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Lake Cachet II

A huge Chilean lake disappears overnight

A Chilean lake called Cachet II, two square miles of water area, disappeared during a single night and now continues to do regularly. The apparently strange incident first occurred on March 31, 2012 in Chilean Patagonia. The lake with 200 million liters of water completely disappeared due to rising temperatures […]


Famous Parisian pastries

Millions of tourists flock every year, every season, Paris and flooding indiscriminately picturesque streets, searching for the best shot of the Eiffel Tower and San Elysée. Besides them there are the lovers of sweets that are looking earnestly to find in the city the trademark sweets of Paris. Take a […]


TV contact lenses are coming soon

It is called iOptik and is a system of lenses, new generation in high definition screen role, projects an image directly to each eye. According to the American company Innovega behind the TV-lens, a futuristic system is able to project digital data such as driving instructions and videos. The lenses […]

global warming
Photography / Science

4 scenarios about the destruction of Earth

There are a few science fiction films which have spawned the film industry, about the destruction of Earth. Formerly responsible were dangerous enemy aliens, fantastic creatures, sometimes meteorites and asteroids and other are pandemics and deadly viruses. While all of these scenarios are based on the inexhaustible imagination of some […]

Amazon Prime Air

Amazon will deliver with robot airplanes

The Amazon, the American superpower in the industry of Internet sales, consider a plan for the delivery of orders to customers with robot airplanes modeled on the unmanned drones, the U.S. military revealed Sunday night on the show 60 Minutes of television network CBS, the founder and CEO Jeff Bezos. […]

baseball court town

A small town inside a baseball court

The story starts with an impressive baseball stadium in the center of Osaka in Japan to become the headquarters of the famous Japanese baseball team Nankai Hawks. The capacity of the land reached the 31.380 people and created based on all the new technologies and included the most modern construction. […]

Quantum Processing System
Science / Technology

NSA is working on quantum computer that can decrypt any password

The National Security Agency (NSA) is working on the construction of a quantum computer that can decrypt any password of even higher security, revealed exclusively today by The Washington Post from documents of the CIA and Edward Snowden. The development of quantum computing is a goal pursued for years by the […]

The coolest and most expensive poker sets ever made
News on Deals

The coolest and most expensive poker sets ever made

Thousands of precious gems? Check! Made of iron from space? Check! Poker is a game of high stakes. Hundreds of thousands and even millions can be lost and won in any of the world’s major poker tournaments, while millions more are at stake in the most expensive and exclusive poker […]

Engine symbol

Car symbols that can confuse drivers

Each driver has to confront at some point in his life, a strange symbol or a button in his car, for which the only thing he could think will be, what the heck is this now? Depending on the situation, the next step is usually searching for the book with […]

jaguar car interior designer

Who is the best car interior designer?

The Design Director of the British car company Jaguar , Ian Callum, has been designated at the ‘ Interior Designer of the Year ‘ awards in Automotive Interiors Expo  and he did informed the corporation in a statement. In presenting the award, Callum called “an honor” this recognition and said […]

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