Want More Comfort in Your Flight? How About Double Decker Sleep Pods?


One of the things that make people hate flying is the awkward and uncomfortable feeling they get when cramped in an economy class (because, obviously, business class is not that affordable) filled with people. And because you have to sit with at least two people you don’t know, sleeping can be quite a challenge, unless of course you have mastered the art of dozing off even in tight spaces. But traditional seating could soon be a thing of the past for frequent flyers.

A London-based design company came up with a seating arrangement that would solve all your flying woes.

Drum rolls please.

Introducing Air Lair. It’s the 3D seating design that’s aimed at providing all passengers maximum comfort and autonomy. Now imagine, cocoon-like pods stacked on top of each other. Inside these pods are ultra-comfortable airplane seats that allow you to from an upright position to lying flat. What’s more, each pod will be equipped with the latest technology to allow every passenger to be able to control their own lighting.


Plus, you’ll be able to watch your own favorite movie or TV series and even plug in your iProducts. On top of that, the double-decker design allows passengers to enjoy 30 percent more legroom. Wouldn’t that supposed to be the only way to travel several hours by air? Shouldn’t that be how airplanes should be decked right from the start? Yes, that would be the epitome of flying in total comfort and style.

This innovative and genius seating arrangement by created by factorydesign for Zodiac, providers of seating for airlines like British Airways. Directory of factorydesign Adam White explained that they came up with the design using the concept of honeycomb.

British Airways

When we were approached by Zodiac, they specifically wanted us to create something outside the ordinary, something that would be new.

But at the same time, we knew we wanted something that we felt had a genuine intelligence in terms of [use of space].”

So, do you think these pod-like seats are going to be worth your every penny?

A luxury hotel recreates poverty conditions for tourists


In the South African city of Bloemfonteine​​, a hotel chain called Emoya Luxury Hotel & Spa has adapted an apartment complex to simulate the South African villages where they live in misery. This complex, called The Shanty Town, has adopted the “Play to be poor for a while” slogan, and it’s designed for upper-class tourists who want to feel poor for a few days without sinking their feet in the mud.

Shanty Town scenario
The Shanty Town scenario

The “poor village” has 12 cottages that keep a poverty facade (with wood and tin houses), so that those ones who fantasize about being homeless for a few days don’t stop feeling the comfort. The surroundings and the history of the place were reconstructed following business purposes: the cabins are immersed in an waste environment (placed there as the attrezzo), the bathroom is out of the houses and tourists are encouraged to heat water in street bonfires.

The Shanty Town website says: “Now you can experience how it is to stay in a hut inside a private reserve. It is the only village in the world equipped with heating and Wi-Fi … The huts are ideal for teamwork, luxury themed parties or for havig a life experience. Our theme park is completely safe and child friendly.”

Slum-themed huts
Slum-themed huts

For an estimated per night of about $80 (150 thousand pesos), equivalent to half the South African average monthly salary, adults and children can spend a night in a similar cabin to the ones in poor areas of the country. The idea, according to Emoya Luxury Hotel, is to put the tourists in contact with poverty in South Africa.

But the experience is not quite complete because the cottages are located in a private space that belongs to the hotel. Here guests have electricity, internet access, heating, bathroom with shower, and other facilities.

Obviously, this kind of fiction meant for the rich to experience life like the poor got several criticisms. In particular, considering that in Africa the majority of the population lives in extreme poverty.

New Swedish Watches Are Out of This World, Literally


When you think about a watch of particularly high quality, what characteristics first spring to mind? What about water resistance? Precision? Or shock resistance perhaps? All this is true, but…

Swedish watchmaker Halda are now looking to raise the bar, creating something that we think is the closest you can get to being from a Bond movie, without actually being in a Bond movie!

Does Halda ring a bell? Not just a one trick pony, Halda has been manufacturing the Taximeter found in London cabs for decades, providing a super stable platform for millions of journeys in the world of mini-cabbing. Not yet impressed? Halda can also be held responsible for developing gear boxes for some of the world’s most famous high performance cars, including a portfolio of work for Porsche, Lamborghini, Bugatti and Maserati, to name but a few.

Not a bad CV so far then.

Swedish Watch
Swedish Watch

Riding on a wave of success, Halda decided to take things to the next level. The challenge was simple, to create a watch capable of operating under extreme environments. In this case, as a fully functioning space watch.

No, we’re being serious.

To tackle the challenge of having a watch suitable for both everyday use here on earth, with the ability to withstand some of the most extreme conditions known to man, Halda came up with a robust and easily interchangeable modular design.

This design incorporates both a mechanical interface for use on earth, with a futuristic digital module suitable for working in a zero gravity environment.

Halda's Futuristic watches
Halda’s Futuristic watches

Not just bells and whistles, Halda are serious about proving the capabilities of their Space Discovery watch. So much so, that every individual function of the watch has been designed and tested with NASA, this includes the on board G-Force sensors to the automatic light sensor that adjusts the backlight of the watch, depending on current atmospheric conditions. The watch was granted certification by astronauts after extensive testing in space.

The Space Discovery’s extreme capabilities are owed in part to the material which houses the watch itself. Tecamex is a material originally developed for military and space use, and is fully certified by NASA. In fact, it is the very first time this unique and ultra-resistant material has been used outside of the space programme.

Although you might not be likely to be a planning a space holiday anytime soon, it’s nice to know that it’s an option.

Don’t laugh, Virgin Galactic are already taking reservations for trips into space at $250,000 a pop! Not exactly a bargain in 2014, so we’ll probably give it a miss.

Halda Watches went on to create the equally impressive Halda Race Module which was built with the help of race engineers and tested by Formula 1 drivers. Halda combine the very latest modern technology with stunning design and functionality to create truly unbelievable timepieces. If you are looking for a watch with a difference, that looks incredibly stylish and offers precision timekeeping, then look no further than Halda watches.

One more thing…

James Bond called, he wants his watch back!

How to design a Ta Moko, the Maori tattoo


The Maori, the indigenous people of New Zealand, have a strong and long tradition of tattoos. Both men and women get tattoos, although only men receive the characteristic full face tattoos. A tattoo, or Ta Moko represents the social status of a person, family history, tribal affiliation and even marriage eligibility. The fact that a non-Maori wants to get a Ta Moko can be a touchy subject, so the design must be well thought out to avoid offense. Swirling and geometric patterns are made to stand out, but if you seek something more personal, here are 5 steps to design your very own Ta Moko:

Ta Moko
Ta Moko

1. Investigate thoroughly: disrespectful tattoos are the greatest risk for non-Maori people when they want that kind of tattoo. Since Maori tattoos are a form of identification, you should never copy an existing tattoo, cause that would be essentially stealing an identity. As we can see with other culturally significant body art, the chances of getting a tattoo with a pitiful meaning are high if some proper research hasn’t been done previously.

2. Choose the location for your tattoo: facial tattoos are the most common Maori designs. However, this might not be an eligible option for most people. The Maori also make full body tattoos, with areas such as the back, arms and breasts decorated with spiral designs. Consider your lifestyle when choosing the place for your tattoo, and make a design somewhere that can be easily covered with clothing. The location of your tattoo will dictate the type of design that is appropriate.

Ta Moko face
Ta Moko face

3. Work with a local artist to create the design of your tattoo: you may have to go outside your area, but there are many artists who are specialized in Maori designs. Working with a qualified artist will ensure that you get a proper respectful and meaningful tattoo able to represent you. Ask to see a sample of the artist’s work so you’ll know if your ability is up to par.

4. If the search for an artist in your area is too hard, look for a Maori tattoo artist from all around the world: get someone abroad for the design of the tattoo and a local artist to run it.

5. Consider the possibility of a Kirituhi tattoo design if you’re worried about the meaning of your tattoo: initially, Kirituhi were painted on the body with charcoal. Nowadays, they have experienced a modern revival, being tattooed on the skin. These tattoos are inspired by Ta Moko, but have no real meaning. Thus, you’ll get all the aesthetic benefits of a Maori tattoo without the cultural problems.

The movies you should watch this summer


Some great movies are coming on theatres or are already out this summer, so let’s take a look at the ones you shouldn’t miss.

If you love drama, love and romance the you should definitely watch a great movie of this kind with your partner, called The Fault in our Stars, which also happens to be a book adaption. If on the other hand don’t like this kind, then there is the Edge of Tomorrow, for anyone wondering whether Tom Cruise will save the world or not.

Edge of Tomorrow
Edge of Tomorrow

How To Train Your Dragon 2 is also out and has a huge fanbase on it. Amazing animation and a great story, it has to top your to-watch list.

How to train your dragon 2
How to train your dragon 2

In a comedy with emphasis on spurs, Charlize Theron is a good reason to go to the movies for A thousand ways to die in the West, the comedy by Seth MacFarlane. Grab your friends and have fun!

The big hit of the summer is out and rolling! Transformers: Age of Extinction has already set its records for its opening weekend. The fourth robot film promises fast-paced action with the excellent Mark Wahlberg in the title role.

Transformers 4: Age of Extinction
Transformers 4: Age of Extinction

Perhaps the most anticipated films of this summer season is the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, the new Planet of the Apes that comes to theaters on July 16. Everything you need for an unpredictable summer night out, along with Gary Oldman.

Dawn in the Planet of Apes
Dawn of the Planet of Apes

If you love history and want to see labors and wars, on his second film appearance this year comes Hercules: The Thracian Wars, coming out on July 24.

Hercules: The Thracian Wars
Hercules: The Thracian Wars

Summer requires laxity, carelessness and laughter. Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel can guarantee you that, because their Sex tape will be like no any other. So rush to enjoy shocking situations full of misunderstandings and laughter

Sex Tape
Sex Tape

Finally, a movie to enjoy with the kids is Planes: Fire and Rescue. Our beloved Dusty, now has gets a new target. That is to have even more fun adventures.

By +Nikos Kontorigas

Building your boy cave


There seems to be no end of design ideas for a girl’s perfect bedroom, but what about the boys? From football crazy to the great outdoors, you can really let your imagination run wild when it comes to ideas for decorating your son’s bedroom. To adults, a bedroom is a place to relax, a haven of retreat with a color scheme to match, but your son has other ideas about his room – filled with adventure and play, a space he can call his own. You want the room to be functional and easy to tidy: he wants a den to retreat into, and a place to stash all his figures and gaming equipment. Add a touch of imagination and you can both get what you want!

Go wild with an elevated bed

Elevated beds are perfect for young boy’s bedroom. Not only does he get to clamber into bed every night into his own little den, but there is also another enclosed space underneath suitable for a desk, wardrobe or cushion-covered reading area. With the right color scheme and accessories, this room design can easily be transformed into a safari camping theme. Raised beds offer a practical all-in-one space ideal for small bedrooms, and the extra height can be used to create the ultimate adventure camp setting.

Boy cave
Boy cave

Tap into children’s interests

If your son is a sport fanatic, incorporate this into the room design with cool wall stickers, baseball or football-themed accessories, pillows and cushions and a color scheme inspired by his favorite team’s colors. Or encourage his love of science and astronomy with a space-themed bedroom complete with planetary lampshade and cool solar system ceiling design. Today’s furniture stores have plenty of great items that are specially designed for kids and their interests.

Don’t forget he’s going to grow up

Remember too how quickly boys grow up, so look to the future and don’t make it too childish – get a bed that extends as the child grows and neutral, module furniture that can change usage as your child grows up. Use bold, ‘grown-up colors’ like navy and dark grey and neutral and drapes that he won’t curse you for the first time he invites a friend to play.

Create a multifunctional space

Remember to keep it practical and multifunctional: don’t just create a space for gaming but also one that encourages reading, with a desk for homework. Buy a cabin bed with plenty of built-in storage space underneath it. Bunk beds are also a great investment, even for an only child, as they offer plenty of room for the many sleepovers to come. Utilize the vertical space – the walls – even if the room is relatively large: provide plenty of storage areas and perhaps you might even encourage your son to tidy up!

If two boys are sharing, try to incorporate both of their interests into the room. Rather than just dividing the space up between them, try to bring them into a common ground that will encourage sharing and playing together.

A guide to buying sexy lingerie for the first time


Sooner or later, everybody wants to try something a little bit daring. Perhaps it’s a surprise for that special someone or perhaps it’s just about feeling desirable. Whatever the reason, shopping for sexy lingerie often makes people nervous at first, but there’s no need to jump in at the deep end. Internet shopping means it’s possible to make purchases discreetly and try out a number of styles to find out what really works.

Shopping discreetly

Using the Internet, it’s possible to explore the different kinds of lingerie available without having to do so in public. Traditional catalogs can also be used for this. Most mail order companies are very discreet about packaging so the delivery company will have no idea what their parcels contain. For those who really prefer to shop in person, lingerie stores tend to have well trained staff that understand the awkwardness involved and will help to ensure it all goes smoothly.

First time shopping
First time shopping

Styles to try

There are many different styles of lingerie to try and it’s possible to find something to suit any body type. Newcomers may want to start out with bra and panty sets, perhaps adding stockings for a little extra glamour, or ease into simple satin slips or teddies. For a more dramatic look, a bustier or corset can enhance the cleavage. Simple camisoles can look stunning on toned bodies while a babydoll gown can enhance a good set of curves.

Although some catalogs may only feature size 6 models, it’s easy to find plus size sexy lingerie and chemises either in specialist stores or simply by asking in the standard ones. Lots of larger women like to look good in lingerie and designers are producing some striking styles especially for them.

Things to consider

The first thing people pay attention to with lingerie is its visual impact, but it’s also important to consider how it’s made. Many types of lingerie come under a lot of strain when worn so they need to have strong seams and sturdy fastenings. Fabric under strain will last longer if it has a bit of elasticity. In loose garments and trims, delicate fabrics are often prized, but they shouldn’t be so delicate that they risk tearing. Lace trimming should not be scratchy and boning should be securely held in place so there’s no risk of it poking out.

If buying corsetry, it’s important to consider the mechanics of getting in and out of it. Will assistance be needed? Will it be possible to lace it up at the front and then turn it round before tightening it? Some lingerie stores offer to fit corsets so they’re just right for individual shoppers. This ensures that they not only look their best but also give proper support where it’s needed.

Lingerie always looks at its best when worn with confidence. It may take a while to achieve this, but wearing something sexy gives many shy women a real confidence boot. It can bring out a side of them that they didn’t know was there.

Cool videos offer definitive guide to bingo lingo


Jargon and indecipherable text can infiltrate many areas of our lives – from technical manuals to assembly instructions for furniture. But what about the world of gaming and fun? Bingo has been a popular game for sometime but even here it seems that jargon has managed to take root – until now!

A series of videos being released by Costa Bingo are finding ways to map the full bingo dialogue so that we can finally enjoy a definitive guide to the bingo lingo. Videos will be produced for all 90 bingo calls with a number of them already live on YouTube and this will provide the ultimate resource for newcomers wanting to get to grips with the game.

The best bit is the videos help to provide visual reminders and cues for those looking to learn the lingo – much more effective than simply listing the answers! The videos were also produced by everyday people like you and me, not by a corporate body, so they have a real natural feel to them that makes them a pleasure to watch.

I’m a particular fan of this video – for number 32: buckle my shoe – it’s a simple concept but it works!

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