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Think of the positive aspects of traveling above the clouds

Tips to beat your fear of flying

What’s your favorite means of transport for your holidays? The answers vary, and among them, you will definitely come across someone who says that he’s afraid of flying with an aeroplane for many reasons. Traveling around the world is one the best experiences you can live and, to reach some […]

Moving House
Decor / Finance

Big Move? Top Tips to Prepare for Moving House

Moving house can be one of the most stressful times in a person’s life, which is why it’s crucial that you’re adequately prepared. Here are some top tips designed to prepare you for the big move. Get Rid of Clutter You’ll want to reduce the cost of moving as much […]

Feng Shui Home tips

6 must know feng shui tips before purchasing a house

Some homes just feel good don’t they? They are filled with positive energy bringing you calms and peace of mind. The art of Fens Shui has been looking for ways to introduce more of this positive energy into the house for centuries. Before you buy a house, here are six […]

It's time to get tanned!
Entertainment / Travel

Tips on getting the perfect tan during your beach holidays

It’s summer time! Everyone is already on holidays or planning their next excursion on the beach. What’s more attractive than a great tan during the summer? Read on for some great tips on how to achieve the perfect tan and protect yourself during your beach holidays! Save yourself from sunburn […]

Bathroom decor

5 Tips You Should Read Before Giving Your Bathroom a Face Lift

One room in every house that can often run the risk of looking dated and old is the bathroom. Used more regularly and by more people than any other room in your house, it’s always great to know that your bathroom is both user friendly and looks great too. We’ve […]

Ok, now from the other side

Feel refreshed and recharge your batteries following these simple tips

Do you always feel tired after working long hours in the office and a cup of coffee or a strong espresso are not enough? There are things you can do to replenish the energy lost and, in fact, not lose it at all throughout the day! Read on to find […]

The Eiffel Tower, Paris

Tips on saving money on traveling in Europe

Traveling today is a luxury that fewer and fewer people can afford given the high cost that stays require, in addition to the growing prices of planes and ferries. Taking some steps, however, can save you some money, especially for the younger ones who are best able to fit compared […]

What's yours?

Strong passwords | Tips on how to create them

It seems that passwords like password or 123456 are still used by many computers users as a means of not forgeting their account information. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t use the same simple password for all your online accounts. The best way of securing your account is by […]

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