Exploring Luxurious Dubai – Here’s Where to Go


Dubai is one of the most luxurious holiday destinations not only in the Middle East, but anywhere in the world. Whether you are traveling with your family or with your friends, even on your own, there are plenty of places that will surely leave you in awe, including those that will be briefly mentioned below.

Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah
Palm Jumeirah

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Dubai has outdone many other tourist destinations in more ways than one, such as through their man-made islands. These islands provide tourists with endless activities that they can enjoy day and night. There are high-end shopping malls, world-class restaurants, and ultra-luxurious hotels that are found in these islands.

Dubai Museum

This is the perfect attraction for any history buff. Step inside the museum and you will be taken back in time through the artefacts that are displayed, including those that have been around for more than 4,000 years. In the underground, you can see a state-of-the-art display that showcases the rich history of the emirate. There are permanent and seasonal exhibitions as well.

Dubai Creek

This has a long history of being the centre of commerce and trading activities in Dubai. This used to be a popular destination for pearl diving and fishing. Today, the creek serves as the partition between two towns – Bur Dubai and Deira. The best way to experience this attraction is to ride a boat and simply revel in the beauty of its surroundings.

Gold Souq

Located in Deira, this is the largest gold market in the world. This is also perhaps the reason why Dubai has been nicknamed as the city of gold. In this traditional market, you can see a lot of items made from gold, specifically jewelleries. Here are some tips on bartering at the gold souk.  If you are looking for something beyond gold, Deira also has a market that is popular for its spices. These markets are known for having cheap prices.

Dubai Mall

If you love shopping, Dubai is definitely going to be paradise for you. It has one of the largest malls in the world. Aside from endless shopping and eating, it also hosts different festivals, such as Dubai Shopping Festival and Dubai Summer Surprises. Options for entertainment are almost endless, including a cinema complex and even an ice skating park.

Jumeirah Beach

Heat in Dubai can be scorching, especially during the summer season. With this, Jumeirah beach is one of the best destinations to include in your itinerary. There are many sun loungers along the stretch of its coastline. There are also tons of water activities that can provide you with thrilling experiences. There is a huge selection of luxurious hotels and excellent restaurants as well.

Burj Khalifa

Standing proud along the stretch of Jumeirah Beach, the Burj Khalifa is considered as the tallest building in the world, which is more than enough reason for you to see it. It has the highest observation deck and also the highest club and restaurant. It has lavish rooms, many of which are decorated with gold. Even without going inside, this is a sight to behold.

Awesome Things to Try in NYC for Free


If you’re in New York City, whether for a vacation or business, there are a lot of things you can do that don’t actually cost you anything. Yup, they’re absolutely free. Isn’t that cool? Here are some of those awesome activities you must try in NYC:


– Listen to music at Arthur’s Tavern, which is an institution since 1957. It has the best live jazz and blues music night after night.

– Spend Wednesdays at the Bronx Zoo. Check out nearly 4,000 species of animals spread across the 265-acre property.

– Exercise while you’re having an excellent time at NYC by joining fitness classes organized by Shape Up NYC every day of the week in five boroughs.

– Visit New York Public Library and find out a thing or two or take advantage of their free WiFi.


– Be amazed with cool innovative art by visiting Socrates Sculpture Park.

– Spend absolutely nothing when you check out the Brooklyn Botanic Garden on a Tuesday.


– Go on TV with The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Join the taping of this popular TV show for a unique experience in the city.

– View abstract paintings at Chelsea’s Galleries. Most of the galleries here have free admission, plus wine.

– Get free beer at Bierkraft on Tuesdays at 7pm.

– Go sledding on each park you find in NYC. There’s plenty of places to go. All you need is one that has a hill or a sufficient mound of snow.

– Enjoy winding up those stairs at Guggenheim. Starting at 5:45pm, this famous and one of the most iconic museums for free.

– Enjoy sightseeing at Wave Hill, a 28-acre public garden that has an endless array of expansive gardens, exhibits and workshops and more. You can get in here for free on Tuesdays and Saturdays.


– Get the best laughter from the comedy club Upright Citizens Brigade. Jerry Seinfeld and Wooden Allen are just two of its very famous alumni.

There’s still so many cool things you can do in NYC. If you want to have a taste of the awesome life in this city, immerse in the local scene and explore this bustling metropolis whenever you can.

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5 Luxurious Family Breaks To Take Before Summer’s Over


Summer may soon be over, but it is not yet too late to plan an escapade. Thinking of the perfect last-minute summer getaways? Keep on reading and we will provide you with insights on some of the best places that can be taken into account. Enjoy the warmth of the sun while you can!

Book Overwater Villas in Bora Bora

Book Overwater Villas in Bora Bora
Book Overwater Villas in Bora Bora

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If your family loves the sea, Bora Bora is an exotic paradise that should be explored. Book one of the overwater bungalows from some of the top-notch resorts. Many of these bungalows are equipped with lavish facilities, such as your own pool. This gives your family the privacy that you want. The best thing is that you can hop straight into water. For a more hassle-free experience, some bungalows have butler service, making sure that someone is immediately available when you need help in any way.

Wine Holiday in Bordeaux

When you speak of wines, one of the first places that will most probably be mentioned would be Bordeaux. This lavish French destination is known for being the home of some of the finest wines in the world. It is abundant with scenic and relaxing vineyards, which can offer the perfect respite for the whole family. Because they have good wine, expect to enjoy good food as well. Do not also miss seeing their museum that has been built specifically to showcase the culture and history of wine. If there are a few of you, it can be fun to all stay in a villa.

Villa Holiday in Spain

Spain is also an excellent choice of destination in the summer. Should you decide to go here, do not just stay in any hotel. Rather, book a villa that can accommodate the whole family. Self-catering villas can provide you with more freedom and privacy. If you want to make it more luxurious, book one that comes with butler service. Look for a villa that has a pool and other facilities that can be enjoyed by the whole family all throughout your stay.

Stay at Domes of Elounda in Crete

Crete is one of the most stunning locations in Greece. For families who love the beach and island life, this is a highly recommended destination. While there are plenty of accommodation options available, one of the best would be Domes of Elounda. It is the epitome of haute living. It is luxurious and family-friendly. There is an in-house spa for relaxation and rejuvenation. They have world-class restaurants for you to sample the best Greek cuisine. Most importantly, they have impeccable service.

Rent a Cottage in the Cotswolds

If you are looking for a place where you can enjoy old-world charm and a serene ambiance, the Cotswolds should be on the top of your list. Book a trip with the whole family and make sure to rent one of the traditional cottages. They are perfect for an idyllic escape, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Make your holidays more memorable by taking a leisurely walk in its small towns. As you go for a stroll, you will surely be in for a visual treat.



Navigating through the Gorgeous Areas of London


London is one of the most popular destinations in the world because it vibrates night and day with an unforgettable energy, and each area and neighborhood of ​​the city has its own unique atmosphere. Today we’re taking a look at the most important areas of London to prepare you for your getaway or weekend trip to the English capital. Here are the cardinal points of London:

Central London

The heart of London is many districts, the emblematic City of Westminster and the City of London, the city’s main financial district. This central area has a dense concentration of historic sites, theaters, museums, nightlife and famous shopping areas such as Covent Garden, Carnaby Street and Oxford Street.

Central London is a good area to stay if you wish to explore the city, as the area covers almost all the most visited tourist attractions, such as the London Eye, Buckingham Palace and its change of Guard, Tate Modern and nearby St. Paul’s Cathedral or the British Museum itself. The downside is that there is a lot of demand in the most central accommodations and the prices per night are usually higher than in other areas.


West London

West London stands out for its leafy squares, fascinating museums and vibrant markets. Here you will find the distinguished districts of Kensington and Chelsea, the quiet streets and canals of Maida Vale, Hammersmith, where there are some magnificent pubs on the banks of the River Thames, and the vibrant multicultural communities of Shepherd’s Bush and Southall. Shepherd’s Bush in particular is considered the heart of West London and is one of those places you need to stay in for a couple of days to truly appreciate them. Additionally, it will probably be easier to find accommodation in West London compared to Central London thanks to vivid places such as K West Hotel & Spa in Shepherd’s Bush. If you do choose to stay, don’t miss The Bush Theatre which is a world known place for new plays.


North London

More than 120 languages ​​are spoken in this multicultural and vibrant area, steeped in history and renowned for its culture. In North London the areas of interest are Hampstead Heath and Primrose Hill with its huge green spaces, fabulous views and village atmosphere, Camden with its eclectic market and live music, and Green Lanes where you can enjoy delicious dishes of Turkish, Greek or Kurdish food.


South London

South London is appreciated for its numerous parks and open spaces such as Clapham Common, the World Heritage Site of Greenwich and the banks of the River Thames as it passes through Richmond. South London is popular for its sporting attractions like the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum and the cricket courts at the Brit Oval. It also provides excellent opportunities to escape the daily hustle and bustle, from the village atmosphere of Barnes to historic mansions and palaces such as Ham House and Hampton Court.


East London

East London claims its true place in the city, and has played a large part during the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The area boasts an exclusive artistic life with popular markets such as Spitalfields, while the nightlife of Hoxton and Shoreditch rivals that of London’s West End. Further east, Lee Valley Regional Park is the largest open space in London.


No matter where you look, you’ll find something of interest in London and this is precisely why it’s considered one of the best destinations in the world. Which districts will you visit?

Contactless Credit Cards Are Reshaping the Way People Board Trains


London has finally licensed a contactless payment system that allows people to board trains or buses with the use of a debit or credit card. This new technology will also be coming to other major cities around the world.

Universal Transport System

The license allows people to use this technology that can be utilized elsewhere. The money earned with this type of technology will be kept for a fare freeze for commuters in the city. This new tech enables the use of contactless debit or credit cards by swiping on readers in public terminals.

Ticketless Commuting

As a result, commuters will be able to travel without using any ticket. At each day’s end, the transport system will calculate the distance being travelled and will deduct the right amount. A daily or weekly cap will be applied on your spending if you travel enough. Mobile devices that support contactless technology can now be used as well to jump on a train or bus or even on the London Underground.


History of Contactless Tech

In 2003, this concept was started by introducing the Oyster swipe card developed by Cubic, which allows commuters to keep season tickets or pay-as-you-go credit in just one card. This same card reading system has added contactless payment system since 2012. The company will take this contactless tech to other countries as well.

Procedure for Contactless Payments

Personal identification numbers or signatures are not necessary when you use contactless. You simply need to touch your card on the card reader that should render contactless. Other contactless payment methods are also accepted when making transactions elsewhere.


You only need to have a credit or debit card issued in the UK on MasterCard, American Express, Visa or Maestro that displays the contactless payment symbol. Thus, you can use it when you decide to travel on various transports around the UK and soon around the world.


Travelling safe this winter


With just over a week until Christmas day, we should be coming towards the end of our shopping and looking forward to spending time with family and friends. Not to mention a glass of our favourite tipple and a mince pie or two. For the majority of us, Christmas is about spending time with family and friends and it’s great if we can jump in a taxi or even make the journey on foot to spend time with them. Not everyone has this bonus though and making the long car journeys to visit loved ones can be rather stressful, especially over the festive period.

With millions of people travelling all over the country to spend the holiday season with family and friends, it can only mean busy roads and potentially bad driving conditions.

It’s essential that for any of us travelling over the Christmas period, we stay as safe as possible on the roads. Winter weather conditions and an increase of travelling vehicles means we need to be extra cautious. To help you travel safe this winter, we’ve created a quick post about some of the checks you should carry out on your vehicle.

Check your tyres

With an increased risk of rain, ice and snow the quality of your vehicle’s tyres is paramount. Whether it be a long or short journey, you should regularly check the appearance and pressure of your tyres. Driving with damaged or bald tyres is illegal and not only do you run this risk of being stopped by the police; you’re also at a higher risk of losing control of the vehicle.

Driving with damaged tyres just isn’t worth the risk, so if you feel like you tyres are starting to look a bit worn, it’s best to have them replaced. Tyres range in price and can be found online from websites such as but it’s worth having a shop around.

Top up on screen wash

Checking the amount of screen wash in your vehicle seems obvious but it’s something many of us forget about. Bad weather conditions can sometimes lead to harsher visibility on the roads, so keeping your windscreen clear at all times is really important. Not having the correct amount of screen wash in your vehicle means that the only way you’ll be able to see out of your windscreen, is if it’s raining. No rain means reduced visibility as the journey goes on which could potentially lead to a collision.

Be prepared

Although the risk of breaking down is very slim, it’s best to be prepared just in case. The last thing you want is to be stuck on the hard shoulder of a motorway in cold weather conditions, wearing only a few layers. To be on the safe side it’s a good idea to keep a few blankets and coats in the boot of your car just in case you do find yourself waiting for help to arrive.

If you’re travelling with children then it may also be a good idea to pack a bag of snacks and things to do. Doing this will keep them occupied on the journey and you’re even prepared in the event of a break down.

It’s important to carry out the relevant checks on your vehicle before setting off on your journey. Christmas is nearly upon us so make the most of it and most importantly, stay safe!

Why Fall Isn’t All About Leaves Changing Colors – A Guide to Seeing the Best Wildlife


When we think of fall, we almost always think about the beautiful colors that dot the landscape. It’s incredibly beautiful, to be sure, but that’s not all there is to this time of year.

When the leaves fall and the air gets crisp, you have the chance to get up-close and personal with wildlife that remains fairly secluded during other months of the year. From bull elk to bighorn sheep, the opportunities for viewing wildlife are nearly unmatched.

The key is getting to the places where wildlife viewing is at its best. Let’s take a look at a few of the best places to do just that this fall across the American West.

Glacier National Park

Located in the extreme northwest corner of Montana, Glacier is a bucket-list park for anyone who loves the outdoors. For those who love wildlife and an incredible landscape, you can’t afford to miss a visit here in the fall.

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Glacier is home to one of the Lower 48’s largest grizzly bear populations – without the crowds of tourists that Yellowstone commands – in addition to elk and mountain goats.

Fall in Glacier means very chilly weather though, so you need to be prepared for a random snowstorm. Hiking through the park is unpredictable as well, thanks to the weather, but if you’re experienced enough with the climate of the American West, you’ll be just fine.

Zion National Park

While they used to be scarce, bald eagles are now plentiful out West. Seeing one of these majestic birds is a privilege.

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At Zion National Park, bald eagles use the park as a place to winter over. In the late fall, you’ll likely be able to spot them moving into their winter nests. Zion is home to Rocky Mountain Goats, bighorn sheep, and mule deer, too, so you’ll see plenty of other animals aside from the bald eagle.

Katmai National Park

If bears are on your list of must-see wildlife, then Katami National Park is a place you can’t afford to not visit.


The park is home to over 2,200 brown bears, and in the fall they’re getting ready for hibernation. This means a lot of eating – and a lot of opportunity to see one of North America’s most majestic animals.

Rocky Mountain National Park

If high altitude doesn’t concern you, then a visit to rocky mountain national park rv rental is a great way to get up close to wildlife without going too far away from the accoutrements of civilization.

The park is home to elk, bears, mountain lions, moose, and deer. The best part though, is that during the fall the elk and deer are especially active.

In Moraine Park – a section of RMNP – multiple pullouts along the road exist solely for people to stop and observe the elk that so often congregate there. Colorado’s elk herds are among the largest in the country, and their moose herds are fairly healthy as well. Your chances of seeing both of those animals is very high.

Fall is one of the best times of the year to get out and enjoy nature. The crisp air rejuvenates the soul, and seeing animals in the wild is an awe-inspiring experience. Don’t settle for other people’s pictures this fall – go out and get your own.

6 Things You Didn’t Think Is Possible in Las Vegas


Las Vegas may be the Sin City, which is why it’s more famous for its high-stake casinos and stripper clubs, but there are many other things you can do here. If you don’t believe it, read on.


#1 – Take a time travel by visiting a speakeasy.

During the late 1800s, unlicensed liquor shops are dubbed as speak-easies in Pennsylvania. The term was used due to the practice of speaking about these unregistered bars quietly or secretly in public. Check out a speakeasy in Downtown Las Vegas called The Laundry Room and take a trip down memory lane.

#2 – Do an extreme sport.

Try flyboarding and get your adrenaline pumping. All you need to take a trip half an hour off of The Strip and experience a one-of-a-kind adventure not far away from the city.

#3 – Meet MGM lions.

Did you know that there was a lion exhibit at the MGM Grand? Yes, there used to be, but now, they have moved the large felines to the Lion Habitat Ranch. Currently, they have more than 45 lions, which you can also feed. You can even sign up for a trainer-for-a-day program.

#4 – Get up close and personal with marine life, too.


Check out The Mandalay Bay Shark Reef Aquarium to get up close and personal and even feed sharks, sea turtles and stingrays.

#5 – Check out an impressive cacti collection.

Yes, you heard that right. Cactus is now a tourist attraction in Las Vegas. This elaborate collection of the pointy plants is owned by Forrest E. Mars, the owner of Snickers, Dove, Twix and M&M’s. The land area where the cacti are is four acres, which is reported to be one of the world’s largest collections of such desert plants.

#6 – Explore Bootleg Canyon through a zipline.

There’s a company that lets you zipline your way through Bootleg Canyon. Yup, the full one mile and a half. Zipline speeds can run up to 60 miles per hour, which will definitely give you the thrill of a lifetime. So, if you’ve been to Vegas several times but haven’t gone to these places, then there are more reasons for you to come back.

How to entertain your children during a long road trip


When going on holidays, one of the best parts of it is when traveling to get there. However, in case one needs to take a long car trip with the kids, the biggest problem is to get them to sit for a long time and not to whine about it. So, to avoid this, it is important to organize a few games to amuse and entertain them. Let’s see 5 ways to entertain your children while traveling.

You want to avoid that, don't you?
You want to avoid that, don’t you?

The various types of entertainment that you can do during a long trip with your kids must be divided into age groups of children themselves. For a school-age child, you can see the places you are going to visit before you embark on your trip, then memorize the names of the various cities that you are going to cross and the names of rivers, seas or mountains. This is a diversion that its purpose both is to entertain and to review what they may have learned in school. To enlarge the game you can even combine a historical event or a famous person with each place. You can also buy travel size board games, as such materials may be useful in entertainment or get them portable consoles, so that they can listen to music or spend their time playing video games.

Time passes faster when you are occupied with something
Time passes faster when you are occupied with something

For the younger ones, it is quite different becauce, since you can’t have historical or geographical notions, you have to resort to small tricks, such as their favourite toy, a small book of fables or better yet a box of washable crayons to draw the landscape outside without fear that the upholstery of the car can be ruined. Of course, you should not forget to have a nice stack of papers on which to draw. Always with the younger children, you can play the game of fantasy or invent stories that have as protagonists the various subjects that are encountered during the trip.

Make your plans for the trip and everyone will be happy
Make your plans for the trip and everyone will be happy

There is even resort of comic books with adventures of their favorite characters, so remember before you travel to make a certain stock in order to always have a spare. The last thing you can do is be the one who tells them stories or fairytales. In this case it is very important to be able to tell in an engaging and entertaining at the same time. You can try and go on telling stories about some of your long trips. Children are curious by nature and love listening to stories and events that concern their parents, especially from when they were children too.

By +Nikos Kontorigas