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Save Money without Having to Clip Coupons
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Save Money without Having to Clip Coupons

Clipping coupons for a bit of discount is not only an age-old practice, but can also be a waste of time. This is because you could lose the savings you’re supposed to get with the amount of time it takes you to find them. So instead of stressing yourself out […]

Ladbrokes Jaguar Infographic
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What can you get for £50?

What can you get for £50 around the world? From 714 litres of petrol in Venezuela to a single cup of coffee in Indonesia £50 will go a little, or a very long way. Where ever you go though there are always going to be bargains to be found. With […]

Unconventional Furniture
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Unconventional Designer Pieces For Your Home

Home décor is an important means of us expressing our tastes, personalities and passions, furthermore, it is a wonderful way to make a house a home, those quirks, twists, and unusual pieces are what make us stand out from the rest. However, in a world where nearly every home store […]

Business Partnership
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Researching Potential Business Partnerships

A business partnership resembles a marriage. Each party has to have full trust in the other and there should be no secrets which could potentially bring about a premature end to proceedings. Basically, you need to know everything you can about your partner. In the case of marriage and civil […]

Mercedes S63 AMG Coupe
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The New Mercedes S63 AMG Coupe Set to Make a Splash in New York

The New York Auto Show is scheduled to take place in April this year, and one of the undeniable stars of the show is expected to be the brand new Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG 4Matic Coupe. Details have recently been revealed ahead of this debut, to help build anticipation for what […]

Social media can help your business grow
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Benefits of social networks on your business

With the explosive emergence of social networks today and the rapid expansion they are having (Facebook is prowling a whopping 700 million users and Twitter has reached 145 million users ), it is normal for companies to start being interested in participating in social networks. But as usual, many questions […]

Ferrari red all over
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Cool places to visit in Abu Dhabi

A trip to Abu Dhabi will leave you speechless. Everything here seems accurate and calculated in every detail. This Arab Emirate, one of seven that make up the United Arab Emirates is the largest and is also the capital of the UAE. With its enormous oil wealth this city is the richest on the planet. Huge skyscrapers, […]

Commuters getting hot and bothered by taking the train
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Commuters getting hot and bothered by taking the train

Little or no personal space, too hot or cold and having to stand for large periods of time – if you regularly use the train to commute into work, then chances are you’ll be more than familiar with these experiences. If you can relate to having to race for the […]

Champagne Wine Regions
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Upstaged | Touring the Champagne Wine Region

In the north east of France, about a hundred miles from Paris, there’s a region that offers a product which has perhaps become more famous than its place of origin. It’s ironic that the most famous wine of all comes from the very periphery of the wine-growing world, Champagne. A […]

Saatchi Gallery
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Google and Saatchi Art teamed up to create a new award

Google+ users may have noticed that the social media network has recently released an all new tool for use on their site. The tool is being termed Motion, which has already drawn in attention from many people out there. It will effectively allow people to put together a string of […]

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