Getting closer to the end of SMS

Around 20 years ago people began to exchange text messages via mobile phones, bringing a revolution in communication throughout the world. With the advent of smart mobile phones and various applications, that most users have at their disposal many alternative choices on instant messaging. This resulted in the gradual decline […]


Over a billion smartphones were sold in 2013

The smartphone sales were increased by 38.4% in 2013, compared to 2012, catapulting the number of devices sold in 1,004,000,000 according to the research firm IDC. Number one selling internationally became the South Korean Samsung, with a market share of 31.3% and a dramatic sales increase 43% over 2012. In […]

Smartphones, Τablets

Smartphones and tablets impair sleep

New research carried out by scientists from the University of Washington showed that the use of electronic devices and especially smartphones, seriously affects the quality of sleep and therefore our performance at work the next day. For this reason, experts advise to disable early and postpone sending e-mails for the […]

Orbotix Sphero 2.0
Photography / Technology

Games of the future | CES

Every year in early January in Las Vegas is hosted the international exhibition of electronic products and technology. The International Consumer Electronics Show or CES. This year, the exhibition opened its doors on January 7 and ended on the 10th. In this, paraded from mini drones to cars that bounce, […]


TV contact lenses are coming soon

It is called iOptik and is a system of lenses, new generation in high definition screen role, projects an image directly to each eye. According to the American company Innovega behind the TV-lens, a futuristic system is able to project digital data such as driving instructions and videos. The lenses […]

Amazon Prime Air

Amazon will deliver with robot airplanes

The Amazon, the American superpower in the industry of Internet sales, consider a plan for the delivery of orders to customers with robot airplanes modeled on the unmanned drones, the U.S. military revealed Sunday night on the show 60 Minutes of television network CBS, the founder and CEO Jeff Bezos. […]

Quantum Processing System
Science / Technology

NSA is working on quantum computer that can decrypt any password

The National Security Agency (NSA) is working on the construction of a quantum computer that can decrypt any password of even higher security, revealed exclusively today by The Washington Post from documents of the CIA and Edward Snowden. The development of quantum computing is a goal pursued for years by the […]

The winner

Beat a Guinness record with a collection of 10,607 games

Michael Thomasson, New York 31, has just entered the Guinness Book of Records with a collection of 10,607 games, beating the previous mark of Richard Lecce with 8,616 games in 2010. The funny thing is that his collection could be much higher as he has had to sell video games […]

Meteor Shower Time
Technology / Travel

The last meteor shower of the year is not lost | The Ursids

Although the Geminids are the most famous star rains of December, the last event of this type really are Ursids that come this weekend at their peak. These are not so famous because they are not as intense as other famous showers. Observers usually see about 10 shooting stars per hour. […]


Biologist proposes to reverse the evolution of birds to create dinosaurs

A British biochemist assumed that the genetic properties of contemporary birds could be the key to turn the lives of dinosaurs that became extinct 65 million years ago. Dr Alison Woollard think it would be possible to reconstruct the genomes of dinosaurs by altering the DNA of birds. “We know that birds […]

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