Real life experience

Apprenticeships offer school leavers real-life experience

If you are going to be leaving school soon, your thoughts will no doubt have turned to your future prospects. You may have a particular vocation in mind and if so an apprenticeship could provide the perfect solution. There is no substitute for real-life experience. It impresses future employers, shows […]

Cool Jobs That Pay Even Cooler

Cool Jobs That Pay Even Cooler

According to Time Magazine, Mathematician tops the list of the most coveted jobs, simply because job opportunities are plenty and varied. A mathematician can work as a broker on Wall Street, provide financial advice and teach at a university. Suffice to say that mathematicians have a role in every sector […]

Don’t want debt at uni? Try distance learning

Don’t want debt at uni? Try distance learning

So, you’re straight out of school, and now you’re being asked to cough up more than £9,000 just to continue your education. Sound unlikely? Well, it’s a situation that’s occurring every day to students across England. It’s a terrifying prospect, being asked to shoulder that much debt at such a […]

Optical industry
Business / Career

Careers in the optical industry you wouldn’t have thought about

Most of us are familiar enough with the job of an optometrist – the friendly eye doctor who performs eye examinations at eyeglass stores and prescribes and fits contact lenses or glasses. As well as the doctor of optometry, who is highly trained as with any medical doctor and may […]

Long distance studying
Career / Technology

What tools do you need when studying from a distance?

Long distance study offers the chance for those to earn a degree who might not otherwise have been able to do so. Wherever you are, whatever your interests may be, distance education programs make it possible for you to spend time concentrating on what matters to you, improving your job […]

Business / Career

Can you survive as a freelancer?

When viewed from behind a desk in a large company or corporation, the idea of working independently as a freelancer or independent contractor can be a tempting one. The rewards can be great, not just in financial terms but also in terms of an improved lifestyle, as successful entrepreneurs create […]

Obesity and school grades
Career / Science

Obesity brings low grades in school

Obesity in girls is associated with lower academic performance throughout the course of adolescence, compared with peers who have normal weight, according to a new British scientific research. This is the largest study done to date on the relationship between obesity and performance of adolescents at school. Researchers from the […]

Business / Career

What professions will obliterate because of robots

It is an invisible force, listening to many names and terms like automation, artificial intelligence, technology, innovation and get ready for the best, the most favorite of all robots! Any term or word you choose, you will definitely have heard it used to describe incitement progress and job losses in […]

Wedding Photographer
Career / Photography

Cool Tips for Becoming a Wedding Photographer

Weddings and photography go hand in hand – but becoming a successful snapper in this realm requires much more than a bridesmaid-wooing smile and the ability to bark instructions to tipsy guests. Instead, to make it in this vertical you should be equipped with educational knowhow, personality, tenacity, a vivid […]

Crime Scene Clean-Up
Business / Career

How a Crime Scene Clean-Up Works

For grieving relatives, the prospect of mopping up a loved one’s bodily fluids after their death is undeniably disagreeable – this is why many devastated families turn to dedicated crime scene cleaning companies to complete the job on their behalf. If a particularly gruesome death, suicide or accident occurs on […]

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