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Do you ever wonder what types of people go on Singles Holidays?


When thinking about going on a holiday alone, many people are unsure as to what kinds of people go on holidays for singles and often ask, “will I have a good time?” and “will there be other people there with similar interests to me?” The answer is, there is no specific type of person that goes on holidays for singles. Individuals may want to make new friends, experience a holiday on their own or just want to do something different. Whatever your reason, holidays for singles are relaxing, enjoyable and offer a host of activities sure to keep you happy.

Singles Holidays UK
Singles Holidays UK

Our holidays are full of different people, different interests and different reasons for picking holidays for singles! Thanks to our range of different trips, we are able to provide the perfect trip away for you. Whether it’s painting, Pilates or cooking that you are interested in, there’s a holiday with likeminded people available for you to enjoy.

We strive to create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere on each and every one of our holidays, so it won’t be long before you feel like you are surrounded by old friends enjoying all that Italy has to offer. At Flavours we make it our priority to offer holidays for singles that appeal to each and every person who is considering a trip away. Our wide range of activities are popular with a whole host of single travellers.

Singles holidays
Singles holidays

Our groups are made up of around eight people, many of whom are single travellers.  Whether you are used to travelling alone or are wanting to try something new you are sure to have an enjoyable time on a Flavours holiday. For more information on booking a holiday your Flavours Italy holiday, contact us today!

Author bio: Flavours of Italy, is a specialist tour operator offering activity vacations and holidays for singles since 1998.

Can Tiger Woods beat Jack Nicklaus’ Major record?


Tiger Woods roared his way to a first Major victory in 1997 at The Masters, only a year after turning professional. During the 2000s, he was the dominant force in golf maintaining his number one ranking for much of that decade. However he took a step away from the golf course when news of his infidelity became public in 2009 and he didn’t play again until 2010. The airing of his dirty laundry in public took a toll on his golf and he fell down the world rankings, once dipping as low as 58 in November 2011.

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods

However, this year sees Tiger back on form with a vengeance and he’s currently number one in the world and the favourite on sites like Betfair to win any of the four Majors this year. It seems that the bookmakers are in no doubt of Tiger’s ability to win a Major in 2014, the bigger question is whether he’ll one day be able to top Jack Nicklaus’ 18 Major record.

Nicklaus was 46 when he won his 18th Major, though it had been almost a decade since his last Major Win. Tiger is currently 38 and has not had a Major victory for six years now, so even if he won a Major this year, he’s running out of time to equal, let alone beat, Jack Nicklaus’ record. Although he’s not old by any means, it would take some doing for a golfer to win five more Majors while in his thirties, especially with a new generation of golfers coming up behind him and hungry for Major victories themselves. If you want to have a punt on the Masters this April, don’t back Tiger who’ll be itching to get the coveted green jacket on his shoulders again. Instead check out the players with the longer odds on Betfair and see where the value bets might be found.

Benefits of social networks on your business


With the explosive emergence of social networks today and the rapid expansion they are having (Facebook is prowling a whopping 700 million users and Twitter has reached 145 million users ), it is normal for companies to start being interested in participating in social networks. But as usual, many questions arise like “how do I start?”, “What do I need?” and “What strategy is best?”

The answers to these and other questions are not so simple and requires to have knowledge, time, patience and work, and above all perseverance and creativity. But let’s start knowing a little more of the social network’s importance and how a social media agency benefits your business.

Social media can help your business
Social media can help your business

First, you need to understand that social networks are so successful because they are based on one of the primary needs of human beings: communication. Indeed, social networking is the privilege with which people can communicate with others in different ways, at great distances and re-connect with people. Through social media we can know about what happens to our friends, acquaintances and family, maintain communication with people with whom we share interests. Furthermore, we can contact companies and find out about developments, new releases, ask questions about product campaigns, receive technical support, complain about a service and many other things.

The companies have not yet fully identified all the benefits of entering the social networks and those who have understood it have as a priority in their marketing activities. As mentioned, the benefits are many but we believe the next 6 are the most relevant ones.

Everyone uses social media and so should your business
Everyone uses social media and so should your business

1. Direct communication with customers

This is probably the most important factor  a company that wants to dabble in social media has to take into account. It is possible to hold a conversation on a daily basis with the people most important: your customers.

2. Customer Service

There is no better way to maintain a satisfied clientele than giving your customers the chance to be served and receive all the information and support about the products or services you offer.

3. Competition

It is a good way to know what your competition is doing, by reviewing its activities in social networks.

4. Loyalty

One of the characteristics of business involved in social networks is the gain of a loyal crowd. For example, on Facebook people are clicking the ” Like” button on pages or profiles as they are called, of those people or firms that seem to grab their attention with their products or service. It is like giving the company its “fans”.

5. Promotion of products

You can promote your products by uploading photos and videos. It is also useful to promote traffic to your website where you can specify the acquisition or procurement of products and services.

6. Market Research in real time

Like never before, you get to know many facts about your products or services and even get opinions on new projects or future releases, always in real time.

By +Nikos Kontorigas

The coolest and most expensive poker sets ever made


Thousands of precious gems? Check! Made of iron from space? Check!

Poker is a game of high stakes. Hundreds of thousands and even millions can be lost and won in any of the world’s major poker tournaments, while millions more are at stake in the most expensive and exclusive poker games ever played. Of course, poker’s allure can largely be traced to its high-stakes nature. As such, some designers have made it their mission to build some of the most expensive poker sets ever manufactured. game

So far, the most expensive poker set ever made is London-based designer Geoffrey Parker’s bespoke poker set, which according to is valued at £4.4 million ($7.5 million). It’s definitely not something for the typical home game. As the designer himself states, it was built specifically for the “super rich” who want to dazzle their guests.

One of the major reasons for the exorbitant price of this bespoke set is the number of precious stones embedded in the chips and the case. The set features an estimated 22,364 stones totaling about 1,012 carats. The chips each have color-coded stones set on their edges – sapphires for the blue, ruby for the red, emeralds for the green, and black and white diamonds for the black and white chips, respectively. The dealer button features two rows of diamonds on the edges. As for the case itself, it has an 18k gold and diamond frame.

Let’s try and put all of this into perspective. A deck of cards is usually priced at $10 or so. Even the custom designed ones that can be found on Kickstarter can be bought for around $30 and below. Online gaming giant bwin’s PartyPoker-branded poker set – as in the complete set for up to eight players with a total of 500 chips inside an aluminum case – can be yours for £50 or $84. You can sell one of the 384 18k white gold chips included in the Geoffrey Parker set, buy a bwin poker set, and still have plenty of change left over.

Coming in at a far second is bespoke jewelry maker Stahl’s Meteorite Set, a one-off poker set featuring inlays made from an iron meteorite that crashed into Northen Sweden millennia ago. Along with 120 calibrated slices of the iron meteorite found mostly in the chips and the dealer button, the set also features diamonds, rubies, sapphires and gold. The set comes in a hand stitched Swedish calf skin case with Swedish reindeer suede lining and 18K white gold hinges and locks. Oh, and the accompanying dice are apparently made from Swedish woolly mammoth bones. The Meteorite Set is far and away less expensive compared to the one by Geoffrey Parker, but its $150,000 price tag still makes it one of the most expensive poker sets ever made.

Free calls, services and apps


Remember when we cared for if we lost the mobile because it meant losing our address book? The classic book is moving to the contact list of email and increasingly, we switched free international calls to free video call services such as Skype or Hangout of Google+ or apps like Viber and Line to allow us to talk with friends or coworkers without consuming a minute of our rate.

Calling applications
Calling applications


It is the most popular online service for video conferencing, it has over 300 million users worldwide. Besides video calling, it features an instant messaging service which allows sending files, recording calls and even calling mobiles or home phones. It is a free service but if we want to talk to several people at once or call a landline or a mobile we have to pay. We can also find Skype as an app on mobile and tablet for Android, iOS and Blackberry.

Google Hangout

We saw that it is one of the main elements of Google+. We can keep private or public conversations with up to 10 contacts at the same time for free. It also allows us to share files with contacts. Also it integrates seamlessly with Gmail and Youtube. You can start a Hangout from your iPhone or iPad or Android device.

Calling Apps
Calling Apps

Viber | Line

Viber revolutionized the mobile phone market when we had to count the minutes we talked by phone to find no surprises on the bill; allowed to call for free to anyone with the app installed. It is also great that it let’s you know once someone from your contacts list starts using it. The only requirement: call in areas of good coverage as this is a wifi calling app for the iphone.

Line got to stand up to the almighty Whatsapp and added up to 140 million users worldwide. We can make voice calls and chat, while exchanging high quality photos, videos or funny emoticons. Besides calls and chat, Line also has a games section.

How to make a cool sales presentation


According to surveys, 80% of sales presentations are usually boring with banal content for the client, making over 70% of the deals not to be made. While each vendor has its tactical, it is also true that there are infallible rules every professional must consider. In this regard, Carlos Sedano, coordinator of the Bachelor of Marketing gives you a cool tip of succeeding in your presentation with the assistance of

Sales Presentation
Sales Presentation

1. Be brief and use no more than ten slides

Keep in mind that a good presentation takes no more than 20 minutes. In most cases, the client has very little time to spend and if in that fraction of time you do not meet his expectations then you are going to lose him. The presentations must be composed of no more than ten slides or flashcards which must contain:

Presentation. Company name, logo, contact information and charge-name presenter.

Customer issue. Particularize the problem according to the client’s needs.

Solution. Here is where the bulk of the presentation is. State how and why the product and service will help you solve the client’s problem.

Model Sales. This slide/ card should explain what is sold and what is the added value that other products do not have.

Technical. Explain all the details about the product.

Demonstration. If the actual product can be shown live it’s better. Another option is presenting a video.

Competitive Analysis. Analyze the competition with other sellers; avoid speaking ill of them or make erroneous comments. Compare what they offer with what you are offering.

Components of the company. Discuss the profile of the team and how the company is made.

Mention the points which are to follow in case of closing the deal. Mention offers, deadlines, delivery process, response time, customer service, etc..

Thanks. Close with a phrase or slogan of the company. Building trust and bonding is crucial. Place the company name, the phrase, networks and contacts page.

Seal the deal
Seal the deal

2. Focus on the benefits

This is the secret to close a sale. Potential clients are tired of you talking about the wonders of the products or services you offer. They want to find solutions to their problems. “It’s important to stop focusing so much on the characteristics and shit the weight to the benefits our products offer” says the specialist.

3. The importance of a good start

Do not start talking about the product or the price needs, break the ice with an anecdote and by being pleasant. It will not only help to make it more personal, but it will change the course of the presentation.

4. Demonstration and testimonials

It is important to present live all the benefits of the product as this will strengthen any relationship with the client. For example: submit videos about the experience of other clients, testimonial letters or a list of the most important clients. Doing so your presentation will be reinforced and will have increased credibility.

5. Using Technology

The best advice is to equip high-tech for the customer to feel captivated and protected. However, it is also good to make sure that the place where the presentation will take place has all the tools necessary to work with.

By Nikos Kontorigas

Google and Saatchi Art teamed up to create a new award


Google+ users may have noticed that the social media network has recently released an all new tool for use on their site. The tool is being termed Motion, which has already drawn in attention from many people out there. It will effectively allow people to put together a string of moving images, which promises to add a lot to the animated GIFs proliferated on the internet. But it may also prove to be a popular creative outlet for many people out there, who could be interested in how they can customize the images that they tend to post. There is even an all new community of users emerging who will be supporting the utility of this tool going forward.

Saatchi Gallery
Saatchi Gallery

This kind of motion photography is increasingly becoming recognized within the art community. This is part of the reason why Google and Saatchi Gallery have teamed up to create an all new award for these kinds of projects. They have unveiled the new Motion Photography Prize, which will be used to draw in recognition for this kind of work. This will help generate interest among many creative people, who might actually have their own unique take on how to produce this kind of work. This will also go a long way towards helping people learn more information about the basics behind this kind of service.

The award will actually be broken down in to six different types of categories, which will no doubt interest many people. This will help make sure that the motion photography prize appeals to a broad audience. A finalist will be selected for each of the six categories, providing people with the support that they need to take on different types of projects. The finalists will be selected by a panel of judges, who themselves will have an extensive amount of experience within the art community. Many will be watching to see what kind of work gets generated during this process, since this is a major move for these organizations.

Finalists in these categories will be given the prize and will also receive other kinds of recognitions as a part of this process. This will be an invaluable asset that everyone will want to consider going forward, since they can secure support for a few different types of projects. The work generated by each winner will be hosted through the website maintained by the gallery. This will help provide publicity for new artists looking to secure support for different types of projects. They can even find out more information about how they can work with Saatchi to sell different types of work.

Ultimately, many will be watching to learn more information about how they can work with the Motion program to generate truly creative work. This will prove to be a valuable asset for many within and without the art community. People everywhere will want to check out how they can gain recognition to complete a few different types of projects using this new social networking tool. It could prove to be an indispensable asset for anyone looking to draw in support for their own unique skill set.

Upstaged | Touring the Champagne Wine Region


In the north east of France, about a hundred miles from Paris, there’s a region that offers a product which has perhaps become more famous than its place of origin. It’s ironic that the most famous wine of all comes from the very periphery of the wine-growing world, Champagne. A visit to the region will make you eager to replenish your stocks when you return and look out for champagne deals.

The Champagne Region and Its Grapes

The region’s high altitude and low mean temperature make it difficult for grapes to ripen. However, it hasn’t prevented this and grapes have been grown here since Roman times. The chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meunier grapes have to be coaxed and treated with care, yet the conditions produce grapes that have high levels of acidity and are ideal for producing sparkling wines.

The image we have of Champagne is a true one. The area’s gently rolling hills, forests, and villages extend an open invitation to wander at will, going where the fancy takes you and indulging in a tasting at every turn. The Epernay and Hautvillers region creates plenty of scope for you to visit wine-producing villages such as Mareuil-sur-Ay and the perhaps appropriately named Bouzy and Dizy. Moet & Chandon, Pol Roger, and Perrier Jouet are among the grand champagne houses you’ll find Epernay, acknowledged as the capital of the champagne-making region.

Hautvillers, with its charming flower-bedecked lanes, is believed to be the place where champagne was created. In the abbey here the 17th century Benedictine monk Dom Perignon perfected the methods required for fermenting and bottling champagne. His grave can be seen in the village churchyard, should you wish to pay your respects.

Champagne Wine Regions
Champagne Wine Regions

Touring the Champagne Trails

Anyone who enjoys cycling, hiking or scenic driving might wish to explore the trails along the Routes du Champagne. There are various itineraries to choose from including the Montagne de Reims, Vallée de la Marne and Côte des Blancs. These are designed to be enjoyed slowly and at leisure and often follow secondary and tertiary rural roads, so make sure that you have an appropriate guide book. With a stirring combination of art deco architecture and Gothic heritage, the attractions of Reims are many, including the 13th-century Gothic cathedral which was once the coronation church for French kings. Also worth seeing is the Musée des Beaux Arts, housed in the 18th century Abbey St. Denis, and its collection of 15th and 16th century paintings.

For wine enthusiasts a visit to the Maison de Pommiers is a must. It’s a popular cellar visit in a huge subterranean complex with miles of tunnels excavated from the chalk. What wine lover would want to miss the chance to walk where millions of bottles of champagne are maturing? Here you can witness the various stages of champagne making by way of a guided tour, followed by an opportunity to make a purchase. The sight of thousands of hectares of champagne vineyards is a heady one indeed. What better place in the world is there to learn about champagne and enjoy an authentic wine tasting experience?

Image by Megan Mallen, used under Creative Commons license.

Margaret Renwick is a wine tourist and local historian. In between touring the world’s wine regions and reading, she enjoys classical music with a glass of rosé.

The New Mercedes S63 AMG Coupe Set to Make a Splash in New York


The New York Auto Show is scheduled to take place in April this year, and one of the undeniable stars of the show is expected to be the brand new Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG 4Matic Coupe. Details have recently been revealed ahead of this debut, to help build anticipation for what promises to be a super-fast and powerful new showing from Mercedes.

Engine Power and Speed

One of the top features of the new Mercedes S63 is its hand-built, twin-turbocharged 5.5-litre V-8 engine. This has an output of 577 horsepower, and is equipped with an AMG Speedshift 7-speed transmission. Drivers can also expect to have access to the all-wheel drive hardware that is also standard on other recent Mercedes vehicles. Take a look at these examples at Carsales for other vehicles featuring the 4Matic all-wheel-drive hardware to see how it stands up to the competition. The new S63 AMG Coupe will weigh in at about 4,400 pounds, yet it will be able to hit top speeds of 186 mph and accelerate from zero to 60 mph in only 3.9 seconds. Although there are lighter cars on the road, the new S63 AMG 4matic Coupe uses technology to help trim the fat. This includes carbon-ceramic brakes, light-alloy AMG wheels, and an aluminium body for a more aerodynamic end product. It will also have a lighter battery and composite brakes.

Mercedes S63 AMG Coupe side
Mercedes S63 AMG Coupe side

Further Features

Anticipation is running high for the new S63 AMG Coupe, due to its exclusivity and sophisticated ride quality. It’s expected to be one of Mercedes’ most exclusive products once it goes into production, to help fill the shoes of the popular SLS AMG Coupe. Pricing has not yet been announced, but it’s expected to be in the six figure range or comparable to the current C63 AMG Coupe. Further features that help this luxury car stand out include an AMG sports exhaust providing three different modes and levels of noise. One of the coolest new features will be its Magic Body Control and curve tilting, which allows the car to lean into corners like motorcycles do. It should be good fun to take out for a spin on winding roads at top speeds with features like that.

Mercedes S63 AMG Coupe
Mercedes S63 AMG Coupe

Interior luxury features will include a three-spoke steering wheel, aluminium shift paddles, leather seating, and high-resolution display. The dashboard will be equipped with a new touchpad, which is used to control the sat-nav, phone system, and radio. Its exterior features are also distinctive. The new AMG Coupe will get a twin-blade radiator grille in a sleek shade of silver chrome, along with a glossy black diffuser and multiple exhaust pipes. It’s designed to stand out on the road as an exclusive luxury vehicle that will be able to hit top speeds on a regular basis.

With features like these, it’s no doubt that when the new Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG Coupe finally makes it New York debut, it will be certain to stand out from the crowd. Due to its speed and price point, it could become strong competition for crowd favourites like the Bentley Continental and Aston Martin Rapide.