range of interesting clients. Or you could even get a job helping an exciting brand connect with thousands of followers on Facebook or Twitter.

So getting to grips with your digital skills can open up a whole new career dimension.

Project management

If you always manage to organise holidays, trips and outings on time to tight budgets, you’ve probably got great project management skills.

Business project managers combine planning and people skills along with an understanding of resources to pull all of the strands of a project together.

And these skills can be applied to expensive marketing campaigns, stunning construction projects and large-scale public sector initiatives.

So doing a distance degree in project management can lead you in many exciting directions.

Third sector

A third sector job can be rewarding and fulfilling — pursuing a career that’s genuinely worthwhile is rarer than you might think.

An online qualification in charity management can provide the springboard you need for a career championing human rights or eradicating poverty.

Combine this with volunteering work for your favourite cause and you could be running the entire operation one day.

So if you want a cool career that’s challenging, charity work is a good choice.

Sports coaching

If you’ve got a passion for sport, studying for an online sports coaching qualification could help you convert it to a paid career.

If you’ve played a favourite sport competitively, the insider knowledge will prove useful — but you don’t need to be a former champion to be a great sports coach.

You’ll learn about the latest physical training techniques, diet and nutrition and even the psychology that makes elite athletes tick.

And what could be cooler than helping someone you’ve trained to break records and win trophies?

This is a dynamic career — take a look on the web to find a coaching course that focuses on your game.

Switching careers requires dedication — but these four cool careers you can study for online prove that it’s well worth the effort.

Did you study online to change careers? Share your stories in the comments section.

What professions will obliterate because of robots


It is an invisible force, listening to many names and terms like automation, artificial intelligence, technology, innovation and get ready for the best, the most favorite of all robots! Any term or word you choose, you will definitely have heard it used to describe incitement progress and job losses in almost all business areas for centuries. And the situation does not seem to be unstoppable. According to a new study published recently in the Economist and which was signed by Benedikt Frey and Michael A. Osborne, in one to two decades, almost half the jobs in the U.S. will have become automated.


Robotic hands are definitely stronger and tireless than the workers on the production line and assembly of a plant. The last 30 or so years, however, the various softwares that have been developed through advances in technology have resulted in robots and machines to overcome and bypass a specific area of ​​work : one in which employed workers in skills, with an average salary mainly in manufacturing or administrative field in an office, or service.


In fact, as the Frey and Osborne said, the next wave of progress in computers, will continue to shred human labor, where it is already doing, construction, logistics, retail and transport. The more, the remaining jobs in the factories, is very likely to disappear in the coming decades, they write in their study. At risk are even cashiers, employees bank tellers, librarians, etc. On the other side, the professions that do not seem to be at risk both from automation are the health workers and firefighters who are part of the civil protection, as well as those who hold managerial positions in various departments.


By Nicole P.

Important Tips to Become a Successful Entrepreneur


There are people who seem to be born successful in entrepreneurship. In fact, they already have exhibited some traits essential for the success of business, such as leadership, passion, perseverance, and creativity.

However, there is more to it than just having the right personality, as it simply doesn’t guarantee success. For that reason, it will require basic know-how as well as entrepreneurial mentality in which both can be taught. Here are essential tips on how to become successful at this.


Evaluating Your Skills in Identifying Gaps

It is best to take stock of the things that you already know. This can be done by assessing your skills, your stage of life, and opportunity in the market for such an idea. Likewise, it should be important to address potential shortcomings of the business by creating a team to fill in some of the gaps. Having a team should be able to identify strengths and weaknesses of people around them. They will be able to help the company as they understand the market better. This must be important to determine the skills you ought to improve.

Finding a Mentor

Needless to say, it is important to turn to a professional to guide you through the startup stages of the business in which an essential feedback in necessary. Mentorship is actually everything when it comes to business, so startup entrepreneurs require a board of people who show interest in their success.


Knowing the Value of Listening

One of the best lessons that a business owner should know about is learning how to listen to his or her customers. It is often the lack of customers and not the failure of a product that a startup will suffer. Learning what the target market desires is crucial in avoiding this mistake.


Why Working in Adult Education Can Be a Great Career Change


A lot of people change careers at least once during their working lives. There can be a lot of reasons for doing this. Some people simply decide they have achieved everything they want to achieve in a given career path and want to try something new. Others change because changes in the job market make it more difficult to get work in their original career. Others still change career because their personal life changes, for instance they move somewhere new where their old profession is less in demand, or they want to change their working pattern to fit around raising a family.

Teaching as a Second Career

Whatever the reasons, changing career can be exciting and studying to do something new can be interesting and rewarding too. However, what a lot of people opt to do is to teach in a field relevant to their existing qualifications and experience. This is a good idea for many people because while they will have to gain teaching qualifications, they will still get to use their original training in the subject matter that they teach.

Benefits of Adult Education Over Teaching School Kids

For some people, the idea of teaching children simply doesn’t appeal to begin with, and so for them adult education is the obvious choice. For others, however, it can still offer some benefits to the teacher. For one thing, you may be able to teach in the evening, making it potentially easier to fit your work around your home life or work part time.

Another reason adult education can be a good choice is if your knowledge or the topic you want to teach is one that is too niche or advanced for schools. Adult education can cover just about any topic, as adults study for a huge range of reasons, and so you are far more likely to find a place where you can really use your current specialism.

A third benefit is that everyone on your course has chosen to be there and has chosen to study the subject you teach, so the class will be enthusiastic and willing to learn – not usually the case when teaching math in middle school!

What Do You Need to Study?

To begin your move into being an adult educator, enrol on a course where you can gain a masters in adult education. This program is offered as an online degree by a lot of great universities, including Rutgers. Sign up to study this masters course with Rutgers University Online, and you will gain access to all of the materials you need to study in your own time and will also be assigned a tutor who will help you achieve your new degree.

Teaching adults can be an interesting, flexible and rewarding career for someone who is looking to switch jobs but wants to keep their original knowledge in use. If you think it might be a good choice for you, then why not start looking into your masters in adult education today?

Obesity brings low grades in school


Obesity in girls is associated with lower academic performance throughout the course of adolescence, compared with peers who have normal weight, according to a new British scientific research. This is the largest study done to date on the relationship between obesity and performance of adolescents at school. Researchers from the Universities Strathklaint, Dundee and Bristol, led by Professor John Riley, who made the date of publication in the International Journal of Obesity issues International Journal of Obesity, analyzed the data on nearly 6,000 children, correlating their grades in school their weight at ages 11, 13 and 16 years. Of all children, 72% were weighted normal for their age, 13% were overweight and 15% obese.


The analysis showed that obese girls as a group systematically from 11 to 16 years had the worst academic performance in relation to their classmates with normal weight. The relationship between obesity and school performance was not equally clear in boys with extra weight. The worst performance of obese girls were all core subjects and on average, representing a level score of D compared to C. One of the researchers, Professor of psychology Josie Booth stressed that there is a clear trend showing that obese girls, during the whole of their teens, are doing worse in school than their peers with healthy weight.

Obesity and school grades
Obesity and school grades

Riley said that further research is needed to determine why obesity is negatively correlated with school performance especially of girls, but noted that students, parents and teachers should be aware of the problem. Note that the survey found only a correlation between obesity, grades and not by a cause, effect and that this relationship is not necessarily true for all obese girls. Finally, it specifies that the body mass index is considered normal below 25, while showing an overweight man between 25-30 and obese above 30.

By Nicole P.

Can you survive as a freelancer?


When viewed from behind a desk in a large company or corporation, the idea of working independently as a freelancer or independent contractor can be a tempting one. The rewards can be great, not just in financial terms but also in terms of an improved lifestyle, as successful entrepreneurs create their own working environment under their own management. The challenges can also be substantial, but with hard work, focus, and skill, most of the difficulties can be overcome so that the freelancer can prosper.

Expansion and difficulties in freelancing and contracting

While the UK is the global headquarters for many of the world’s largest corporations, over the years the United States has also become a nation of freelancers. However, even the most successful freelance entrepreneurs have to work from a solid business model and overcome a number of administrative, logistical, and business challenges on the road to profit and growth.

Perhaps the most important of these challenges is securing sufficient contracts and customers to ensure that the freelancer is able to turn a profit. Furthermore, while growth as a freelancer means continually seeking bigger contracts and a larger customer base, it also means that there will often be greater competition for each individual contract. It is therefore increasingly essential for a self-employed contractor or business owner to be able to spend enough time managing customers, maintaining customer relationships, and seeking out new opportunities or potential areas of business growth to keep the business moving forward.


Tips for success

Managing even a small company’s finances and a self-employed payroll can be time-consuming, and will not generate any income. However, having a reliable partner such as an umbrella company can help to ease the burden of even the most demanding and complex administrative and financial tasks, and ensure that they are handled efficiently. While it may seem counter-intuitive to spend money on having an outside company handle tasks that you could possibly do yourself, the pay-off in terms of freeing up time for profit-generating business-essential tasks can be quite substantial in the long term. Additionally, ensuring accurate, timely, and organized paperwork and financial reports will help to keep the business running smoothly. The time that is freed up can be used for marketing, networking, and winning contracts – all of which are central to the success of any business.

Using the digital revolution to your advantage

With the advent of digital communications and resources, data management and sharing information with a partner like an umbrella company has never been easier. Electronic communication and shared databases make data transfer for administrative purposes accurate and instantaneous.

It is also important to take advantage of the many entrepreneurial opportunities that are available as a result of the digital revolution. In a very real sense the world is a mouse-click away, which means that an almost unlimited number of potential customers are as close as your computer screen – regardless of where they may be physically located. This is true for product manufacturers and service providers, as well as for contractors and freelancers with special skills and know-how. Using digital technologies to reach a global customer base is currently at the forefront of marketing, and freelance contractors now have access to more customers than ever before.

3 Effective Ways to Sell Yourself as a Freelance Worker


The internet has become a powerful tool for marketers to build their brands and reach potential customers. It has also been instrumental for people to work virtually from anywhere and earn money through freelance gigs. There have been tons of blogs talking about how easy it is to sell online and get jobs working from home.  In reality, however, it takes time, hard work and preparation to work freelance.

Here are some ways to market yourself as a freelancer:

  1. Create a portfolio. 

Being in the freelance industry is the same as running a business, in a way, that you need to gain the trust of your target market and let your audience know what you have to offer. This is why it is important to build your own portfolio.  What you can do is to have a website where you can showcase your work, if you are a designer or a writer.


This need not be a blog but a simple website where potential clients can have an idea of what to expect in case they get your services.  Include your business contact information, previous projects and if you can ask your clients to leave testimonials for you, this is a great way to advertise what you do.

  1. Make use of social media.

This is a great medium to advertise because it offers you different platforms, from Twitter to LinkedIn. You can create a Facebook page and ask friends and family to like it. This is also an effective way to build your network. You can join online communities and sign up for memberships related to the industry you are in. This is a great way to find potential clients and get gigs.


  1. Maintain professionalism. 

Aside from ensuring you deliver on time and give quality job to your clients, always maintain professionalism when interacting with customers, especially if you are applying or making a bid for a certain project. Write effective cover and introduction letters, taking note of typographical and grammatical errors, especially if you are a freelance writer or editor. This can lessen the chances of outright rejection from clients.

Apprenticeships offer school leavers real-life experience


If you are going to be leaving school soon, your thoughts will no doubt have turned to your future prospects. Since nursery school you might have had a particular vocation in mind and if so an apprenticeship could provide the perfect solution.

There is no substitute for real-life experience. It impresses future employers, shows that you have initiative and drive to go and do something and gives you a real feel for what a profession might actually involve.

Because many schools lack vocational training, it can be really difficult to know what your chosen career path actually involves and this is where apprenticeships come into their own.

You will get a proper feel for the day-to-day requirements of working in your chosen field. It may well be that you decide a particular path is not for you once you have tried it out, but apprenticeships give you the opportunity to make an educated decision about your future. They also give you flexibility.

Once you begin working at a company, it is much easier to move to other departments and experience different roles until you find the one for you.

Real life experience
Real life experience

Earn while you learn

Many school-leavers are put off going to university by the prospect of ever increasing fees.  With an apprenticeship you get to earn as you learn your trade. What’s more, it means you can start to make steps up the career ladder well before your college-going counterparts.

Apprenticeships give you transferable skills

It may be that you decide to train in a particular company but move on elsewhere once you have completed your training. Because apprenticeships are a nationally recognised qualification, you can be sure that your efforts and training will be acknowledged by other companies.

Training like this shows prospective employers that you have focus, are willing to work hard to achieve your goals and have a clear idea of the direction you want your career to go in.

Experience counts for a lot in the world of business and being able to demonstrate to would-be employers that you have already had real hands-on knowledge of a particular environment can prove invaluable.

It is also a great way to boost confidence. When you go for interviews, you can be sure that you have more of an idea of what employers are searching for from the perfect candidate. You will know a lot more about how business works and that will make you much better informed.

Government funds more apprenticeships

The value of apprenticeships was outlined in the 2014 Budget when Chancellor George Osborne announced there would be an increasing the number of grants to get businesses training youngsters in work.

Speaking in the House of Commons, he said: “To make sure we give young people the skills they need to get good jobs in this modern world, we’ve doubled the number of apprenticeships and I will extend the grants for smaller businesses to support over 100,000 more.”

Proof that the government and employers value on the job training as a way to improve prospects for the young and boost the economy at large.