How to Make Your RV the Coolest Thing on the Road


It’s really cool to go camping with an RV fitted with miniature versions of your home spaces. But there are ways to make your camper the coolest thing yet. Here are exciting ideas on accessorizing and modifying your recreational vehicle.



Entertainment devices such as flat screen TV, DVD player and speakers are standard RV fittings these days. However, the way you mount them such that they don’t take so much space makes your RV looking more spacious and cooler. Go for wall or ceiling mounts. Also, use door pockets or caddies to store remote controls.

Cooking Station

Most of your food is going to come from your mini kitchen. You might want to invest in a reliable yet space-saving stove or oven, and combine it with a slide out cabinet system, hanging dish racks, fold out rack, wall-mounted peg board, or over-the-sink rack to organize cooking utensils and food supplies.

Awning & Shades

Most RVs are equipped with solar panels to power up their gadgets and electronics. This means that the vehicle is supposed to be parked under the heat of the sun and not under the shade. To make your RV more comfortable and cooler inside, invest in tarps and drapes for an awning. Also, design a customized plywood or fiberglass roof over your RV to for a much cooler environment. The plywood or fiberglass roof secures the drapes on the sides in place.


Heating & Cooling

Vents and fans make your RV a better place to live in while your camping. Install vents on the roof and inside the RV to promote air circulation. A portable heater is likewise valuable during winter camping. Paint the roof of your RV in white to reflect heat. Place screens on doors and windows, so that you can open them for air and prevent insects coming in.


There are plenty of storage options to make your RV much comfortable and spacious. Hideaway hooks, Velcro, pocket organizers, ceiling storage, suction cups with hooks, dangling jars, hanging basket, hanging shelf, pegboard, veggie hammock, nesting bowls, magnet strips, fold out rack, bedside caddy, hanging pantry, and magazine holders are just some of the possible choices. The more organized your RV is, the more cooler and spacious it becomes, making it easier to move around and locate the things you need.

A guide to planning your motorhome conversion


A conversion project gives you the opportunity to create a bespoke touring vehicle for much less than the price you would pay for a purpose-built motorhome. It’s an exciting prospect, but it’s essential to have a clear idea of what’s possible and what’s involved on a practical level. To help you make that dream of owning a tailor-made motorhome a reality, here’s a rundown of how to plan a project from scratch.

Visualise your finished motorhome from the start

Each of the planning decisions you’ll need to make regarding your motorhome conversion should be driven by one big consideration: what do you want the end product to consist of? For this, think carefully about how the finished motorhome is going to be used. Questions to consider include the following:

What are your accommodation and storage requirements? Most obviously, you should be clear on how many people will require sleeping space. You may also have specific storage requirements; for bikes or surfboards, for instance.

Do you intend to stay at sites with few or no facilities? This will help you decide what toilet, washing and kitchen facilities you will need. It will also inform your decisions on plumbing and electrics.

Where are you likely to be touring to and at what times of the year? This will affect light, ventilation and heating aspects of the project, such as the number and type of windows and vents you will want to build into the design, the specification of your heating system and whether it’s worth investing in air conditioning.

Once you have a broad idea of all of this, you can then look at what’s possible, using what type of base vehicle and at what cost. For inspiration, a Google search for campervan conversion specialists will bring up a number of conversion kit suppliers, as well as companies that can carry out the entire job for you based on your specifications. Caravan shows are useful for finding out what these conversions are like ‘in the flesh’ – you can find a list of upcoming UK shows here.


Setting your budget: factor in the cost of outside help

For matters such as fitting seatbelts, obtaining gas safety certificates, and electrical wiring, you will need professional input. For other tasks such as fitting windows and doors and adding storage units, you may be tempted to take a DIY approach. Here, it’s important to be honest when assessing your capabilities. Taken as a whole, a typical conversion project requires lots of different skills, from fitting and joinery through to welding and knowledge of electrics and plumbing.

Remember that your end product needs to meet your original specifications, while meeting all relevant safety requirements. To avoid wasting time and money on a botch job, be clear on the areas where you will need outside help and factor this into your budget.

Choosing your base vehicle: points to consider

After you’ve worked out your accommodation, storage and facilities requirements, you can then narrow down your choice of base vehicle. Potential vehicles in the mix might include the Ford Transit, Mercedes VIto and VW T4 or T5.

Van purchase will be the single largest expense connected with the project. Matters to think about as you check e-bay, dealerships and trade sites should include the following:

Will you be using it for general transportation needs? Think about whether this will be just a motorhome or whether it will also be a car substitute. If the latter, then factors such as ease of parking and urban fuel consumption may become more relevant.

Are you comfortable with driving and maneuvering? When faced with the choice between a long or short wheel-base model, ease of manoeuvring and how confident you are at driving a larger vehicle may sway your decision.

Will it have enough power? A smaller engine size may seem adequate, but especially if you intend to venture far afield, you might struggle with uphill pulling power once it’s fully kitted out and loaded up.

As with any vehicle purchase, you’ll also need to check the service history and look for telltale signs of future problems such as rust and leaks before you commit.

Ensure legal and insurance requirements are covered

After purchase of your van but before commencing any conversion work, you must have the weight of the vehicle assessed at a weighbridge. By subtracting the current weight of the vehicle from its maximum legal weight (set out on the data plate), you can workout the maximum possible additional weight you can add to the van in terms of appliances and accessories during conversion.

After conversion, you will need to change the official categorisation of your vehicle from van to motor caravan. For this, read the DVLA guidance, Registering a DIY Motor Caravan.

It’s also vital to have the right level of insurance in place, otherwise the value of all that hard work you’ve put into creating your motorhome could be lost. Motorhome insurance specialists such as Shield Total Insurance provides precisely the level of support that owners of professionally converted panel vans and DIY self-build motorhomes need, and these policies are adaptable to the specific requirements of owners.

Amazing Off-Road Weekends Just Minutes from Seattle


The Pacific Northwest is an outdoor-lover’s paradise. With myriad wilderness opportunities ranging from hiking to kayaking and more, Seattle is undoubtedly the hub of this natural wonderland. With distinct seasons, relatively mild temperatures, and a landscape that never ceases to inspire, the Seattle area draws millions of people who want nothing more than to work and play in this exceptionally lovely part of the United States.

One of the most popular of these weekend activities for Seattle area residents is exploring some of the region’s best off-road trails and tracks. Many of these fall within the state’s park system, and some are built and maintained by off-road enthusiasts. This is a fantastic way to experience the beautiful scenery in and around Mount Rainier and other wooded areas. The best part is that many of these trails are located within an hour of Seattle itself.

If you’re an off-road enthusiast who is interested in learning more about the Seattle area’s opportunities for adventurous 4×4 owners, or you’re a newbie who would love to get in the action, read on to find the best and most exciting trails and tracks in the region. Just be sure to visit the best Jeep dealer serving the Seattle area to make sure you have the right vehicle for the challenge.

Offroad oldie
Offroad oldie

Evans Creek Off-Road Vehicle Park

Located just under an hour from the city, Evans Creek ORV Park is located in the foothills of Mount Rainier and offers a little something for everyone, but, true to its name, Evans Creek is a haven for off-road enthusiasts of all sorts. Permits are required and can be obtained from the Forest Service. Many people who use this area report that rangers are on-site and frequently check for appropriate permits.

With clearly marked trails ranging from easy to difficult, Evans Creek is perfect for both experienced off-road drivers and beginners. The scenery here is incredible and the stunning views of Mount Rainier can’t be beat. However, nature has a way of presenting all kinds of challenges in this area, and it’s not uncommon for some trails to be closed due to heavy snowfall, even as late in the year as June or July.

Reiter Foothills

Located outside of Seattle in Snohomish County is Reiter Foothills Forest, home to some of the best ORV areas in the state, if not the country. This spot has been used by off-road enthusiasts since the 1960s, but just recently the state stepped in to develop the area and create specific trails that can be used safely by vehicles and other outdoor lovers, such as hikers and backcountry equestrians.

Offroad family
Offroad family

As the Reiter Foothills are still under construction, the area is only open to off-road vehicles Thursday through Sunday during the summer months, and only on Saturday and Sunday from November through May. Volunteers are needed to complete the construction on the trails, and this is a great way for Seattle area off-roaders to contribute to what will eventually be one of the most popular ORV playgrounds in the Pacific Northwest.

Rimrock Lake

As part of the Snoqualmie National Forest, Rimrock Lake is home to miles of trails that are designated specifically for off-road use by ATVs and 4×4 vehicles. The trails are open to any vehicle with current registration, and connect with the Green DOT (Department of Transportation) roads in the Ahtanum State Forest. The scenery around the lake is exquisite and there are ample hiking and camping facilities, as well as boating and kayaking on the lake. This makes Rimrock perfect for those who are looking for a weekend getaway that offers activities for those who aren’t necessarily interested in getting muddy on the ORV trails. While the official season for Rimrock is May 1 through December 1, the area may close early or open late due to heavy snowfall. Check with the Forest Service for more details.

Off-road adventures are undoubtedly the best way to experience the wild and natural beauty of the Seattle area, and these are just a few of the areas that are available to ORV enthusiasts. Get your Jeep ready, pack the cooler and all of your essential gear, and head out to see the best of what the Pacific Northwest has to offer. You’ll return to work on Monday refreshed and relaxed, and ready to plan your next 4×4 trip as soon as possible.

Converting a building into a Rubik’s Cube


Rubik’s Cube is considered one of the toughest puzzles in the world. Its power lies in its patience, the way of looking at you from multiple angles and showing insensitivity to be twisted with a gradual anxiety. It does not care about your logic or your sweat and when the world will end, a Rubik’s cube proud will take advantage of the time to play marbles, that make them so graceful of round. Yes, that was about a sense of humor for a cube which is obviously based on geometric insults.

Javier Lloret Rubik´s cube
Javier Lloret Rubik´s cube

The good draft Javier Lloret, however angry, has turned the Rubik’s cube into a building. The most vindictive gesture you can do is paint the front, and no one makes sure that you do not like makeup. Proposed to solve the Rubik’s cube, the Lloret one must be manipulated by a regular cube in the front of the building and this will follow the movements of nature with light quadrants via Bluetooth. This increases the difficulty of the puzzle of course because you cannot look at the building to see all the angles, but therein lies the grace to try to start and finish it.

Top Travel Ideas for Easter Holidays 2018


The holiday season behind us has left us nostalgic for the laid-back time spent with our friends and families or travelling. Luckily, Easter is approaching. This is the right time to start planning a holiday. Regardless of whether you are an Aussie looking for a local retreat, or you are flying in from overseas, there are a couple of places you probably don’t want to miss this season.

Gold Coast, QLD

Image source:

The Gold Coast region is a perfect destination for a sunny holiday, with its temperate climate and some 245 days of sunshine a year. Since you will be visiting mid-autumn, you probably do not have to worry about rain, but it does not hurt to check. The sunny days and the warm nights will give you a chance to enjoy any water-related outdoor activities, beaches and nightlife. Even though this may sound like an obvious choice, perhaps you want to give it try, since scientists fear that potentially deadly Irukandji jellyfish could move further south in the years to come and affect the Gold Coast beaches.

To put gloomy predictions to the side and continue planning a fun holiday, for those who are looking for something more than beautiful beaches, Gold Coast has a lot to offer. If you want to escape the areas packed with tourists, you can visit one of its national parks and enjoy the wonders of nature through many offered guided tours. There are plenty of places you can visit within a one-hour drive, depending on where you are staying. You will get a chance to enjoy rainforests, wildlife, waterfalls, mountains and overall sceneries you have never seen before.

Melbourne, VIC

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Melbourne is a city famous for its diversity in every sense.  There is something for everyone, culture, entertainment, food, nightlife, beaches, wildlife etc. This is a perfect destination for a city break.  Again, if you want to escape the busy streets and crowded restaurants as much as you can, there are quite a few walking trails from and nearby the city. For example, the Capital City trail can take you on a walk through Royal Park which is a true oasis within this metropole. Furthermore, there is the Dights Falls Loop Trail which will give you an opportunity to see the beautiful Yarra Bend Park, and, just as the one above, will provide a peaceful afternoon.

If you are interested in staying out of the city entirely, then you may want to consider visiting Dandenong Ranges on Mt. Dandenong and enjoy one of its villages, amazing walking trails, and attractions.

The Top End, NT

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This is the second northernmost region in Australia and it accommodates the territory’s capital, Darwin. However, one could safely say that most people do not visit the Top End for a city break. As pretty much anywhere else in Australia, the wildlife in this region is fascinating. This is where you can come to see crocodiles, dugongs, sawfish, and bull sharks.

Kakadu National Park, on its own, could provide a head-spinning experience. Perhaps due to its size, you will come across different terrains and landscapes. You can enjoy rock formations, cliffs, and waterfalls. On the other hand, you can have the wetlands’ airboat experience and see the crocodiles, turtles, birds and many other animals. You can also look into its history through Aboriginal art.

Speaking of Aboriginal art, the best place to find out more about these intriguing tribes is by visiting the Arnhem Land. The visit will give you an insight into the history of Aboriginal people, as well as their lives today. You can do all of that while spending time in the unspoiled nature.

Perth, WA

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Perth is famous for being relaxed and it has its wide streets and sunny beaches to add to the picture. This is also why it is very convenient for walking tours. Some of the attractions the city features is the Swan River, pristine beaches, Kings Park and Fremantle, a town which is a living museum depicting a 19th– century port.

You may find Perth to be quieter than other Capitals in Australia, however, it is still a city. If you are looking for something more relaxing or adventures, there are plenty of opportunities for walking holidays in the area. The Eagle View Walk is one of the trails you could do in a day and it is quite close to Perth. Also, one of the world’s longest walking trails, The Bibbulmun Track, passes next to the City. The trail offers a great diversity over a stretch of 1000km and is divided into several sections.

It is worth mentioning that each of the places offers a variety of accommodation options, ranging from serviced rooms, hostels and B’n’Bs to some of the most luxurious resorts. Pretty much anywhere you go, you will have an access to Wi-Fi within the accommodation. This is good to know as you may decide to do some work remotely over the holidays or extend your stay.

Isola San Giulio | Fairytale island


The island Isola San Giulio is located near Lake Orta, in the Piedmont region of northwestern Italy and stands out for its natural beauties and picturesque locations. So much, that at first sight the visitor thinks he is in a fairytale wonderland! The Isola San Giulio is a small area, just 275 meters long and 140 meters wide, while hiding behind a very interesting story. The legend says that Saint Giulio was founded in the 4th century A.D the 100th church on the west side of the beautiful village of Orta San Giulio.

Isola San Giulio
Isola San Giulio
Isola San Giulio
Isola San Giulio

According to the legend, the appearance of the Saint in the island is due to a huge snake, which terrorized the villagers, making consecutive attacks. The Saint came here in order to save the inhabitants, ultimately knocking out the mythical creature from the island. After the death of the saint, the Isola San Giulio was more closely associated with the Christian religion and a small chapel was built in memory of the island in the 5th century, followed by the creation of a larger church in the 6th century.

Isola San Giulio
Isola San Giulio
Isola San Giulio
Isola San Giulio

Picturesque alleys of the village and romantic boating in the calm waters of the lake make unique images, all plucked from the fairy tales of our childhood years. Definitely somewhere you will meet a fairy with her wand in order to make all hidden your wishes come true, or Alice to offer you an exciting tour of this magical wonderland!

By Nicole P.

Awesome Things to Try in NYC for Free


If you’re in New York City, whether for a vacation or business, there are a lot of things you can do that don’t actually cost you anything. Yup, they’re absolutely free. Isn’t that cool? Here are some of those awesome activities you must try in NYC:


– Listen to music at Arthur’s Tavern, which is an institution since 1957. It has the best live jazz and blues music night after night.

– Spend Wednesdays at the Bronx Zoo. Check out nearly 4,000 species of animals spread across the 265-acre property.

– Exercise while you’re having an excellent time at NYC by joining fitness classes organized by Shape Up NYC every day of the week in five boroughs.

– Visit New York Public Library and find out a thing or two or take advantage of their free WiFi.


– Be amazed with cool innovative art by visiting Socrates Sculpture Park.

– Spend absolutely nothing when you check out the Brooklyn Botanic Garden on a Tuesday.


– Go on TV with The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Join the taping of this popular TV show for a unique experience in the city.

– View abstract paintings at Chelsea’s Galleries. Most of the galleries here have free admission, plus wine.

– Get free beer at Bierkraft on Tuesdays at 7pm.

– Go sledding on each park you find in NYC. There’s plenty of places to go. All you need is one that has a hill or a sufficient mound of snow.

– Enjoy winding up those stairs at Guggenheim. Starting at 5:45pm, this famous and one of the most iconic museums for free.

– Enjoy sightseeing at Wave Hill, a 28-acre public garden that has an endless array of expansive gardens, exhibits and workshops and more. You can get in here for free on Tuesdays and Saturdays.


– Get the best laughter from the comedy club Upright Citizens Brigade. Jerry Seinfeld and Wooden Allen are just two of its very famous alumni.

There’s still so many cool things you can do in NYC. If you want to have a taste of the awesome life in this city, immerse in the local scene and explore this bustling metropolis whenever you can.

Photos by: b k(vincent desjardins)Joseph BylundPaulo Barcellos Jr.

4 Coolest Places to Visit this Summer


Those that are familiar with travel know that it’s one of the best things you can do. For those that are less familiar and have not yet gone on as many trips, here are the coolest places that you can visit this summer.

The summer is the perfect time to put on your bikini and sit somewhere by the beach while sipping on an ice-cold drink. The warmer weather months require you to book a luxurious holiday somewhere abroad, and there are some places that are bound to excite you more than ever.

You will have the opportunity to surround yourself with new sights and views that will amaze you and that will stay with you for a long time. This entire experience is something that will allow you to relax and de-stress.

Therefore, here are some of the must-visit places that you should put on your bucket list.

  1. Spanish Islands

Spain is a luxurious travel destination, and it’s a favourite for many for a good reason. Going on holiday on the islands, such as opting for holidays in Mallorca, will make your jaw drop. The beaches, the mountains, the coves and the culture are bound to foster anyone’s creativity. When you choose a holiday to any of the Spanish islands, you will end up on a trip that you will never forget.

  1. Greece

Greece is yet another popular summer destination, and once again offers a vast number of islands that you can visit. The blue skies, the tranquil waters, and the Greek food will all certainly tempt you to buy a plane ticket to this particular destination!

  1. Portugal

There is no doubt that Portugal will provide you with a burst of energy and it will open your mind. There are so many cities that you can choose from, and different environments that you can surround yourself with when going on holiday in Portugal. For example, the colourful houses in Lisbon are bound to put a smile on anyone’s face, and then there’s the option of embarking on a scenic road trip through the Algarve region.

  1. Croatia

Croatia is yet another destination that will allow you to relax and de-stress like never before. The nature, the food, and the culture overall beckon people to visit this location. The peak season for visiting this particular country is, once again, the summer.

Budget for your trip ahead of time

To ensure that you don’t allow yourself to enter debt, be sure to budget for your trip well in advance. As you know that the perfect time to go on holiday is the summer, it’s best that you save the money even a few months in advance, if you can.

The benefits of surrounding yourself with beautiful views

Don’t you want to be surrounded by beautiful sights? No matter where you go when you are on holiday, you will always learn and witness something new that you haven’t up until this point.

If you want to relax on your upcoming summer holiday properly, it’s crucial that you plan for everything well in advance. Moreover, be sure to choose a location that you know will excite you to visit.

The Coolest Mediterranean Yacht Charters – Top 3 Destinations


The Three Coolest Destinations For Mediterranean Yacht Charters

Age-old culture, sun-drenched days, mouth-watering cuisines and champagne sailing conditions: there are so many reasons the Mediterranean tops the globe’s cruising charts. But which European hotspots are a must-visit when you’ve taken the plunge and decided to charter a yacht? Mediterranean cruising grounds are known for their cobalt colored waters and scenic coastlines, but there are a few destinations that stand out when it comes to unforgettable landscapes and array of fabulous things to see and do.


A Dalmatian coast charter includes all of Croatia’s high points. Sapphire-hued waters, historical cities, pine-backed beaches, and dramatic mountains truly make it a top destination for a great Mediterranean yacht charter. Literally thousands of islands, some totally undeveloped, grace the 350km stretch of coast, as do countless secluded anchorages. You can admire Dubrovnik’s baroque palaces and saunter through its labyrinthine streets, visit summertime celebrity haunt Hvar, an island which boasts 2,720 hours of sunshine annually, or cruise to Vis, an unspoiled gem favoured for its tranquility and its famous Blue Grotto.

Italian Riviera

Another place to enjoy the coolest Mediterranean yacht charters is the Italian Riviera. This slice of land, perfect for enjoying ‘la dolce vita,’ is not only awash with turquoise coves and rugged cliffs, it also boasts one of the Mediterranean’s most glamorous coastal villages: Portofino. Head to this A-list resort to enjoy sun-warmed swims in Paraggi bay and savor perfectly executed Bellini cocktails in the picturesque harbor. Of course, a visit to the Cinque Terre is not to be missed. Set amid some of the most dramatic stretches of coastline on the planet, these five fishing villages will impress with their cliff top routes, addictive vistas and quality restaurants.

South of France

It goes without saying that the South of France also makes our list as one of the top places to charter a yacht. Mediterranean staples such as crystalline waters and sandy beaches are enhanced by the region’s star-studded towns and luscious rural interior. In Saint Tropez, you can revel in ultra chic beach clubs such as Le Club 55 and Nikki Beach, experience Cannes’ sparkling nightlife and/ or soak up the sights of the epicentre of luxury yachting – Monaco. For total relaxation and spectacular views, head to the half-sand, half-pebble Paloma Beach. Daredevils, on the other hand,  may prefer to jump from the Calanques’ limestone cliffs.

Whether you decide to cruise Croatia’s sunny shores, hit the pastel coloured towns of the Italian Riviera or the South of France’s glittering hotspots, you’ll be sure to experience one of the best Mediterranean yacht charters available.