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Seal the deal
Business / News on Deals

How to make a cool sales presentation

According to surveys, 80% of sales presentations are usually boring with banal content for the client, making over 70% of the deals not to be made. While each vendor has its tactical, it is also true that there are infallible rules every professional must consider. In this regard, Carlos Sedano, coordinator […]

Orbotix Sphero 2.0
Photography / Technology

Games of the future | CES

Every year in early January in Las Vegas is hosted the international exhibition of electronic products and technology. The International Consumer Electronics Show or CES. This year, the exhibition opened its doors on January 7 and ended on the 10th. In this, paraded from mini drones to cars that bounce, […]

Rosetta Probe

Rosetta probe will wake up to encounter a comet

The Rosetta probe from 957 days ago is in hibernation. It shall wake up on Monday, January 20th to go to meet the comet 67P/Couriumov-Guerasimenko and thus try to learn more about how the solar system was formed. The spacecraft of the European Space Agency (ESA), broke during March 2, […]

Rally monte carlo 2014

The Legendary Monte Carlo rally begins

The World Rally Championship, WRC, starts today in Southern France with the 82nd edition of the legendary Monte Carlo Rally. In the race have registered 71 crews, including four factory teams, VW, Citroen, Ford and Hyundai, who will claim the titles through nine crew. First place in this marathon match […]

In Flight Wifi | Never be offline again

In Flight Wifi | Never be offline again

Onboard WiFi is being readily available in aircrafts. The national carriers were the first to introduce this service in their aircraft but now regional and international carriers have followed suit. The airline companies have been considering introducing WiFi services in their complete fleet of aircrafts for the convenience of their […]

Hong Kong International, Hong Kong

The coolest airports for a stopover

Have you ever found yourself trapped in an airport, waiting in a fit of boredom for your next flight? There you are, bumbling around and killing time, searching for ways to distract yourself until you can finally jet off to your dream destination. If you’re a frequent flyer, it’s pretty […]

Crime Scene Clean-Up
Business / Career

How a Crime Scene Clean-Up Works

For grieving relatives, the prospect of mopping up a loved one’s bodily fluids after their death is undeniably disagreeable – this is why many devastated families turn to dedicated crime scene cleaning companies to complete the job on their behalf. If a particularly gruesome death, suicide or accident occurs on […]

beauty products

Bringing in the New Year with nifty beauty products

It’s that time of the year again, when New Year’s resolutions have been made and, by now, broken as soon as possible. Whether it was that diet you were definitely sticking to or the exercise plan that lasted all of 11 days, we all feel the same way – all […]

Mercedes S600

The new Mercedes S600 is finally revealed

In Detroit premiered the new Mercedes S600, which is available exclusively with a long wheelbase and bring 6litre, V12 turbo engine that delivers 530 horsepower and 830 Nm of torque. Following the debut of the Mercedes S65 AMG in Los Angeles in November, the most powerful S-Class, German company unveiled […]

Online games
News on Deals

Coolest online game sites overtaking the world

Lately games have taken various forms and facets to provide us with fun and entertainment, either from our phones, consoles and the same Internet where can be found considerably abound number of them, but why have online casinos become so popular? These services have taken the net, and people have […]

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