10 Cool places to visit in San Diego


Planning a trip to San Diego and want to know some of the best places to visit?

If so, you’ll find the must-visit attractions from the most beautiful beaches to the best places for views and photographs in this guide. So, it’s time to start searching for one of the best San Diego luxury homes to suit your interests and start planning your trip now.

1# La Jolla

San Diego has a few beaches, but few are better than La Jolla, or ‘the jewel’ in English. The cliffs are behind the beach with the warm waters lapping against the sand making one of the prettiest spots in the city. Lots of upscale restaurants are near the beach with a selection of fresh seafood and cold beer or wine. Popular activities include surfing, cycling and kayaking.

2# Balboa Park

Looking for a scenic spot to relax for a few hours or to try out your new camera? Head down to Balboa Park. Trees and gardens surround the buildings along with a few fountains. A total of eight gardens make up the park and a further 15 museums are inside along with cycle paths, a carousel and the San Diego Zoo. Most people will spend at least an hour or two at Balboa Park, which makes an ideal day out for families.

3# San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo first opened more than 100 years ago. Thousands of animals live in enclosures that closely mimic their natural habitats. Visitors can see giant pandas, koala bears and the rare albino constrictors. The adjoining botanical garden is also worth exploring for the collection of more than 700,000 endemic and exotic plants.

4# Cabrillo National Monument

Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo goes down in history as the first European explorer to sail along the coast of California. The monument itself is located 16 kilometres (10 miles) from San Diego at Point Loma. But, making the long journey is worthwhile for the spectacular views. On a clear day, there are good views of San Diego in the distance and Coronado. You can also hike along the trails such as Bayside Trail to get down to the sea. If you’re in the city, visiting the monument is a must. Most tourists rate this as the best view in San Diego. Expect to pay $10 if you drive and $5 admission for people on foot.

5# Sunset Cliffs

The Sunset Cliffs, as the name suggests, is San Diego’s best location to watch the sunset. Located near the Cabrillo Monument, the cliffs extended for almost 3 kilometres with a trail nearby to stroll along. Most visitors come and see the monument in the early evening just for the sunset. Others come earlier in the afternoon and spend the rest of the day at one of the secluded beaches nearby. If you do want to visit for the sunset, a top tip is to try to come during the weekdays. Locals always come on weekends making it feel very crowded.

6# La Jolla Cove

Near La Jolla Beach is the picturesque Jolla Cove. The beach may not be the best, but that’s not the reason people come. La Jolla Cove’s main attraction are the clear waters, an abundance of marine life and the endless opportunities for snorkelling. The area is ecologically protected, and it’s not uncommon for sea lions to swim near the rocks. Admission is free, and the area is open 24 hours every day. Parking and changing facilities are available. Just beware that because the cove is small, it can get busy very quickly.

7# Potato Chip Rock

Looking for a workout or a challenge on your trip to San Diego? If you answered yes, check out Potato Chip Rock. A tough uphill trail leads you through the hills as you walk towards the rock at the top. Make the effort and you’ll have fantastic views of San Diego. A favourite activity with tourists is to have their photograph taken next to the rock. As you can imagine, this can cause congestion near the top during peak hours.

8# SeaWorld San Diego

As with most destinations in the United States, San Diego has its own theme park, SeaWorld. Inside the giant complex, you’ll find a total of 26 different habitats with turtles, sharks and dolphins among others. There are 15 roller-coasters too providing fun for you and the family. Depending on what time of the day you visit, you may be able to catch one of the 20 different shows.

9# Blacks Beach

Blacks Beach may not be for everyone. For a start, it’s quite secluded, and you need to make a lot of effort to get there. But the biggest reason you may or may not want to visit is that Blacks Beach is San Diego’s famous nudist beach. If you’re up for a bit of sunbathing in a clothing-optional environment to get rid of those tan lines, this will be the perfect place to spend an afternoon.

10# Coronado Island

Coronado Island is a small strip of land that stretches between the Pacific Ocean and San Diego Bay. The island, that’s not an island but rather a peninsula, has a little downtown area with a few hotels and a relaxed atmosphere. Some of the bars have the best views of the Pacific, and you’ll see a fraction of the tourists compared to other beaches in the area.

The Hottest Spots in San Diego

Regardless of if you’re here to spend a few days on the beach, hike along the trails or visit the zoo and SeaWorld, San Diego is sure to make an excellent destination for any holiday you’re looking for.

5 Things You Shouldn’t Miss In Sydney


Australia is full of really cool places to visit. You could almost fly into one of the cities without a real travel plan laid out, start exploring, and still have an amazing vacation. But it’s generally a good idea to at least have some ideas in mind, particularly as concerns the top cities. This site has posted previously about the joys of Melbourne, and in this piece we’ll be turning our attention toward probably the only other Australian city as famous: Sydney, the capital of New South Wales and host city for the 2000 Olympic Games.

In any city this big and famous, and in this interesting a place, there’s enough to do to make your head spin. But to help narrow things down and hopefully show a diverse range of activity, we’re highlighting five things you really shouldn’t miss if you spend time there.

1. The Beaches

Sydney is known for its beaches, and it’s not all about Bondi Beach (which is probably the most famous of the bunch). As another travel writer put it, this city has a beach for everyone, whether you’re looking for a crowded cultural experience, a place to try your hand at surfing, or more secluded beauty.

Manly Beach is a great option if you’re looking for something visually impressive, Bondi is the place to go for the classic Sydney experience, and Bronte is a nice option if you’d like a little bit of a more relaxing time out. But the overall point is to make sure you set time aside to visit a beach or two, because Sydney is right up there with Rio de Janeiro as far as cities where beaches are the main attractions.

2. The Rocks

The Rocks is not a single attraction, but rather a neighbourhood in the city, and effectively Sydney’s “old town.” Quaint, old-fashioned, and historic, it’s just a very pleasant place to wander.

There are famous old pubs, buildings that hail from British settlements in the 1800s, and beautiful views of the water and some of the city’s best sights. You can find specific recommendations of establishments to check out at The Rocks, but we’d recommend simply exploring loosely.

3. The Harbour Bridge

Aside from the Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is perhaps the city’s most famous landmark, and it’s actually quite striking. It extends from quite close to the Opera House out over the harbour and far enough that it actually holds the title of world’s largest steel arch bridge.

You can walk or drive across the bridge just for the experience and the views of the surrounding city and waters. But the real way to experience it is through the “BridgeClimb,” which allows you to actually trek up the arches. It’s a little bit daunting if you have a problem with heights, of course, but otherwise it’s a fantastic and beautiful adventure, and something you’ll be glad to say you did after the fact.

4. The Star

This is the biggest casino in Sydney, and not something we might ordinarily recommend. In-person casinos in generally are a bit out of vogue, thanks to all the alternative options people now enjoy.

Live dealer games online offer players the excitement and atmosphere of a real establishment from the comfort of their own homes. And with virtual reality emerging, that sense of physical presence in online games is only going to increase. But certain big cities in the world still have worthwhile casinos, and The Star is a very classy establishment. It’s not overly gaudy or ridiculous, but rather tasteful and attractive, with a focus on keeping you entertained through food, drink, and games. As city casino attractions go, it’s actually fairly unique.

5. Momofuku Seiobo

Recommending a single restaurant among a city’s top attractions isn’t always particularly fair or instructive, but we’ll make an exception for Sydney.

This is one of the more famous restaurants in this entire part of the world, run by a creative chef who fuses Asian traditions with his own Caribbean roots. Momofuku Seiobo is certainly a little bit fancy and expensive, but it truly is an attraction rather than just a restaurant or meal.

Why Fall Isn’t All About Leaves Changing Colors – A Guide to Seeing the Best Wildlife


When we think of fall, we almost always think about the beautiful colors that dot the landscape. It’s incredibly beautiful, to be sure, but that’s not all there is to this time of year.

When the leaves fall and the air gets crisp, you have the chance to get up-close and personal with wildlife that remains fairly secluded during other months of the year. From bull elk to bighorn sheep, the opportunities for viewing wildlife are nearly unmatched.

The key is getting to the places where wildlife viewing is at its best. Let’s take a look at a few of the best places to do just that this fall across the American West.

Glacier National Park

Located in the extreme northwest corner of Montana, Glacier is a bucket-list park for anyone who loves the outdoors. For those who love wildlife and an incredible landscape, you can’t afford to miss a visit here in the fall.

source: here

Glacier is home to one of the Lower 48’s largest grizzly bear populations – without the crowds of tourists that Yellowstone commands – in addition to elk and mountain goats.

Fall in Glacier means very chilly weather though, so you need to be prepared for a random snowstorm. Hiking through the park is unpredictable as well, thanks to the weather, but if you’re experienced enough with the climate of the American West, you’ll be just fine.

Zion National Park

While they used to be scarce, bald eagles are now plentiful out West. Seeing one of these majestic birds is a privilege.

source: here

At Zion National Park, bald eagles use the park as a place to winter over. In the late fall, you’ll likely be able to spot them moving into their winter nests. Zion is home to Rocky Mountain Goats, bighorn sheep, and mule deer, too, so you’ll see plenty of other animals aside from the bald eagle.

Katmai National Park

If bears are on your list of must-see wildlife, then Katami National Park is a place you can’t afford to not visit.


The park is home to over 2,200 brown bears, and in the fall they’re getting ready for hibernation. This means a lot of eating – and a lot of opportunity to see one of North America’s most majestic animals.

Rocky Mountain National Park

If high altitude doesn’t concern you, then a visit to rocky mountain national park rv rental is a great way to get up close to wildlife without going too far away from the accoutrements of civilization.

The park is home to elk, bears, mountain lions, moose, and deer. The best part though, is that during the fall the elk and deer are especially active.

In Moraine Park – a section of RMNP – multiple pullouts along the road exist solely for people to stop and observe the elk that so often congregate there. Colorado’s elk herds are among the largest in the country, and their moose herds are fairly healthy as well. Your chances of seeing both of those animals is very high.

Fall is one of the best times of the year to get out and enjoy nature. The crisp air rejuvenates the soul, and seeing animals in the wild is an awe-inspiring experience. Don’t settle for other people’s pictures this fall – go out and get your own.

Recommendation and tips for traveling to Los Angeles


Below you will find a list of recommendations and tips on what to do in Los Angeles in the form of a question-answer that will help you to organize your trip.

image source: here

If you are reading these questions and would like to add some other tips for traveling to Los Angeles, do not hesitate to contact us by email.

How many days to spend in Los Angeles?

This question depends a lot on what the traveller wants and can do, since a visit of 3 or 4 days in the city is enough for more than one. But if you plan to take advantage of and make an itinerary through Los Angeles and its surroundings, you may need 10 or 15 days. This can be achieved easily if you go for car rental in USA as it will save you a lot of time moving around.

There are also many people who combine the trip from Los Angeles to another destination, for example, it is typical to make a stop at LA to get to Hawaii. The duration depends on what you want to do, for example, if you want to spend 2 or 3 days in Disneyland Anaheim and some days visiting the city, you need at least 5 or 6 days.

When to visit Los Angeles?

There really is not just one good time to travel to Los Angeles, as temperatures are quite high throughout the year. Anyway, the best time to go sightseeing to Los Angeles is from May to June and from October to November, as the heat is not as strong as during the summer months. If on the other hand, what you are looking for is to enjoy the beach, you should plan your trip from June to August.

We have prepared a special section on the weather in Los Angeles where you can know the weather and temperatures in the different seasons of the year.

Is it a good idea to travel with children to Los Angeles?

If you are planning a trip with the whole family to Los Angeles and you wonder if this is a good idea the answer is YES. Los Angeles is a large city, which has all the necessary services, and also offers many family leisure activities.

Can you travel alone to Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is not a dangerous city for lonely travellers, and is fully recommended even if you travel alone. The character of the locals towards travellers is very open, friendly and kind.

Is it easy to find WiFi in Los Angeles?

Precisely finding wifi in Los Angeles is the easiest thing in the world, since it is one of the cities with the most electronic services. In almost all bars, restaurants and hotels you will find free WiFi easily.

Best Time to Travel to Miami


The city of Miami has a fairly mild climate: many days with sunshine and a generally warm climate. The city is located by the Atlantic Ocean, and the sea water provides high levels of humidity. Even in summer, the sea breeze can be refreshing. In summer, between June and September, temperatures range from 25 to 30 degrees with few variations, it is a very constant temperature. In winter, the environment and the climate in general continues to be quite mild, with average temperatures between 13 and 25 degrees. It is important to know that Miami has a rainy season that runs from May to October and a dry season that runs from November to March. The coldest month of the year is January and the hottest month is July.

What’s the best time to travel to Miami?

It’s hard to tell when it’s the best time of year to travel to Miami. The “when” depends on the activities you want to do there and we know that not everyone travels for the same reasons. However, taking into consideration the climatology and peaks of tourist seasons, the best time of year to travel to Miami is February to May. At the end of February the temperatures begin to increase, although they remain relatively smooth. Also, during spring, the rains are less frequent and will prevent the hurricane season.

If what you want to do during your vacation is to enjoy the beach to the fullest and have lovely summer holidays to Florida, it is advisable to plan your trip in May or June. If you do it during July or August, be prepared to live on embarrassing days (and maybe some day with rain). The best way to beat the heat will be bathing frequently, either in the ocean or in the hotel pool.

If your main goal is to visit the Walt Disney World theme park in Orlando, it would be best to do it at the beginning of the year (January and February). During the first two months of the year the weather is quite good for outdoor activities and the influx of tourists is lower. As it is low season, you will find lower prices and better deals on accommodation.

Traveling to Miami on Christmas is a fantastic choice, the weather is pretty good during the winter and you will find lots of shops, outlets and shopping malls where to do the holiday shopping. In addition, Black Friday represents the bullet of the entire shopping season and it is possible to get real bargains and discounts during that day. Black Friday takes place every year on the last Friday of November and only lasts 24 hours.

Now that you know the best time of year to travel to Miami according to the destination for the trip, you’re ready to plan your trip. If you already have the date for your trip, you can know in advance the temperature and the weather that you will find in Miami. It is ideal to decide what type of clothes to carry in your luggage.

Cruise on the British Isles


Summer is undoubtedly the best time for a British Isles cruise. Not only because of the number of offers one can find, but also, especially because of the weather. If you want to tour the British Isles, making the complete cruise by boat, will fully take advantage of summer. Visiting England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland in one trip is possible and amazing thanks to trips with Cruise and Maritime. This is the British Isles cruise.

The main port of departure is Southampton, about two hours south of London. You can also combine the cruise with the British Isles with a visit to the English capital which is always comforting.

To make the complete trip to the British Isles by cruise you will need 12 or 14 days. The first port you reach may be Newcastle, north of England, or Lerwick, in the Shetland Islands. Newcastle does not have great appeal, but it serves to know a typical English city. The Shetland Islands is somewhat different, with its green hills, dramatic cliffs and the curious ponies.

Afterwards you’ll enter Scotland. Lovely Edinburgh awaits you. To visit it, there are two possible ports: Rosyth and Leith. The closest is the latter. Rosyth is 45 minutes from the city. In Edinburgh, do not miss its magnificent castle and the Royal Mile, ideal for walking.

From Edinburgh you’ll want to head to Glasgow. This industrial town is reputed to be the ugly duckling of Scotland. However, it hides great attractions. But, really, their interest is in being the gateway to the highlands, the Scottish mountains which are breathtaking. An excursion to Loch Lomond should be on your agenda when visiting this port, where you stop at Greenock, 30 minutes from Glasgow.

Afterwards you’ll leave another of the British Isles to stop in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Although the city has great charm, the priority of the visit is certainly the Giants Causeway. It is one of the most unbelievable places in the world. There you’ll find spectacular cliffs with very curious rock formations. Do not miss it!

The visit to the Giants Causeway is the star tour of the British Isles cruise. It’s an hour and a half from Belfast. To enjoy this landscape peacefully you need two hours. You can do the tour on foot or by bus. The recommendation, walk up to the top and return by bus on the lower part.

After Belfast, Ireland is the next port of your British Isles cruise. Ready for Dublin? The port is a few kilometers from the city. The Irish capital has many attractions. A river cruise, Trinity College, Castle or Temple Bar must be essential points of your tour. For something different, a visit to the Guinness or Jameson Factory is also recommended.

Liverpool is the next port in the British Isles. Your cruise ship docks right in the city, so it is very convenient to visit it on foot. For me, Liverpool is one of the most beautiful cities in England. The largest cathedral in Europe awaits you there. Its maritime past, Beatles history and Old Trafford stadium complete an extraordinary experience.

The last ports of our cruise on the British Isles are less well known. Some are not always on the itinerary. For me, the most amazing, Holyhead, in Wales. Visiting Snowdonia National Park is spectacular, a delight of nature. Port Meirion is another surprise, a beautiful village integrated in its surroundings.

Before returning to Southampton to complete the cruise on the British Isles, you can stop in Plymouth to meet a typical southern city of England. You can also visit the south of Ireland, Waterford, although it lacks interest.

Getting to know the British Isles by cruise is the best way. It is the best way to trip around the whole United Kingdom. Comfortable and friendly.

Navigating through the Gorgeous Areas of London


London is one of the most popular destinations in the world because it vibrates night and day with an unforgettable energy, and each area and neighborhood of ​​the city has its own unique atmosphere. Today we’re taking a look at the most important areas of London to prepare you for your getaway or weekend trip to the English capital. Here are the cardinal points of London:

Central London

The heart of London is many districts, the emblematic City of Westminster and the City of London, the city’s main financial district. This central area has a dense concentration of historic sites, theaters, museums, nightlife and famous shopping areas such as Covent Garden, Carnaby Street and Oxford Street.

Central London is a good area to stay if you wish to explore the city, as the area covers almost all the most visited tourist attractions, such as the London Eye, Buckingham Palace and its change of Guard, Tate Modern and nearby St. Paul’s Cathedral or the British Museum itself. The downside is that there is a lot of demand in the most central accommodations and the prices per night are usually higher than in other areas.


West London

West London stands out for its leafy squares, fascinating museums and vibrant markets. Here you will find the distinguished districts of Kensington and Chelsea, the quiet streets and canals of Maida Vale, Hammersmith, where there are some magnificent pubs on the banks of the River Thames, and the vibrant multicultural communities of Shepherd’s Bush and Southall. Shepherd’s Bush in particular is considered the heart of West London and is one of those places you need to stay in for a couple of days to truly appreciate them. Additionally, it will probably be easier to find accommodation in West London compared to Central London thanks to vivid places such as K West Hotel & Spa in Shepherd’s Bush. If you do choose to stay, don’t miss The Bush Theatre which is a world known place for new plays.


North London

More than 120 languages ​​are spoken in this multicultural and vibrant area, steeped in history and renowned for its culture. In North London the areas of interest are Hampstead Heath and Primrose Hill with its huge green spaces, fabulous views and village atmosphere, Camden with its eclectic market and live music, and Green Lanes where you can enjoy delicious dishes of Turkish, Greek or Kurdish food.


South London

South London is appreciated for its numerous parks and open spaces such as Clapham Common, the World Heritage Site of Greenwich and the banks of the River Thames as it passes through Richmond. South London is popular for its sporting attractions like the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum and the cricket courts at the Brit Oval. It also provides excellent opportunities to escape the daily hustle and bustle, from the village atmosphere of Barnes to historic mansions and palaces such as Ham House and Hampton Court.


East London

East London claims its true place in the city, and has played a large part during the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The area boasts an exclusive artistic life with popular markets such as Spitalfields, while the nightlife of Hoxton and Shoreditch rivals that of London’s West End. Further east, Lee Valley Regional Park is the largest open space in London.


No matter where you look, you’ll find something of interest in London and this is precisely why it’s considered one of the best destinations in the world. Which districts will you visit?

10 Gorgeous Places for a Destination Wedding


Our planet is full of breath-taking scenery; every corner of the globe offers beauty and places a visitor will never forget. If you are planning a wedding abroad it can be hard to narrow the hundreds of possible choices to just one.

We’ve put together a guide of some of our favourites to help you pick the perfect place for your nuptials.

The Seychelles

These beautiful islands are perfect for a castaway style wedding. There’s soft, fine white sand to dig your toes into as you say your vows serenaded by the waves. Designer wedding dresses should be lightweight, floaty and as beautiful as the romantic location you’ve chosen.

Masai Mara, Kenya

Are you a nature lover? Do you crave adventure? A wedding on the Masai Mara would be truly unforgettable. Mahali Mzuri specialises in small, luxurious ceremonies. Wedding planners are on hand to arrange a spectacular wedding that may be witnessed by a passing elephant.

Tulum, Mexico

Get married here, on the romantic coast of Mexico, and your wedding photos with you wearing a choice of stylish designer dresses are guaranteed to be gorgeous. The Mayan ruins of Tulum are nearby as are the turquoise waters of the incredible sinkholes. Scenery and culture combine to make your wedding truly unforgettable. Add a bright colour to the theme of your wedding to highlight the exotic local flowers and your designer wedding dress.

Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe

This beautiful part of California would be the perfect place for a wedding. Part of the State Park, this is one of the most photographed locations in the US. Marry your beloved against this dramatic backdrop before setting off on a road trip around the West Coast.

Highclere Castle, Newbury

Plan your wedding at Downtown Abbey and be the Lord and Lady of the Manor for your special day. Elegant lace overlay or duchess satin designer wedding dresses would be perfect for this grand setting. Friendly staff and a magical backdrop promise to deliver a fabulous day.

The Racha Hotel, Phuket, Thailand

Racha Yai is one of the Far East’s most beautiful islands. Set in the Andaman sea, this tiny paradise is perfect for a barefoot, beach wedding or even or larger ceremony in one of the resort’s eco villas. Far from the frenetic mainland relax on white sand and hitch the skirt of your designer wedding dress for a paddle in the warm, crystal clear sea.

Kauai, Hawaii

Lush tropical surroundings have given Kauai the nickname of The Garden Island. Designer dresses decorated with trendy 3D flowers would be perfect for a wedding on this gorgeous island. With a friendly, relaxed vibe, sunshine and the opportunity to find true seclusion this is a bride’s dream location

Aspen, Colorado

The ultimate wedding location for lovers of the great outdoors. Epic mountain scenery and breath-taking valleys will be the ultimate backdrop for your ceremony and an exciting place to explore on your honeymoon. Brides could tuck their hiking boots underneath their wedding dress and wander into nearby hills to create an amazing wedding album.

Lake Como, Italy

Sapphire blue lake waters and a stunning mountain backdrop. Lake Como has been famed for its beautiful scenery for generations. Be part of Hollywood history as you get married in surroundings used in many iconic films over the years. Italian food is, of course delicious, and your wedding breakfast is sure to wow your guests.

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled is straight out of a fairy tale so imagine you are a member of royalty on your special day by choosing from designer wedding dresses fit for a Princess. Bled Castle is a particularly fabulous venue for your wedding. It overlooks Lake Bled offering commanding views of the lake and surrounding hills and will give your wedding a sense of grandeur and decadence. Quirky, traditional touches are a lovely addition as your guests will be met at the castle gates by a medieval knight in full regalia.



5 Luxurious Family Breaks To Take Before Summer’s Over


Summer may soon be over, but it is not yet too late to plan an escapade. Thinking of the perfect last-minute summer getaways? Keep on reading and we will provide you with insights on some of the best places that can be taken into account. Enjoy the warmth of the sun while you can!

Book Overwater Villas in Bora Bora

Book Overwater Villas in Bora Bora
Book Overwater Villas in Bora Bora

Source: here

If your family loves the sea, Bora Bora is an exotic paradise that should be explored. Book one of the overwater bungalows from some of the top-notch resorts. Many of these bungalows are equipped with lavish facilities, such as your own pool. This gives your family the privacy that you want. The best thing is that you can hop straight into water. For a more hassle-free experience, some bungalows have butler service, making sure that someone is immediately available when you need help in any way.

Wine Holiday in Bordeaux

When you speak of wines, one of the first places that will most probably be mentioned would be Bordeaux. This lavish French destination is known for being the home of some of the finest wines in the world. It is abundant with scenic and relaxing vineyards, which can offer the perfect respite for the whole family. Because they have good wine, expect to enjoy good food as well. Do not also miss seeing their museum that has been built specifically to showcase the culture and history of wine. If there are a few of you, it can be fun to all stay in a villa.

Villa Holiday in Spain

Spain is also an excellent choice of destination in the summer. Should you decide to go here, do not just stay in any hotel. Rather, book a villa that can accommodate the whole family. Self-catering villas can provide you with more freedom and privacy. If you want to make it more luxurious, book one that comes with butler service. Look for a villa that has a pool and other facilities that can be enjoyed by the whole family all throughout your stay.

Stay at Domes of Elounda in Crete

Crete is one of the most stunning locations in Greece. For families who love the beach and island life, this is a highly recommended destination. While there are plenty of accommodation options available, one of the best would be Domes of Elounda. It is the epitome of haute living. It is luxurious and family-friendly. There is an in-house spa for relaxation and rejuvenation. They have world-class restaurants for you to sample the best Greek cuisine. Most importantly, they have impeccable service.

Rent a Cottage in the Cotswolds

If you are looking for a place where you can enjoy old-world charm and a serene ambiance, the Cotswolds should be on the top of your list. Book a trip with the whole family and make sure to rent one of the traditional cottages. They are perfect for an idyllic escape, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Make your holidays more memorable by taking a leisurely walk in its small towns. As you go for a stroll, you will surely be in for a visual treat.