Mad Max Interceptor

Perhaps the best hard drive ever made

The pitch black fighter of the movie series Mad Max, of course there’s no need for recommendations, as it is a category by itself. It follows therefore when a hard disk once its body only can be surprising, especially since we learned that the company that manufactured it transforms flash […]

Shiny objects

Why do shiny objects attract our attention?

From a glossy latest mobile technology to a dazzling diamond, the solitaire attraction we feel for smooth and shiny objects according to a new study, has always the same evolutionary roots. Our basic need for water. Can nowadays we subconsciously associate the shiny objects with the image of opulence and […]

Javier Lloret Rubik´s cube
Design / Travel

Converting a building into a Rubik’s Cube

Rubik’s Cube is considered one of the toughest puzzles in the world. Its power lies in its patience, the way of looking at you from multiple angles and showing insensitivity to be twisted with a gradual anxiety. It does not care about your logic or your sweat and when the […]

Ditology Project

Dito Von Tease and Ditology Project: portraits at your fingertips

Dito Von Tease is an artist of the fingers: his project Ditology in fact, which was born in 2009, Finger transforms simple finger tips into real works of art. No one escapes his – brilliant – creative mind : ‘ true ‘ portraits of the characters ( as Magritte or […]

Mockingbird Lager Beer
Design / Photography

Most Original and Creative Beer Bottles

1. Mockingbird Lager Beer Samantha Willey, is an illustrator and graphic designer who works as an Art Director and created these great designs for Mockingbird Lager beer, resulting in these beer bottles maintained to the last detail and making them collector’s items. 2. Hacienda beer La Hacienda brewery was born […]

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