Dito Von Tease and Ditology Project: portraits at your fingertips


Dito Von Tease is an artist of the fingers: his project Ditology in fact, which was born in 2009, Finger transforms simple finger tips into real works of art.

Ditology Project
Ditology Project

No one escapes his – brilliant – creative mind : ‘ true ‘ portraits of the characters ( as Magritte or the Mona Lisa ) , historical figures ( Garibaldi, Che Guevara ) , through political figures of all persuasions Italian and international ( Nichi Vendola, Berlusconi Obama) , toys ( Barbie ) , musicians ( Gene Simmons of Kiss, but also Mozart) , ‘ technological ‘ (Steve Jobs , Mark Zuckerberg ) to the vagaries of any kind ( the inflatable doll – finger) .

Finger hides behind a young art director, illustrator and graphic Italian designer in Bologna, that during all these years has garnered unanimous praise around the world:

“I decided to create my Facebook account I wanted it to be a virtual space free from relatives, colleagues and – not – real friends. That’s why I decided to create an Italian avatar. In someone could say that I have wanted to ‘ hide behind a finger ‘ is a metaphor for a place to hide is not very effective. My desire to hide from real life made ​​me reflect on the identity of the people and on my own. So I used the image of a finger, to suggest that we all try to hide behind an image created by us. This is my finger: the representation of the different masks that all wear to ‘ act ‘ in life, perhaps to preserve the fragile uniqueness of our individual fingerprint”

If you would like to also try your hand in the creation of a custom ‘ finger ‘, there is also an app for that purpose.

5 Cool Tips: How to Make the Most of Your Warehouse Space


A warehouse is built to house large numbers of products, that much is obvious, but during particularly slow sales periods or when your firm spots a bargain and bulk buys items at a discount, finding enough space on the warehouse floor has the potential to become a real pain point.


Typically, there are three reasons for space shortages occurring in your warehouse, including having large amounts of the right stock, having too much of the wrong stock and utilising your existing floor space poorly. As a result, it’s important to strike the right balance in order to move the firm forward.

But what happens when you run out of space altogether and moving to a new, larger and sexier warehouse simply isn’t an option? Well, aside from trying to get rid of your current merchandise, take a look at our five simple steps to maximising space in the warehouse …

Mezzanine Flooring

Normally installed by mezzanine floor specialists, this type of product is often used in warehouses, distribution centres, manufacturing plants and airports, allowing for better use of space and helping firms to save money and boost profits. Typically freestanding, the system is installed between two permanent stories and constructed from steel, fibreglass and aluminium.

Temporary Storage

When your warehouse is overflowing with merchandise, it can often pay to invest in temporary storage solutions to house your goods. However, this option can often be costly, but may be the only option if your inventory is high for a reason (seasonal demand, for example) and the expected profit is more than enough to cover your costs.

Tunnel Rack

By using the space over your warehouse cross aisles, you can create more storage space with back-to-back racks, which should boost capacity by five to 10 per cent. If you’re utilising this method, though, be careful to add in pallet decking or netting to prevent items falling overboard and injuring unsuspecting employees below.

Sort Out Your Existing Inventory

If you have an abundance of stock, one of the best ways to improve warehouse space is to manage your existing inventory properly. This means having access to real-time information about all products, with a warehouse management system (WMS) an integral part of allowing you to maintain inventory and drill into all associated data.

Learn To Improve

Although the changes above will help free up space in your warehouse, over time the same problems can creep back managed badly. Additionally, it’s important to realise that concerns over space can overtake other issues like the health and safety of your employees and warehouse efficiency, which are also extremely important in ensuring the long term success of the company.

Why do shiny objects attract our attention?


From a glossy latest mobile technology to a dazzling diamond, the solitaire attraction we feel for smooth and shiny objects according to a new study, has always the same evolutionary roots. Our basic need for water. Can nowadays we subconsciously associate the shiny objects with the image of opulence and luxury, but in reality according to American and Belgian scientists, our tendency to choose is based on our natural desire for the liquid element. Researchers from the University of Houston in USA and University of Ghent, Belgium, took the idea for their study of an earlier, had been involved in children aged up to 12 months. As was seen, babies tend to mouthed only and not glossy matte objects and lick manner which referred to the manner in which the animals drink water from a pond.

Shiny objects
Shiny objects

In order to see what happens, experts decided to conduct six different experiments. In the first phase was to see whether the choice of a shiny object was a natural reaction and not social reasons. In this context, adult use flyers in matte and glossy quality to choose. In children granted again booklets released by Santa Claus. In both cases the volunteers, young and old, chose the glossy quality. Experts believe that the choice of the children had more weight because of their youth, as they could have knowledge and experiences that may be clouded the end result.

In the next phase, the researchers blindfolded 46 volunteers and then in half gave a piece of matte paper and the other half a piece of glossy paper and asked them to comment on the quality. Despite the fact that they could not see it, the volunteers kept glossy paper rushed to characterize high quality and impressive.

Shiny objects
Shiny objects

In the same experiment, experts called for more of the blind participants indicate a landscape imagined it could be shown on the paper were holding. Those who held the glossy paper tended to describe landscapes with water, suggesting a link between quality and glossy liquid element.

This study indicates that our preference for shiny objects, could be well rooted in human existence, says researcher Vanessa Patrick of the University of Houston. It is really impressive that despite our evolution as a species, we feel the same attraction towards objects that awaken our basic needs, which in this case is our need for water, she concludes. The findings of scientists, will be published in the journal, Journal of Consumer Psychology.

By Nicole P.

Flights of fantasy — the world’s 5 coolest airport landings


Even seasoned air travellers are occasionally struck with childlike awe as they enjoy a bird’s eye view of spectacular scenery.

This is often the moment Brits leaving Blighty finally switch from the efficient mode required for packing bags and checking into the chilled-out state conducive to R and R.

With that in mind, here are the world’s five coolest airport landings.

Edinburgh Airport

While landing at Edinburgh you might catch a terrific view of the trio of iconic bridges that symbolise over a century of Scottish civil engineering ingenuity.

image source: here

The Forth Bridge, Forth Road Bridge and Queensferry Crossing elegantly span the River Forth and connect east central Scotland to the rest of the country.

The Forth Bridge has stood solid since 1890 — 24 years before the St Petersburg-Tampa Airboat line became the world’s first passenger airline service.

Top service at Edinburgh airport: its relatively small-scale compared to competitors means you’ll find some of the UK’s most convenient airport parking.

Princess Juliana International Airport

Princess Juliana International Airport in tropical St Martin features one of the world’s most mind-blowing approaches.

image source: here

Landing at St Martin involves skirting low over the Caribbean waves then skipping over the heads of sunbathers at Maho beach before finally finding solid ground on the runway.

The airport’s been repaired after recent hurricane damage — good news for travellers who appreciate an adrenalin rush before topping up their tans.

Top service at Princess Juliana Airport: tuck into a succulent burger with a Caribbean twist at Johney Burger before setting off to your hotel.

Donegal Airport

The landing at Donegal Airport was recently voted the world’s most beautiful in a PrivateFly poll.

image source: here

Approaching planes soar over picture postcard cottages that pepper the green hillsides and the rugged Atlantic coastline featured in the Star Wars movie series.

But if you think you’ve spotted Luke Skywalker milking a space sea cow on the rocks below, go easy on the inflight alcohol.

Top service at Donegal Airport: you’ll find one of Ireland’s best pints of the black stuff at nearby Bonners Bar in Mullaghduff.

Nice Cote d’Azur Airport

Artists like Picasso and Matisse praised the unique quality of light in the French Riviera — when you’re approaching Nice Cote d’Azur on a sunny day, you’ll understand why.

image source: here

The turquoise Mediterranean and pastel blue sky is split seductively by the rolling hills and rocky promontories of the Cap d’Antibes and Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat — instantly evoking a sense of endless summer.

Top service at Nice Cote d’Azur: if you’re travelling onwards to Monaco and want to arrive in style, make the most glamorous airport transfer possible by hopping on board a helicopter taxi.

London City Airport

Landing at London City Airport tests the mettle of the most able commercial pilots.

image source: here

You’ll whizz pass the London Eye, the Shard, the 02 Arena, the Thames and Tower Bridge before touching down on a short, narrow runway in the middle of the bustling metropolis.

Whether you’re visiting London for business or pleasure, this stunning landing preps you perfectly for whatever lies ahead.

Top service at London City: pamper yourself with a massage at Aerospa, one of the best boutique beauty parlours in the capital.

These flights of fantasy combine the marvels of air travel with the unique vibes of your favourite destinations — make sure you take them in next time you travel.

What’s your favourite airport approach? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

Ideas for cool modern kitchen areas


Composed of clean lines and elegant finishes, modern kitchen focuses on one function, to facilitate the preparation and cooking of food in open areas. A combination of natural and synthetic materials are mixed with a palette of colors ranging from neutral to bold to make a modern style kitchen. So before you buy kitchen appliances for your kitchen you should first keep reading to find out what you can do to make your kitchen more modern before putting it to use.


The colour palette for a modern kitchen goes from a range of bright colors to neutral tones. The tones you can consider using with this style are red, orange, turquoise, emerald green, black, silver, cream and white. Your best bet is to choose a combination of two to four and incorporate these colours throughout the space, on walls, on the kitchen counter, on the floor, in closets and even inside the devices. For example, you can choose black, silver and white for major items, such as cabinets and countertops, and use one of the boldest tone accents to give the room decoration a touch of colour.

Modern Kitchen
Modern Kitchen


Natural stone is a popular choice for modern kitchen counters, offering a sleek, clean design and a bright appearance. Granite and marble are perhaps the best materials to choose from when it comes to stone, as they are durable and able to withstand wear and tear from exposure to heat and water when cooking. These stones come in a variety of colors that work well with a modern design, such as black, gray and beige. The disadvantage of these natural stones is that they can be expensive. If you have a limited budget, ceramic tiles can be a better option for you as it, too, is a durable material and comes in a variety of colors that work with modern designs. Stainless steel countertops give your kitchen a unique cutting edge look.

Modern Kitchen Decor
Modern Kitchen Decor


When choosing kitchen cabinets, clean lines are the key. Wood such as maple or oak is ideal. Another option is black or white laminate cabinets. The doors of frosted or clear glass that open from the bottom are attractive options for upper cabinets. Install handles or drawer handles of brushed nickel or stainless steel. The floor to ceiling cupboards add continuous space that is a key feature of modern design lines.


The stainless steel appliances are now the latest trend in modern kitchen design, but the black and white appliances also work well in this design. Place a French door refrigerator with a freezer on the bottom. If your kitchen requires an electric stove, install one with a smooth coating. A large fan placed on the stove serves as a focal point and gives the kitchen a professional look. The modern social kitchen by Fisher and Paykel combines all the above and is a great example.

Understanding the Dangerous Trend of Adderall Addiction in the Workplace


Business professionals at every level can benefit from learning more about the dangerous trend of Adderall addiction in the workplace. For some employees, Adderall addiction is an old habit started in the college days. In an attempt to gain an edge in the workplace, a number of adults are ADHD prescriptions lie Vyvanse, Concerta, and Adderall.

The increasing level of competition and pressure to perform is what drives many employees to use these stimulants.

Why Employees Turn to Adderall Many employees use Adderall to help with working longer hours. Adderall helps prevent the mind from wandering as time passes. This becomes an even higher priority when there is a project or presentation with a looming deadline. Working long hours with minimum sleep will eventually catch up to just about anyone. With more and more responsibilities and limited time to get them done, any are turning to Adderall to avoid appearing as though they can’t keep up.

How Adderall Effects Employees

Adderall and similar medications help people with ADHD feel calmer and more focused by balancing the chemicals in their brain. However, these ADHD medications can have the opposite effect they’re intended for when used by people without the disorder. The average person may begin to feel more anxious and less focused after taking these types of medications. A loss of appetite and trouble sleeping are also side effects associated with taking ADHD medication that’s not prescribed.

The side effects associated with misusing Adderall can quickly interfere with work, causing employees to be less productive and struggle to function properly or think clearly. Continued or increased use of these ADHD medications can quickly develop into dependency and ultimately, addiction. Once addiction sets in, the employee will have to endure withdrawal symptoms if they try to stop taking the Adderall.

Struggling with withdrawals and the recurring pressure to perform at work is what keeps many employees relapsing with their Adderall abuse. Some adults will go as far as to fake symptoms in order to get an Adderall prescription from their physician. Many doctors will write the prescription with going through the full evaluation, battery of tests or possible alternatives. Otherwise, adults are likely to get the Adderall from a friend, coworker or drug dealer.

The Dangers of Adderall Adderall is usually swallowed, snorted, injected or chewed. The more serious side effects associated with Adderall abuse include extreme paranoia, seizures, irregular heart rate and cardiac arrest. The DEA classifies Adderall as a Schedule II drug due to the rampant abuse and volume of medical emergencies associated with the stimulant. Adderall can be described as a prescription amphetamine with effects similar to the stimulant cocaine.

The Schedule II classification means Adderall has medical purposes but also poses a high risk of dependency and abuse. However, adults will use this drug regularly in an attempt to get ahead or get more done than they would otherwise be capable of doing. Unfortunately, the US is at the point where Adderall abuse is becoming fairly common in the workplace. Fortunately, there are a number of signs indicating when Adderall abuse starts becoming an issue in the workplace.

Detecting Adderall Abuse in the Workplace Adderall use may become increasingly open and discussed in the workplace. Decision-making abilities eventually become impaired and employees begin struggling with tempering their thoughts and emotions when appropriate. The morale of other employees can begin to suffer, then the quality of work or volume of sales may begin declining as well.

Physical exhaustion that causes employees to struggle with staying awake, remembering important details or moving about the office normally may be a symptom of Adderall addiction. Agitation, lack of focus and violent behavior are common side effects for individuals going through Adderall withdrawal. The violent behavior is more common for people who’ve been using Adderall regularly. Friends and coworkers will notice these changes in mood occur rather suddenly.

It’s helpful to be open, honest and direct about addressing these issues in the workplace. Holding meeting with open discussion and collaboration on making action plans is a great way to protect employees from the dangers Adderall poses to the workplace. Raising awareness, responding immediately and acting proactively can help prevent Adderall from negatively impacting employees and the work.

How to design a Ta Moko, the Maori tattoo


The Maori, the indigenous people of New Zealand, have a strong and long tradition of tattoos. Both men and women get tattoos, although only men receive the characteristic full face tattoos. A tattoo, or Ta Moko represents the social status of a person, family history, tribal affiliation and even marriage eligibility. The fact that a non-Maori wants to get a Ta Moko can be a touchy subject, so the design must be well thought out to avoid offense. Swirling and geometric patterns are made to stand out, but if you seek something more personal, here are 5 steps to design your very own Ta Moko:

Ta Moko
Ta Moko

1. Investigate thoroughly: disrespectful tattoos are the greatest risk for non-Maori people when they want that kind of tattoo. Since Maori tattoos are a form of identification, you should never copy an existing tattoo, cause that would be essentially stealing an identity. As we can see with other culturally significant body art, the chances of getting a tattoo with a pitiful meaning are high if some proper research hasn’t been done previously.

2. Choose the location for your tattoo: facial tattoos are the most common Maori designs. However, this might not be an eligible option for most people. The Maori also make full body tattoos, with areas such as the back, arms and breasts decorated with spiral designs. Consider your lifestyle when choosing the place for your tattoo, and make a design somewhere that can be easily covered with clothing. The location of your tattoo will dictate the type of design that is appropriate.

Ta Moko face
Ta Moko face

3. Work with a local artist to create the design of your tattoo: you may have to go outside your area, but there are many artists who are specialized in Maori designs. Working with a qualified artist will ensure that you get a proper respectful and meaningful tattoo able to represent you. Ask to see a sample of the artist’s work so you’ll know if your ability is up to par.

4. If the search for an artist in your area is too hard, look for a Maori tattoo artist from all around the world: get someone abroad for the design of the tattoo and a local artist to run it.

5. Consider the possibility of a Kirituhi tattoo design if you’re worried about the meaning of your tattoo: initially, Kirituhi were painted on the body with charcoal. Nowadays, they have experienced a modern revival, being tattooed on the skin. These tattoos are inspired by Ta Moko, but have no real meaning. Thus, you’ll get all the aesthetic benefits of a Maori tattoo without the cultural problems.

A luxury hotel recreates poverty conditions for tourists


In the South African city of Bloemfonteine​​, a hotel chain called Emoya Luxury Hotel & Spa has adapted an apartment complex to simulate the South African villages where they live in misery. This complex, called The Shanty Town, has adopted the “Play to be poor for a while” slogan, and it’s designed for upper-class tourists who want to feel poor for a few days without sinking their feet in the mud.

Shanty Town scenario
The Shanty Town scenario

The “poor village” has 12 cottages that keep a poverty facade (with wood and tin houses), so that those ones who fantasize about being homeless for a few days don’t stop feeling the comfort. The surroundings and the history of the place were reconstructed following business purposes: the cabins are immersed in an waste environment (placed there as the attrezzo), the bathroom is out of the houses and tourists are encouraged to heat water in street bonfires.

The Shanty Town website says: “Now you can experience how it is to stay in a hut inside a private reserve. It is the only village in the world equipped with heating and Wi-Fi … The huts are ideal for teamwork, luxury themed parties or for havig a life experience. Our theme park is completely safe and child friendly.”

Slum-themed huts
Slum-themed huts

For an estimated per night of about $80 (150 thousand pesos), equivalent to half the South African average monthly salary, adults and children can spend a night in a similar cabin to the ones in poor areas of the country. The idea, according to Emoya Luxury Hotel, is to put the tourists in contact with poverty in South Africa.

But the experience is not quite complete because the cottages are located in a private space that belongs to the hotel. Here guests have electricity, internet access, heating, bathroom with shower, and other facilities.

Obviously, this kind of fiction meant for the rich to experience life like the poor got several criticisms. In particular, considering that in Africa the majority of the population lives in extreme poverty.